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Panic buying again!

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Teacheranne Mon 21-Sep-20 12:34:54

I was horrified to read in the papers today that people are rushing out to stockpile food again - and toilet paper! It was very stressful at last March trying to buy essential food items and I was hoping people would be more sensible and not panic at the thought of stricter restrictions over the winter.

I really hope this is not true and is just the tabloids stirring things up. I also heard that slots for online deliveries are also being snapped up, which makes me even more stressed.

I am not physically able to walk far so find grocery shopping difficult yet not being in the vulnerable category, I lost access to online deliveries. I switched to click and collect, staying up until the early hours to snaffle a newly released slot and really don't want to do that again!

I think I need to go and have a lie down! At least I think I have enough toilet rolls at the moment, after getting down to my last one and having to beg one off a friend, I made sure that I always have an unopened pack of nine in my house!

Coolgran65 Mon 21-Sep-20 12:40:02

I have to admit I went on line this morning and have a delivery booked for 10 days time. Some delivery fees were £7.

Alima Mon 21-Sep-20 12:41:49

Reading that made me twitchy too Teacheranne. Will never forget the feeling of dread back in March when we were told to shield but could not get a delivery slot before we were registered as vulnerable. It did make me panic, must be honest. More recently I have been booking the next week’s delivery just after this weeks is delivered. This morning I have already booked one for next Wednesday. I did not double up on anything though, even loo rolls or pasta.

EllanVannin Mon 21-Sep-20 12:42:38

It's true alright. People are coming here to small local shops, out of town , and grabbing t.rolls again ! £1 for 4, in their dozens.
They're like a flock of vultures !

Alima Mon 21-Sep-20 12:45:48

As an aside, I do think that the way the media is racking up the tension of “will there, won’t there be further restrictions” is helping the situation at all. That could be reigned in by the powers that be actually deciding on a plan of action instead of pratting about.

Harris27 Mon 21-Sep-20 12:48:16

Don’t think they will shut us down completely but local lockdown measures will be in force for months to come as said today. We will have to live with this for quite a long time I fear.until we get a vaccine.

Greeneyedgirl Mon 21-Sep-20 12:52:20

I would urge anyone who has electrical items on the blink to replace now. My washer groaned all the way through lockdown and when we went to replace a few weeks ago the brand we wanted was hard to find. We have been trying to replace built in fridge freezer, same problem.

I think the perfect storm of Brexit and Covid rushing down the track, but am not stockpiling.

EllanVannin Mon 21-Sep-20 12:53:40

Imagine rolling up in a 4x4 buying up all the £1 t.rolls. How selfish and greedy is that when they can clearly buy the expensive ones ? One thing laughs at another really.

Further away from me are large houses turned into flats/bedsits with a lot of unemployed people who rely on the cheapest of everything and you have these sharks coming along. It makes my blood boil as you can see.

The same thing happened in March with people you've never seen before, coming out of town snapping up everything they could to avoid restrictions/queues in supermarkets.

Teacheranne Mon 21-Sep-20 12:53:54


It's true alright. People are coming here to small local shops, out of town , and grabbing t.rolls again ! £1 for 4, in their dozens.
They're like a flock of vultures !

Vultures is a good description!

Ah well, I managed last time without a stockpile so I guess I will be fine now. I have made sure that I reordered items as soon as I used something so am not worrying as I did last time. I used to run down my food cupboards and do a massive online shop every couple of months and the panic buying began just as I was about to place an order!

When will people learn that shops will not run out of food ( unless they go mad!) and that Covid 19 does not give you the runs!

Charleygirl5 Mon 21-Sep-20 13:02:35

I use long life semi-skimmed milk- absolutely zilch. Until I can find some I will have to use fresh semi-skimmed.

There is little choice of loo rolls so I think they are marching out also. I live in a 4x4 area- my car almost looks out of place

Oopsminty Mon 21-Sep-20 13:04:26

My neighbour cheerily informed me she had managed to grab 2 bags of SR flour

This woman doesn't bake

I pointed this out to her and she laughed and said she'd seen everyone crowding round (no social distancing!) the flour section so she felt she had to buy some.

Spice101 Mon 21-Sep-20 13:08:54

When Melbourne went into lockdown again there was a rush to buy various things. The main supermarkets were very quick to react and placed limits on a lot of items before the situation got out of control. Fortunately the panic did not set in as it had previously and it was not long before people started shopping normally again and the limit on items was removed.

Now 10 weeks into lockdown and I've not seen anyone shopping excessively when I've been shopping.

Fennel Mon 21-Sep-20 13:17:45

I was in Tesco this morning and noticed that the pasta shelves were half empty. And cheese even moreso.
I do need SR flour but forgot to look.

FannyCornforth Mon 21-Sep-20 13:18:49

I urge everyone to sign up to as many shops that offer delivery as possible.
Also get a milkman. Milk and More were accepting new customers recently.
I see that Morrisons are advertising their food boxes again, which is very ominous.

FannyCornforth Mon 21-Sep-20 13:20:01

I despair! How ridiculous!

Jane10 Mon 21-Sep-20 13:34:06

We were appalled a few weeks ago to meet neighbours with huge, and I mean huge, piles of cases of toilet rolls and kitchen towels. They were piled high waiting for the lift. We joked about to them but I must say that we really weren't impressed at all. I hope they picked up on that. Selfish sods.

TerriBull Mon 21-Sep-20 13:35:47

It's appalling, everything has been running smoothly as far as getting hold of groceries and household stuff once the initial problems had levelled out. Saw a woman on line today with what looked like at least 3 bags of 24 toilet rolls. For heaven's sake does anyone s**t that much, there's no need to panic buy.

Susan56 Mon 21-Sep-20 13:48:57

Our daughter just messaged to ask if we could buy pasta for her as the shelves were empty in her local town😩

annsixty Mon 21-Sep-20 13:51:34

The more people are urged not to it, the more they will.
No-one wants to be left behind.
Online shopping slots are filling up again.
I noticed a shortage of “ordinary gin” this morning on Sainsbury’s site.
Now that is bad.

Froglady Mon 21-Sep-20 13:53:50

Toilet rolls are my big concern and I do stockpile those as I have a medical condition and can go through 1 roll each day , so it's very easy to run out. But's that the only thing.

Charleygirl5 Mon 21-Sep-20 14:01:07

I do online shopping with Morrisons and have done for years and I have a delivery this Thursday but it took me nearly a week to get that slot. I was not paying £7 for a delivery- not that there were many slots available. I thought we had returned to March.

PamelaJ1 Mon 21-Sep-20 14:19:17

🤦🏼‍♀️ What is the matter with people. We managed before, we will again.
If you run out of toilet paper go Middle Eastern and wash yourself with water and a cloth. Don’t know if this is more or less eco friendly.
What do we need flour for? It’s lovely to bake cakes and biscuits but apart from bread do we really NEED it? Will your life be really be over if you can’t bake a Christmas cake?

Nellie098 Mon 21-Sep-20 14:28:01

Yes people have gone mad again. Apparently yesterday there were long queues outside a local Aldi. Today is my normal Sainsbury's shop as Monday is usual quiet but apparently people had been queueing at 7.30 a.m. When I went in at 10.30 it about three times as busy as usual. Thankfully everything I needed was on the shelves, including bread flour which I have still found difficult to find. Yes people were buying big packs of toilet rolls but thankfully I have enough from the last time. Still I hope we don't have a second lockdown.

Kate1949 Mon 21-Sep-20 14:31:30

If anyone is struggling for home deliveries, try Iceland. They are great. Free delivery over £35. I've just looked. They have slots all day every day up to 27th September. They were a godsend to us at the start of the pandemic. They sell most things and are reasonably priced.

SuzannahM Mon 21-Sep-20 14:34:57

I seriously don't understand what starts this - so many people were stuck with hoards of loo rolls after the last session, do they never learn? Our neighbour had a corner of her garage filled with them, just for the two of them. And neither of them is ill. She still has quite a lot, six months later. At least she won't feel the need to panic buy this time, hopefully.

I've always been proud that the majority of my countrymen/women were kind, considerate, friendly people. After seeing the behaviours of so many during the last six months I hope I am never stuck on a desert island with them. I'd probably get eaten.