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Happy National Puzzle Day!

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Cambia Wed 29-Jan-20 07:17:39

This has to be my favourite day. I know there is a day for everything nowadays but I like this one!

My favourite time is to sit down with a cup of tea (or glass of wine), switch the radio on and do my jigsaw. This always gets pushed back to the end of the day as a treat but today I have the excuse to start early,

Anyone else out there addicted to jigsaws?

NanKate Wed 29-Jan-20 07:40:56

Jigsaws are not for me, but I do enjoy my daily Sudoku and crossword, so I can understand how having sometime to yourself, especially with a glass of wine, is something to look fwd to.

Happy National Puzzle Day. ?

spottybook Wed 29-Jan-20 08:01:56

A jigsaw addict here! Once started I can't stop. Sod the housework. Mind you I am very picky with the subject, not vases of flowers or landscapes for me. I like unusual ones, particularly abstract and part of the pleasure is trying to find them. 1000 piece ones are my favourite.

margjul4 Wed 29-Jan-20 08:14:49

I love a crossword, I have a book and pick it up at least 4 times a day when I have a minute to spare. If I can’t get a word I will go away and think about it, sometimes I have to give in and check the answers at the back of the book. I also love a jigsaw, haven’t done one for years I might get one going now you’ve mentioned them!

LullyDully Wed 29-Jan-20 08:15:20

Puzzles are my addiction. I can't be bothered with jigsaws but Mr LD always gets one for Christmas. I prefer all the crosswords etc in the newspaper. When we can get the Metro we take 2_copies and have a competition to see who wins first. Sad I know but there you are. If we can bear to get the Mail I like the Pitcherwit puzzles, it is clever.

mumofmadboys Wed 29-Jan-20 08:24:04

I like playing the daily bridge hand with Sky bridge club on line with my morning cuppa.

Cambia Wed 29-Jan-20 08:39:00

Spottybook a girl after my own heart. I hate twee pictures but love abstracts and unusual mandalas, buddhist pictures etc. This is one I just finished. Found the missing bit later, down the sofa!

Anniebach Wed 29-Jan-20 08:41:09

I miss Jigsaws, bungalow too small for a table.

Do crosswords, killer sudoku, sudoku, Back&Forth, scrabble,
Logic puzzles, word collect , every day, most of the day.

Cambia Wed 29-Jan-20 08:43:30

Margjul4 good day to start today! Be prepared to get addicted. Just going to Greece for eight weeks soon and have sent out all my old jigsaws. Hoping to sit out in the sun and do them.

Just as nice sitting by the fire here though! And the things I learn from Radio 4 in the evening....I think I listen harder when I am puzzling!

Pantglas2 Wed 29-Jan-20 08:51:10

My BIL saves the puzzle pages in the daily mail for me and I do as many sudokus, crosswords as I can - not always successfully but the trying is good for me!

sodapop Wed 29-Jan-20 08:51:10

Another puzzle fan here, not jigsaw as I am too impatient but I love word games/puzzles.
I usually have a few games going on line at any one time.

ninathenana Wed 29-Jan-20 09:35:59

I must have 20-30 jigsaw puzzles, some of which I've done twice. Time for another charity shop donation I think. Though I will undoubtedly come home with replacements.
I don't leave one out and do a bit in passing I have no room for that. I sit and work on it for 2-3 hrs at a time, mostly on a weekend.
I also love a crossword or a word search.

Maggiemaybe Wed 29-Jan-20 09:40:45

I love a jigsaw, but used to hate breaking them up again afterwards.

Then I went to my first jigsaw festival last year, to see what the attraction was to looking at jigsaws assembled by others, then having one broken up so you can buy it.

I still don’t get it, to be honest, but it was full of puzzle enthusiasts, some of whom were back for a second or third time that week, and it raises thousands each year for local charities.

Since then I’ve been assembling 1000 piece jigsaws for the festival, and currently have on our spare bed half a dozen or so on cardboard sheets, carefully wrapped in cling film and waiting to be delivered.

Urmstongran Wed 29-Jan-20 09:49:58

My stepfather adores doing jigsaws. He doesn’t like television so, like the OP, puts the radio on and loses himself doing one for an hour or so mid morning and often in the evening too. He has one of those huge Velcro boards that folds the jigsaw up snugly between sessions. I bought a similar board a couple of years ago I just haven’t got around to borrowing one of his jigsaws yet!

Callistemon Wed 29-Jan-20 10:23:30

I wondered why this is under AIBU?
I can understand if a poster has an OH who will spend all day 'puzzling' and ignoring other tasks grin

DH just completed a very difficult one with help from me and doesn't want to break it up but I want some room to sew!

Cambia Wed 29-Jan-20 12:27:15

Callistemon you are right! Posted under AIBU by mistake!

dragonfly46 Wed 29-Jan-20 12:30:32

I love any sort of puzzle particularly logic ones. I also like word games and playing against other people.

Maggiemaybe Wed 29-Jan-20 12:41:19

Perhaps there's a jigsaw festival near you, Callistemon that would take your DH's jigsaw and spare him the pain of breaking it up? They seem to be really popular now no idea why.

LullyDully Wed 29-Jan-20 14:03:36

pantglas do try the Pitcherwits. It takes a bit of thought but makes sense when you understand the ' culture's of it. If you get stuck Danword can always help out to jog your brain.

spottybook Wed 29-Jan-20 14:33:22


At the risk of sounding like an advert I have just discovered Cloudberries (, sorry tried cutting and pasting the link but it didn't work). They have really unusual puzzles, quite expensive as puzzles go but the designs are really colourful and they are good quality. I am off on holiday soon to the Far East and trying to get one finished before I go. Not sure if I will manage it though.

Pantglas2 Wed 29-Jan-20 15:25:54

Thank you lullydully. I do enjoy pitting my wits (and coming off worse, mostly) on those Daily Mail puzzles to keep the grey matter in reasonable fettle!

lemongrove Wed 29-Jan-20 17:01:56

I enjoy all kinds of puzzles, and do jigsaws regularly by app on ipad, much better than on the table IMHO.
Very addictive they are too.
Fave puzzle game is Monument Valley, have completed both games 1 and 2 now and several add ons.Waiting patiently for MV 3 now.

Washerwoman Wed 29-Jan-20 18:59:57

I started doing jigsaws in the winter several years ago and now I'm hooked.Some days are just too busy get stuck in but when I do I can get absorbed for several hours.And now I've sorted out the lighting will do one in the evenings if nothing on TV interests me.Only problem is half the dining table taken over for weeks but I have it on a mat that we can move if we are entertaining.They are stress busting and replace the hours I spend gardening in the summer as way of thinking if nothing but the task in hand.The Cloudberrries sound interesting. Will take a look.

grannypiper Wed 29-Jan-20 19:11:48

Oh i didnt know about national puzzel day. I was just thinking yesterday that i must make a start on the jigsaw i was given for Christmas.

agnurse Wed 29-Jan-20 20:09:28

We don't have any jigsaw puzzles right now but growing up, we had a whole drawer full of children's jigsaw puzzles. My favourite was a Muppet Babies puzzle that had them at a playground.