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Help! What to wear at my wedding!

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Warmthlover Thu 15-Oct-20 11:04:21

My long-term partner and I are getting married in our village church in December. I’m just 70 and since I retired, I wear little other than joggers and jumpers, slippers or wellingtons. I can’t remember the last time I bought (or needed) anything smart to wear. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a suitable style of clothing I could buy and which brands (not too expensive!) to look at?

Calendargirl Thu 15-Oct-20 11:10:03

No help on styles or brands really, but congratulations!

I imagine it won’t be a huge affair at the present time. A village church setting sounds lovely.

If it were me, I would choose something that I felt comfortable in, warm enough for December (church cold probably), and reasonably practical for afterwards, if you are usually casual.

Have a lovely day!


Lucca Thu 15-Oct-20 11:13:26

Depends if you want it to be a wedding dress or not. If no I’d suggest a plain dress with possibly a nice coat over it or a pashmina. Possible options would be Hobbs, monsoon.

Esspee Thu 15-Oct-20 11:16:42

I would go for a smart winter suit, probably a trouser suit as that is what you are comfortable in, with a pretty blouse in a contrasting colour to match your flowers.
Many congratulations. ??

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 15-Oct-20 11:17:45

If you look at Roman, or Klass, you might find something suitable at a reasonable price?

Illte Thu 15-Oct-20 11:20:06

I'd go Julie Chrustie/Dr Zhivago with a long fitted wool coat, fur collar and hat. Maybe even the muff! (Sigh)

I like the look so much I might even ask OH to marry me ?

Jane10 Thu 15-Oct-20 11:23:47

I'm sure it was very expensive but I thought Camilla looked very nice and appropriate in her wedding outfit. A version of that could be lovely ie a short dress with same length coat in the same fabric. Or even 'winter it up' by using winter colours and a fake fur trim? Boots would go well with that look.

Jayt Thu 15-Oct-20 11:30:16

Start with your favourite colour. Try Debenhams, they're discounting. Take your best friend with you to help. I'm sure you will be beautiful. All good wishes for the future.

maddyone Thu 15-Oct-20 12:00:32

Phase Eight have nice styles, not too short either.

midgey Thu 15-Oct-20 12:01:10

Illte not sure the Julie Chrustie will be so glamorous!!?

FannyCornforth Thu 15-Oct-20 12:13:46

We need more information please.
Are you a skirt/ dress or trouser person?
What are your best features?
Which colours do you favour?
Whose style do you admire (famous people that you think always 'look nice')?
What type of shoe will you feel most
comfortable in?

Illte Thu 15-Oct-20 13:10:04

Oh dear midgey. Freudian slip? ?

trisher Thu 15-Oct-20 13:53:46

Joe Browns Have some lovely velvet coats, one with fur on hem and collar.
Not cheap but a real stand out coat

FlyingHxndbag Thu 15-Oct-20 14:17:26

I think a long dress from Monsoon or similar with a nice jacket or pashmina would be beautiful, or a jumpsuit and jacket or pashmina Another option would be a fine knit jumper with a skirt, opaque tights and ankle boots. A fur coat would also be lovely if wearing a dress or jumpsuit.
Or a nice trouser suit or skirt suit with shoes with a small heel.
Another option would be a jumper with a visible collar from a blouse underneath, preferably with gems on the collar. This could be paired with a skirt or trousers.
Something else that would be lovely would be wide leg trousers with a silk camisole and a blazer.
Have you thought about shoes, I would go with a small heel.
Have a look at pinterest for ideas. X

LauraNorder Thu 15-Oct-20 14:26:42

Long plain woollen dress in your favourite colour with a faux fur hat, scarf and muff.
Soft leather boots.
Thermal underwear though?

Madgran77 Thu 15-Oct-20 14:27:13

Trousers suit with a contrasting/patterned blouse in favourite colours. Maybe a pashmina round the shoulders for extra warmth. Or a jumpsuit with contrasting jacket/pashmina? Congratulations.

Madgran77 Thu 15-Oct-20 14:27:46

PS M&S have great winter jumpsuit in at the mo, saw it yesterday

Riverwalk Thu 15-Oct-20 14:28:11

Julie Chrustie grin

annodomini Thu 15-Oct-20 14:32:06

It's likely that you won't at present, be able to try on garments in shops because of Covid9. Are you confident enough of your measurements to choose literally 'off the peg'? If you have access to a good dressmaker and can find a fabric and design you like, that could be an answer to your problem

annodomini Thu 15-Oct-20 14:34:16

PS If you manage to get an outfit in your favourite colour, why not buy a matching tie for your groom.

Riverwalk Thu 15-Oct-20 14:35:35

anno, not that I've done much shopping recently but have found that the small independent clothes shops are letting you try on - then clean them with a hand steamer.

Warmthlover Thu 15-Oct-20 14:39:44

Thank you all for your suggestions (and your congratulations!). Plenty to work on here - brands I wouldn’t have thought of and I do like the idea of a Julie Christie/Dr Zhivago look....

FannyCornforth Thu 15-Oct-20 14:43:59


Julie Chrustie grin

That would make a fabulous user name.

EllanVannin Thu 15-Oct-20 14:49:18

If that was me I'd look like an Eskimo in the December weather grin
I'd certainly have a hooded fur-trimmed long cape in whatever colour suits you.

2020convert Thu 15-Oct-20 14:49:31

Warmthlover. You sound as if you are more comfortable in cosy, casual, warm clothes, nothing too formal? What about your partner? What sort of clothes is he likely to want to wear? You should both go for what you are comfortable with. Depending on where you live, I should check out charity shops I wouldn’t want to spend a lot on something I wouldn’t be happy to wear again. Some have special sections for mother of the bride type things. BTW a friend got married years ago in winter, in a village, it snowed and she did end up walking to the church in her wedding dress and wellies. When I got married nearly fifty years ago on a v snowy January day, I wore shoes and nearly took off on the stone flags outside the church. Good Luck and enjoy the day