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To want a tattoo

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EthelTheTank Wed 07-Oct-20 13:15:18

I'd love a tattoo but at the tender age of 73 I don't know if I'd be able to suit one. My son Sherman thinks it is an awful idea for me to get a tattoo but I can't help feeling like I'm missing out. What are your opinions on tattoos? Should I go for it?

Northerngirl28 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:09:45

At ‘tender age of 73’ you should definitely go for it if that’s what you fancy. Crumbs, if you can’t do it now when can you? Avoid any particularly painful area and who cares about wrinkles! If it brings you a little spark of happiness every day it’s totally worth it. BTW your son is too young to appreciate what liberation there is in getting older.
Have fun!

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:11:39

Go for it!! Personally I hate them, but choose carefully where it goes and how it will look if your skin sags in the future?

TrendyNannie6 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:14:56

They have the name covered over very often with another tattoo or removed nankate

Whatdayisit Thu 08-Oct-20 11:15:37

David Dimbleby had a small dolphin tattooed on his shoulder i'm sure in his 70s as he wanted to.
I want Freddie Mercury Don't Stop Me Now and his datesround my wrist like a bracelet. I have some Noel Gallagher lyrics on my shoukder blades with my husbands name.
I say go for it. If you ever end up in a care home the carers will love it a good talking point!

jenni123 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:15:59

I am 78 and I have 7 tattoos, only 1 on my right arm that is really visible, the others are not always on show, one above my left ankle (I wear long clothes so not really visible,) one on the back of each shoulder, (visible if wearing strappy clothes, so not often) and 3 on left breast, would show in swimwear but as I don't swim,,,,) One of those was a coverup and it was done on TV in the program Tattoo Disasters.

Whatdayisit Thu 08-Oct-20 11:22:45

Sorry i stand corrected David Dimbleby had a Scorpion when he was 75! Even Churchill's mum had one on her wrist - now awaiting comments about Lady Randolph!

inishowen Thu 08-Oct-20 11:23:52

My dad got his arms heavily tattooed when he was a young man in the army. He grew to hate them. However if you want a tattoo you should go for it.

Biddysue Thu 08-Oct-20 11:27:48

Go and do it !
Personally I wouldn’t but if you want to then book yourself in .
Life’s too short and it won’t hurt anyone ( but you ?)
Good luck xx

TrendyNannie6 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:27:53

I got my husbands name he’s got mine and he’s got our children’s names in different designs, he had my name on his arm after couple of months together, we are still together 36 years later, I don’t actually know why people get so upset over what others have on their body, firstly its not their body and secondly not any of their business

grandtanteJE65 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:29:28

At 73 you are surely old enough to do as you like!

I wouldn't have bothered to consult my son if I had wanted a tattoo - it's none of his business.

poshpaws Thu 08-Oct-20 11:31:26

Go for it!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:33:33

I'm not a fan but if you want a tattoo go for it. You don't need me to tell you to ensure that the place is clean and registered etc. It's your life and your body.

travelsafar Thu 08-Oct-20 11:34:14

I know an elderly lady in her 80's who had Do Not Resusitate just above her heart!!!!! She was a nurse in her younger days and had seen the after effects of CPR being done and did not want that doing to her in the event of her heart stopping.

win Thu 08-Oct-20 11:34:31

totally dislike tattoos on anyone, only ever saw one I thought was sweet. A little delicate chain on the ankle. However would never have one. Still each to their own.

BBbevan Thu 08-Oct-20 11:40:33

I would like a little flower ( my name) on my bottom

maddyone Thu 08-Oct-20 11:40:44


Go for it, do as you like, it’s your body. Having said that, I don’t like tattoos at all, and would never have one, but I think everyone should do as they wish. You’re not hurting anyone, you’re pleasing yourself.

Candy6 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:41:32

Personally I don’t like them but if you want one go for it and don’t take any notice of what anyone says xx

AnnieB4 Thu 08-Oct-20 11:44:55

Definitely go for it! Do what makes you feel individual & special! xx

knspol Thu 08-Oct-20 11:48:46

In general I dislike them except on NZ rugby players but after promising myself a small one for my 65th b'day and then chickening out I was determined to get one for my 70th - unfortunately no parlours open here at the moment so waiting. It will be where no one except me (and maybe DH) will see but I'll know it's there!

Janiepops Thu 08-Oct-20 11:51:48

This is my tattoo. Had it done for my 65th birthday, I’m 68 now. I still love it!
Things to note;
Skin on foot and ankle doesn’t wrinkle even when you’re very old!
It hasn’t been addictive for me.
I get so many compliments!
People say they love it and “ohh I fancy one now!”
We haven’t got enough life left for it to fade! Or get fed up with it!
Have a pretty one, I told my tattooist “no black at all”
Choose your pattern yourself, mine came from a flower catalogue!!
Brace yer self, it hurts over bone!!
Best of luck, and pictures of your art please!!

Saggi Thu 08-Oct-20 11:52:38

Tacky...quite happy with my body without defacing it!

Gabigirl Thu 08-Oct-20 11:54:00

I was brought up in a family where being a serial killer was preferable to having a tattoo?! When my precious dog died I had a one line tribute tattooed on my inner wrist- it’s mostly covered by my wristwatch but it’s there all the time and it reminds me of her whenever I need comfort or cheering up ??

Marydoll Thu 08-Oct-20 11:54:18

I have a question. What happens if you need surgery and the incision is where the tatoo is? Does taht mean the tattoo is spoiled, as the image will probably be distorted when it heals.
Just curious.

GoldenAge Thu 08-Oct-20 11:56:36

EthelTheTank - you've seven decades of life behind you - you can do what you want - change your sexuality, burn down parliament, make an effigy of BJ and stick pins in it - go for it and don't look back. Just make sure you don't choose something that might look a bit weird if your skin wrinkles when you're in your 90s (but then who will worry anyway so do it if it makes you happy).

MissAdventure Thu 08-Oct-20 11:56:36

Yes, it would spoil the original tattoo, but then there are artists who can incorporate the scars into a new design.