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To think footballers taking the knee is hypocritical?

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flopen Mon 13-Jul-20 09:09:19

My DH watches football a lot. It really gets on my nerves to see footballers taking the knee in support of BLM at the start of a match when I've not heard one of them protest against the working conditions of those building the stadium for the World Cup in Qatar, which amount to slavery.
They're happy to make meaningless gestures but indifferent to issues which they could actively do something about.

Callistemon Thu 16-Jul-20 23:46:20


How about harnessing the Severn Bore? Or if I remember rightly there was a tidal scheme for Swansea Bay which would have produced plenty of renewable energy but was chucked out as being too expensive. What price the planet?

There were other reasons why the Swansea scheme was rejected.

Do you mean the Severn Barrage, 25Avalon?
There were protests on ecological grounds but many still think it should go ahead.

25Avalon Fri 17-Jul-20 08:29:46

You’re right Callistemon I do mean the Severn Barrage. I was thinking initially of the large tidal wave, the Severn Bore but that is not all year round. I think the environmental concerns cab be overcome but the government did not want the expenditure at the time. The cost of Hinckley Point keeps going up and is not actually a cheap option. I also think of the Japanese nuclear power station disaster. Japan no longer builds them.

Callistemon Fri 17-Jul-20 10:49:44

Hinckley Point worries me!
I'd rather have had the Barrage.
DH often mutters about it, he is in favour of tidal and wave power.

flopen Fri 17-Jul-20 12:46:14

Well, I'm sure we'd all like that. But the fact is that renewables do not offer consistent supplies of energy. For a wind farm to even begin to match the output of a traditional power station , it would have to be enormous

Callistemon Fri 17-Jul-20 12:50:07

How did the thread get on to this?

flopen Fri 17-Jul-20 14:51:43

Does it matter?

Callistemon Fri 17-Jul-20 14:55:22

Well, I thought it was about renewable energy sources then looked at the thread title!

flopen Fri 17-Jul-20 15:02:55

That's what I enjoy about these discussions. Like real life ones, they can end up in a different place from where they started

Furret Fri 17-Jul-20 15:07:56

Even though Trump is under the impression that your TV won’t work if there’s no wind (no pun intended) most of us know that energy can be stored.

flopen Fri 17-Jul-20 15:27:08

I didn't think that the technology existed to do this. Which is one of the problems with renewables.

Ilovecheese Fri 17-Jul-20 15:54:10

The technology is improving all the time. it is now possible to store renewable energy in much greater amounts than it was in 2015.

I am sorry I don't know how to do links but the following is a small quote from the website

"Contemporary technologies include pumped hydro storage (PHS), compressed air energy storage (CAES), fuel cells and hydrogen storage (FC-HS), flywheels, supercapacitors (SCs), superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) and various battery systems."

This is where our country could start to be world leaders in this technology, if we just grasp the chance. otherwise we will end up buying renewable energy from other countries who have put much more investment into storage solutions.

We have the brainpower and science in this country, we just need to have confidence and be forward looking.
Nuclear power is yesterdays solution.

grannypiper Fri 17-Jul-20 16:02:09

Those being trafficked into our country benefits some of the young men that are taking the knee. Cheap sex sells.

Eloethan Fri 17-Jul-20 17:09:36


flopen Fri 17-Jul-20 17:11:07

yes, but we aren't there yet. Maybe one day it'll be the answer, probably quite soon. But we need power now.

Ilovecheese Fri 17-Jul-20 18:16:55

Hinkley point won't be ready any time soon, though, if ever.

Any idea what grannypiper was talking about?

25Avalon Fri 17-Jul-20 19:24:02

We have solar panels and have installed a battery storage unit so we can store the electricity made and use it when the sun isn’t shining. Battery storage units are storing more and taking up less space so renewables could be possible. Modern technology is moving fast on this.