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Is anyone else becoming neurotic?

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dragonfly46 Thu 26-Mar-20 10:31:17

We have just had a delivery of medicine from Boots and instead of keeping his distance the young lad who brought them leaned into the house and put them on the shelf by the front door. At that point he was less than 6 feet away from me. I have sprayed the area with bleach and washed my hands umpteen times but I still worry as I am a high risk.

I worry about food deliveries and handle them with disposable gloves and any other deliveries are put in the dining room for at least 72 hours. Even the post is viewed with suspicion.

Greymar Thu 26-Mar-20 15:41:01

Oh Gosh, I feel inept now. I heard it was spread by droplets ie sneezing, talking, kissing and so on. Please does anybody have information on packaging and so on please.

ExD Thu 26-Mar-20 15:47:42

I wish I could spray my husband and wipe him down, he will not accept that the situation is as dire as it actually is. He truly thinks I'm overreacting and I'm getting scared. I've moved into the spare bedroom, but even that hasn't had any impact. I'd move out if there was anywhere to go.

Teetime Thu 26-Mar-20 15:48:12

Virus - a definition
' an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat, is too small to be seen by light microscopy, and is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host'.
They do not have wings or legs and cannot hop or jump they have to be transferred and have to have organic matter to live on.

TerriBull Thu 26-Mar-20 16:15:20

I'm trying to be upbeat but deep down I'm really stressed, particularly about members of the family, one son has been hospitalised with asthma a couple of times in the past couple of years.

Totally neurotic in shops. We drove past our local Marks food store who are really observing the distance between customers, as there was a small queue outside there and a neighbour told us a new local co-op was quite good, donned gloves and face mask and grabbed a couple of items, not a lot of people in there, but all too close for my liking and there wasn't anyone on duty marshalling customers, I'm going to praise Marks because they are really doing that. Haven't been into Waitrose for a week, but hear they are also implementing such procedures. My weekly trips to Sainsburys are now a thing of the past and I won't be going to the newly opened new Co-op again.

Now also thinking about everything that comes through the door, we got a local glossy local magazine shoved through the letterbox yesterday, husband shrieked don't touch it, "it goes straight in the recycling" hands washed. The hand washing has also produced quite dry itchy skin on the back of my hands, having to apply moisturiser more frequently.

pinkquartz Thu 26-Mar-20 16:58:12

MY head is spinning, as I am ill, so can it be explained to me Does wiping food packs and bags kill the virus or not?
I mean with Dettol wipes.

Callistemon Thu 26-Mar-20 17:06:04

suziewoozie thank you

I emailed the consultant and he has been reassuring, it may have been a standard letter which he attached being sent out to everyone. They are trying to sort out deliveries of medication and I do have enough for the time being. However, it does come from overseas.

Smileless2012 Thu 26-Mar-20 17:13:36

I think I must be!! I popped down to our local Premier shop, just down the road and when I first went outside I felt quite nervous, my legs felt like jellyshock.

Sussexborn Thu 26-Mar-20 17:33:42

My mind has been totally boggled by all this exemplary virus bashing. I’ve just been following the guidelines suggested and sitting out in the garden reading my book. We went for a walk along the old railway track and were pleasantly surprised at how everyone smiled and said hello - albeit from opposite sides of the footpath.

Looking forward to watching Spooks and Ozark this evening.

Greymar Thu 26-Mar-20 18:05:50

pinkquartz, so sorry, I can't help you. This is one of the reasons I have begged HQ to provide a messaging facility. I just don't know.

MaizieD Thu 26-Mar-20 18:52:07

I'm not sure if Dettol kills the virus or not. It's anti-bacterial, not anti-viral. I had a look at their website and it says it kills 'some' viruses'. You'd have to identify its active ingredient and then do a bit of research on it.

On the other hand, bleach does kill it as far as I can see (I've been googling, frequently). Milton, or equivalent baby sterilising fluid is safer than household bleach as it doesn't have the same additives, just sodium hypochlorite , the virus killer...

When everyone was clearing the shelves of soap and hand gel I bought 2 litres of Boots baby sterilising liquid perfectly easily, one for me, one for my daughter. I'm putting my trust in that! Made up daily as per directions (only in half quantities, though. I'd be surprised if anyone could get through a gallon of disinfectant per day!) You can use it for sterilising veg, wiping surfaces etc.

Urmstongran Thu 26-Mar-20 18:57:19

Our 84y year old neighbour out here in Spain is an anxious lady at the best of times, bless. She went over to the supermercado today~ her first time in 10 days and she was super nervous. Understandably.

I saw her this afternoon and told her how well she had done. Doesn’t need to do it for another 7 days. My husband did our shopping and came back loaded for bear. He bought her water & milk for the next 3 weeks as he said it’s heavy ~ now she doesn’t have to get it.

We sat (socially distanced outside our front doors in the late sunshine) at 5pm with a G&T each. I felt she’d earned it!

BlueSky Thu 26-Mar-20 19:21:06

Finally had a delivery today and yes for the first time I washed/wiped each item, got rid of outer cardboard, will not use such items for at least 3 days, all while wearing gloves, then endless hand washing. Will we carry on doing this after? Will we stay at 2 metres distance when queing or even chatting?

Lucca Thu 26-Mar-20 19:25:52

I shall continue to be very careful call it neurotic if you like. I just spoke to an old friend in a pretty uncrowded part of the country and she knows personally three people who have died from Coronavirus

Curlywhirly Thu 26-Mar-20 19:36:44

Well, I am normally quite neurotic, but have not felt the need to disinfect everything that comes into the house. It is very unusual for me to not be worried to death, now I am worried that I am not worried!

SueDonim Thu 26-Mar-20 19:42:08

I’m less neurotic than I was this time last week. The information and rules are much clearer now and it’s fairly simple to abide by them.

For the post, I’ve been bringing it in and leaving it on one side for several days. Nothing has needed to be opened urgently. I wash my hands after handling it.

I’m used to cleaning fruit & veg from living in the tropics. I’m not going to eat lettuce for the foreseeable future as I can’t be bothered with cleaning it!

grammargran Thu 26-Mar-20 19:43:35

OMG I haven’t been going to anything like these measures. I’ve washed my hands after picking up deliveries and disposed of the outer wrappings immediately, but what of the contents? Please, please someone tell me I’m not the only one not swabbing down every surface throughout the day. I’m honestly not knocking it but I’ve truly not heard of a lot of these extreme measures. Neither my husband nor I would dream of going out shopping - we are blessedly surrounded by family - and have a large house and garden, so well supplied with space, but neither are we doing half of what other Gransnetters are doing. Now I am worried ......

BlueSky Thu 26-Mar-20 19:51:40

Paddyanne I heard similar things about high bp and the virus, but a doctor explained that the most likely link is the fact that most of the severely affected were old people and a lot of people in this age group have high bp. I will accept this explanation without dwelling on it.

phoenix Thu 26-Mar-20 19:53:58

Talk of antiseptic wipes, antibacterial wipes, but do they actually have any effect on a virus?

Smileless2012 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:54:32

Don't worry grammargran we can still go out for essentials which we are doing and wash our hands immediately coming home. We do the same when we've taken our dogs out for a walk even though we haven't touched anything while we're out.

I open anything I need too, then wash my hands again before actually touching any food.

I'm not "swabbing down every surface throughout the day". I'm maintaining what I consider to be the high standards I've always had; no more no less.

Please don't worry; you're taking sensible precautions flowers

lemongrove Thu 26-Mar-20 19:56:12

I think you have it exactly right Bluesky

grammargran ?I am doing what you are doing, not being neurotic.
All it needs are sensible precautions all round.

lemongrove Thu 26-Mar-20 19:56:55

X posts Smileless ?

sodapop Thu 26-Mar-20 19:58:30

That's how I feel too Curlywhirly reading these posts I'm getting neurotic about not being neurotic.
Don't worry Grammargran we are not going to these lengths either. There must be a happy medium somewhere.

M0nica Thu 26-Mar-20 20:03:50

sodapop et al, count me in. Obey the rules and enjoy investigating this newlife.

Sussexborn Thu 26-Mar-20 20:17:33

As we are doing what we are told and socially isolating it’s only us in the house and we are doing what the experts have told us.

I guess the busy bees feel better if they keep bleaching everything in sight (my SIL would bleach us if we sat still long enough) but don’t exhaust yourselves to the point of getting poorly.

GagaJo Thu 26-Mar-20 20:34:15

My delivery from yesterday is in the porch (other than the chilled and frozen). It’s staying there until Saturday.

I DID put the freezer stuff away. I’ll have to go in the freezer and remove it all from the cardboard packaging.