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Empathy for Our Queen? ( As a Mother)

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Bridgeit Wed 20-Nov-19 14:52:39

In the light of recent events, and as mothers & Grandmothers
How much empathy/ sympathy do we have for The Queen ?

She has always been so stoic, & has now been badly let down, will she / should she consider sending PA to the tower ( or the outer Hebrides) for a cooling off period. ?
She certainly does not deserve this at her time of life & dedication to her role.
I definitely feel for her, The Christmas speech should be interesting !

Summerlove Wed 20-Nov-19 15:00:23

I feel for her, absolutely.

I don’t think her age has anything to do with it though.

I feel for Beatrice and Eugenie as well. How horrible for them to find out what kind of man their father is. I don’t know how that relationship recovers.

MawB Wed 20-Nov-19 15:01:08

It’s a pity we don’t have an Empire any more.
There must be some incredibly remote and far-flung corner where Andy could be Governor General, where lovely hula dancers provided the entertainment without any media interference and he could be as un-PC as he liked.
Oh and a golf course and he could have Trump there too.
I reckon Boris Johnson would enjoy visiting him there. Even better if it was only accessible by banana boat on a clear day without an ‘R’ in the month. ⛳️⛴?<sigh>

Bridgeit Wed 20-Nov-19 15:03:25

Spot on MawB, especially your last sentence. ?

Anniebach Wed 20-Nov-19 15:09:30

Possibly his daughters believe him, their mother is defending him, publicly.

Yes, I feel sorry for the Queen, must be so difficult separating
being a mother and being the monarch , which ever decision she makes on this she will be criticised,

I feel sorry for Charles too, he and Camilla are on an official visit to New Zealand, no coverage in the media. Plus Andrew will be an ongoing problem for him.

suziewoozie Wed 20-Nov-19 15:11:47

If she’s not upto the job she should abdicate. Whilst she carries on being Queen she has to realise that’s her first priority. I lost a huge amount of respect for her when she deliberately photographed with him going to church w hen the story broke again in August. This story has been bubbling away with 2010 and in the last 9 years she had a duty and responsibility to make sure she was properly briefed and not just believe PA.

Smileless2012 Wed 20-Nov-19 15:11:54

I feel sorry for her and as Summerlove has posted for Beatrice and Eugenie.

Not only do they now know what he's like, he even bought one of them into his defence by saying he couldn't on one occasion have been where he'd been accused of being, because he was out with his daughter.

He's shameful.

suziewoozie Wed 20-Nov-19 15:14:59

PC should also have made sure he was properly briefed about the whole sleazy business.

suziewoozie Wed 20-Nov-19 15:17:40

Yes I have sympathy for B and E - they certainly drew the short straw when parents were given out.

timetogo2016 Wed 20-Nov-19 15:21:37

P A is a disgrace to the royal family.
Our wonderful Queen must be devastated at what`s going through the press be it true or not.
She doesn`t need this at her time of life bless her.
he`s let her/his girls/his Father/well the whole family down.
He WILL live to regret it.
He was my favourite royal not any longer.

Grandma70s Wed 20-Nov-19 15:26:44

I feel we don’t know enough real facts to make serious judgements. The Queen must be used by now to press sensationalism. I doubt if she knows her children very well, somehow.

But yes, if he were my son I would be deeply embarrassed. I would want to know the truth, however bad. He’s hardly the first embarrassing son in the Royal family. I wonder what Queen Victoria thought of her son who became Edward V11?

eazybee Wed 20-Nov-19 15:54:19

I would imagine that the Queen and Prince Andrew know far more about all aspects of this unpleasant case than any of us who post here.
Innocent until proved guilty.

Gonegirl Wed 20-Nov-19 15:59:13

I don't have sympathy for any of them. I think they are all probably much of a muchness. No doubt she is cross with Andrew for getting found out.

Framilode Wed 20-Nov-19 16:06:55

She is a wonderful Queen but a wonderful mother? I think not. From everything I have read she was a very distant and rather cold mother who is not particularly interested in children. When Charles was first born she chose to leave him during the week at the country house with a nanny.

When she came home from overseas tours she went to see the horses first, then the dogs and finally the children. One of her senior courtiers remarked that if she had put in as much time to her children as she did to her animals the results would have been very different.

Having said all that, I do feel sorry for her at her age having to face all this.

suziewoozie Wed 20-Nov-19 16:08:09

The one thing we know as an absolute basic fact is that he went to stay at the house of a convicted paedophile - that’s enough

‘Unpleasant’ well that’s one way of describing child sex trafficking I suppose.

BlueBelle Wed 20-Nov-19 16:14:07

As a mother I feel for her I would almost bet his daughters believe him as does their mother so I m not too bothered about them to be honest, embarrassing though it may be for them, maybe his mother believes him too who knows!
The queens had quite a time really with Charles divorce, Diana’s death, Anne s divorce, Andrews divorce and all the razzamatazz that went with that and Sarah’s affairs Previously she had all the controversy of her sisters affairs and divorce and lots of rumours about Philip and indiscretions She’s had a few Annus horibilis years hasn’t she
Edward has kept a very low profile and seems the only one to get away with no controversial happenings

gallusquine Wed 20-Nov-19 16:27:06

As always the queens main consideration will be how this impacts on the continuation of the Monarchy. The Firm comes first.

grapefruitpip Wed 20-Nov-19 16:47:28

I suppose in some ways the Queen has been the glue that has held much together. Just as the political situation, the monarchy is imploding.

Alexa Wed 20-Nov-19 16:50:39

I don't feel sorry for the Queen as she is a tremendous success in her job and in bearing a lot of healthy heirs to the throne. And in being very rich. Most of all she has some lovely horses.

SueDonim Wed 20-Nov-19 17:07:47

Bridgeit what have the Outer Hebrides done to deserve that? I don't think he'd be very welcome there!

I do feel sorry for the Queen. I'd be mortified and hopping mad if one of my DC was involved in such a sordid business.

craftyone Wed 20-Nov-19 17:13:30

PA is a disgrace as a human being, he is a user and an abuser who has never had a real job. I feel very sorry for the queen, very sorry for her as a human being. I hope she has someone to talk too, perhaps Anne

sodapop Wed 20-Nov-19 17:18:57

None of us can be held responsible for the actions of our adult children. I do feel sorry for a lady of 93 having to deal with such public misbehaviour. That said it does seem like Andrew has been over indulged and is consequently arrogant and selfish.

Anniebach Wed 20-Nov-19 17:19:05

The queen was only 10 when she became heir to throne, witnessed the trauma of the abdication and the effect on her parents and grandmother. Only God know what her life became then, her grandmother played a big part in her upbringing and the queen was obviously aware of the effect of the abdication on her grandmother.

Unfair to judge her as a mother .

Calendargirl Wed 20-Nov-19 17:46:57

If she’s not up to the job, she should abdicate

No one has said the Queen is not up to the job suziewoosie, and I for one hope she’ll never abdicate.

Calendargirl Wed 20-Nov-19 17:47:58

Sorry sw, your name should have a z not s.