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ninathenana Tue 16-Jun-20 11:06:06

This morning a car pulled out from a side road on my right forcing me to break. I instinctively gave a gentle bib of my horn. The car stopped mid turn and the female passenger was verbally abusing and gesticulating at me for sounding my horn.
I know it was my right of way but do you think a quick beep was being unreasonable ?

EllanVannin Tue 16-Jun-20 11:13:55

I'd have given her a mouthful back----which is why I don't drive grin Why do these people think by doing wrong, is their right ?

timetogo2016 Tue 16-Jun-20 11:14:19

No not at all.
It`s instinct to recact and she clearly is an aggresive fool.
Don`t give it head space.

EllanVannin Tue 16-Jun-20 11:16:08

As a matter of interest, I took the " common sense " test on the driving theory online and scored 16.

kittylester Tue 16-Jun-20 11:17:40

You are not being unreasonable nina.

I have noticed some dreadful driving recently.

cornergran Tue 16-Jun-20 11:47:56

Definitely not unreasonable. Totally appropriate. Why people have to be verbally abusive is beyond me.

Charleygirl5 Tue 16-Jun-20 11:59:10

Similar happened to me last year but the man decided to follow my car and did so for about 5 miles. I was going home and I did not want him following me there so I stopped in a busy road and he got out of his car shouting abuse at me.

I think he felt better because I returned to my car and drove away and he went his route.

I think it was perfectly reasonable to bleep your horn.

Calendargirl Tue 16-Jun-20 12:06:09

If I’d been the one at fault, I would have been so embarrassed and would have been mouthing apologies, not gesticulating.

sodapop Tue 16-Jun-20 12:56:52

Road rage affects even the most mild people. I can't make any journey with my husband without some episode of it. Only verbal but irritating nonetheless.

Jane10 Tue 16-Jun-20 13:09:19

That was brave of you Charleygirl!
I hope you noted his number and he saw you doing that. Taking a pic on your phone can give these bullies a fright too.

Bellanonna Tue 16-Jun-20 13:51:42

That was very brave Charleygirl

Nina you reacted instinctively. I would have done the same, and others would have beeped at you had it been you coming out of the side road. What a silly woman she was, but sadly that kind of driving and rude response is not too uncommon.

Rufus2 Tue 16-Jun-20 14:11:01

do you think a quick beep was being unreasonable
Hard to tell, not being there! wink but probably unnecessary.
Concentrate on hitting your brakes and simply wait for them to get out of your way and out of your life!
You risk getting a "beep" on the nose in return! sad
It's not worth it.

MerylStreep Tue 16-Jun-20 14:17:09

I didn't know there was a gentle bib of the horn
When I 'bib' I want everyone in a 5 mile radius to hear it, followed by a lot of hand gesticulating and verbal.

Toadinthehole Tue 16-Jun-20 14:19:29

People only get angry when they know they’re in the wrong. I wouldn’t waste any more time on it?

ninathenana Tue 16-Jun-20 14:26:42

Rufus sounding your horn as a warning that you are there is legitimate. I didn't do it in temper.

What I find funny is she was only the flipping passenger .

ninathenana Tue 16-Jun-20 14:28:40

Toadinthehole but she wasn't driving smile

Rufus2 Tue 16-Jun-20 15:35:49

I didn't know there was a gentle bib of the horn
And why am I not surprised? hmm

followed by a lot of hand gesticulating and verbal
So what do you do when a vehicle actually comes along? grin

phoenix Tue 16-Jun-20 15:43:29

Rufus what on earth do you mean "So what do you do when a vehicle actually comes along?

It was a vehicle, for heavens sake, not an imaginary tricycle pulled by unicorns!

AGAA4 Tue 16-Jun-20 16:11:24

Road rage can be frightening. I was driving down a narrow street when a parked car suddenly pulled out in front of me. I had to jam on my brakes and I did sound my horn to let him know I was there.

This brave man, who was driving, got out of the car and strode aggressively towards me. He then started to shout abuse at me as I had beeped at him.

I told him if I hadn't beeped he wouldn't have stopped and there would have been an accident. Sometimes you have to beep!

Fennel Tue 16-Jun-20 17:06:39

Thank goodness I've stopped driving now. People are so easily roused to anger these days.
No nina I don't think it was unreasonable to beep.
I gave up last year because of a horrifying near miss. Entirely my fault. The person in the other car didn't beep - probably paralysed by fear.

MerylStreep Tue 16-Jun-20 17:20:46

If you could expand on the question so what would you do when a vehicle actually comes along I would be more than pleased to explain.

Nonogran Tue 16-Jun-20 17:30:11

I would have done the same thing. A quick beep does no harm and hopefully will make the errant driver more aware in future. Don't give it a second thought!

PinkCakes Tue 16-Jun-20 17:36:41

There are so many idiots on the road, and she must be one of them. I'd have given her the V

Toadinthehole Tue 16-Jun-20 18:05:42

Well, as a passenger, she’s in the same mindset, angry that someone dared to suggest her friend was a bad driver. In my experience, it’s often the passengers that react more, as if in some way they’re being protective.

4allweknow Wed 17-Jun-20 09:59:29

Nit picking here but you peeped your horn after the event which wasn't a warning of your presence but like most of us would do, an expression of your anger. Some drivers just do not care to have their faults highlighted. Get a camera, and when situations like that arise point to it letting the idiot know their stupidity has been recorded. Police forces in England look at filmed stupidity.