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Ricky Gervais, has a point

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TerriBull Tue 14-Apr-20 10:51:53

Not for the first time, when he lambastes "some" c'lebs Sam Smith for one, great voice but oh so wet for moaning and groaning about self isolation often in a home with every luxury at their disposal, when medical staff are giving their all at at the front line on 14 hour shifts.

I also think some c'lebs have no nous whatsoever in their vulgarity of displaying, their own so called self isolation, often in very spacious second homes, equipped with every luxury known to man, via Instagram, when some families will be cooped up in small living areas, without outside spaces.

Sparklefizz Tue 14-Apr-20 11:02:12

The moaning celebs irritate me no end!

Harris27 Tue 14-Apr-20 11:03:59

Some of them have no idea of the real world and the real suffering.

Sparklefizz Tue 14-Apr-20 11:05:31

I'm sorry, I know it's not politically correct but I wanted to slap Sam Smith and tell him to get a grip.

oscaro11 Tue 14-Apr-20 11:05:38

They do all that because they’re desperate not to be forgotten. It’s dawning on a lot of them how irrelevant they are. Must keep the money pouring in!

GagaJo Tue 14-Apr-20 11:06:08

The one that I just gaped at the insensitivity and idiocy of was Amanda Holden (sic?) posting pictures of herself cutting the grass in a bikini. Not her DOING it, please note. Do what you like, when and how, in your own home. But posting photographs of it. In the middle of a pandemic when thousands of people are dying around us.

The total self-centredness of that woman does my head in. Plastic. Vacuous.

TerriBull Tue 14-Apr-20 11:09:48

I agree with your comment oscar "how irrelevant" Not all, by any means, some have been very magnanimous, however, there are definitely those who seemingly have to keep their profile up there with the "look at me" type of posts. Given the current climate can't help thinking how ridiculous some of them are.

Callistemon Tue 14-Apr-20 11:09:59

I have never cared about the views of celebs.
Lily Allen has been suspiciously quiet lately, or did I speak too soon?

However, I agree wholeheartedly with Ricky Gervais.

M0nica Tue 14-Apr-20 11:11:42

Frankly, I do not know who half most of these people are, so do not waste time reading about them. A performer performs, the rest of their life is of little interest to me.

Callistemon Tue 14-Apr-20 11:15:35

Who's Sam Smith?

I have heard of Ricky Gervaise

Manmar2 Tue 14-Apr-20 11:18:41

He has more than a point. It’s unbelievable these moaning ‘celebs’ expect sympathy. Absolute morons. The real sympathy is for families locked up in flats with kids with no gardens or space.

oscaro11 Tue 14-Apr-20 11:19:39

In times gone by actors and actresses just acted; singers just sang; people who were presenters just presented. Now, they pontificate on every subject. They are held up as role models to aspire to when in reality they got lucky in some cases and their faces fitted for TV. Ricky Gervais is good at calling them out. Some give quietly to charity. Others like to be your face every day, on every programme, magazine, online newspaper. Their kids must be thinking who are these people! They probably don’t see them much in normal times. We now see for ourselves which people are important in our lives, which do deserve higher salaries and increasingly these celebrities are irrelevant as are footballers on high salaries.

oscaro11 Tue 14-Apr-20 11:20:59

Should have said: in your face

Oldwoman70 Tue 14-Apr-20 11:36:54

I don't usually care for Ricky Gervais but on this I agree with him 100%. The reason these "celebrities" keep posting pictures is simply because they can't stand the lack of attention

annep1 Tue 14-Apr-20 11:49:38

Well said Oscaroll. A time for reflection on what is important in life.

Witzend Tue 14-Apr-20 11:51:42

It’s the ‘slebs’ who are virtue-signalling, piously exhorting the rest of us to stay home, etc., who are really getting up my nose.
On the radio last night there was some footballer - didn’t catch the name and wouldn’t have recognised it even if I had - doing the same.

FGS just shut up and go away! Those of us who are being sensible will do it regardless, and those who are ignoring the rules are highly unlikely to listen to anybody, anyway.

It’s just more of the usual self-obsessed attention seeking IMO.

SueDonim Tue 14-Apr-20 12:20:57

Ah yes, Covidiot Celebrities! Madonna in her bath full of rose petals (don’t they block the plug hole?), Gwynneth Paltrow recommending the best sex aids to help you through this emergency and music mogul David Geffen on the agonies of self-isolating in the Caribbean on his £400million super yacht with only 45 crew members to look after him. hmmhmmhmm

Sparklefizz Tue 14-Apr-20 13:05:05

GagaJo I can't stand Amanda Holden either. She also posted up a photo of herself in a beautiful satin ankle length evening dress dragging out the bin. She is ridiculous and attention-seeking.

May7 Tue 14-Apr-20 13:09:44

Then there are those who you normally see plastered over TV or radio who have gone very quiet
I can think of many ....but I'll say Simon Cowell?

EllanVannin Tue 14-Apr-20 13:18:42

I can't be doing with any of them. So affected !

It's just a pity I won't be around to see them all ageing with all their " nips and tucks " coming to grief grin

Amanda Holden gets on my wick too. The time when she copied Alicia's laugh was quite disturbing, on a show, only to do it louder-----I'd have slapped her.

Ricky Gervais is quite right.

Toadinthehole Tue 14-Apr-20 13:21:56

Most ‘ celebrities’ are boring and talentless. What did Ricky Gervais say? I don’t always like him, but he is talented, and often hits the nail on the head when it comes to bringing down trashy celebrities. Example.... The ‘ Extras’ Christmas special from a few years ago, where his character was in the Big brother house. It was fiction, but very tongue in cheek.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 14-Apr-20 13:24:06

I'm not awfully keen on RG but he's hit the nail on the head this time.
Amanda Holden as mentioned is quite a specimen isn't she? Look at me, me, me! Ridiculous. In this situation such people are showing themselves up in their true colours.

Oopsminty Tue 14-Apr-20 13:30:57

Who's Sam Smith?

They are a singer, Callistemon

Sam Smith has asked fans to use the pronouns "they/them", not "he/him", after coming out as non-binary.

It's very difficult to remember. I read an article where it was all 'they/them' and it took a while to sink in

That aside, they are a good singer.

I agree with Ricky as well.

Sussexborn Tue 14-Apr-20 13:36:24

We’ve never been interested in reality shows and therefore haven’t a clue who most of these celebs are. Sam Smith does have a great voice. We heard him at a fund raising event to raise money for the local youth theatre group BUT really he needs to get a grip. I suppose they are surrounded by sycophants and never actually grow up. Stuck in the “terrible twos” for a lifetime.

Sussexborn Tue 14-Apr-20 13:40:58

Afterlife on Netflix was very well done. Sad and poignant and showed a different side of Ricky Gervais. I’m not generally a fan.