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Netflix The Crown do you think it is disrespectful?

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Sadgrandma Tue 01-Dec-20 10:58:08

I haven't seen this programme but, from what I have read, it seems to me that it is disrespectful to make a programme about people, royal family or not, without their express permission, certainly if, from what I have read, much of it is fictionalised. What do you all think?

Bluebellwould Tue 01-Dec-20 11:00:33

I don’t think it’s disrespectful as such, but I do think it’s dangerous as most people seem to think it’s true. Apparently the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles are suffering further abuse.

Grandma70s Tue 01-Dec-20 11:06:34

I haven’t seen the recent ones, but yes, it seems wrong to me to make a fictionalised programme about living people.

The worrying thing is that I’m sure if I do watch it I’ll find it riveting.

mokryna Tue 01-Dec-20 11:10:03

The French people I work with tend to think that there is more truth than fiction. I do not have Netflix.

eazybee Tue 01-Dec-20 11:13:47

Yes I do think it is disrespectful, and I would think the same if it was about the Trumps, Kennedys and any other prominent families who are alive.
It is prurient, dramatised and no matter how many disclaimers are made, many people believe it to be true, 'because they wouldn't be allowed to make it if it wasn't.'
I have no intention of watching it.

paddyanne Tue 01-Dec-20 11:43:30

It may be might not be.I wont watch it because whether its good or bad its all PR for a family I think shouldn't be in the position of privilege they are .
Meritocracy is the way forward....this aristrocracy nonsense is way out of date .Should have been left in the middle ages where it belonged ..and all those ridiculous "Empire" medals and titles with it !Its divisive rubbish and sadly there are still people ,on here.who look up to these parasites and think they "deserve" to be treated like gods!

nanna8 Tue 01-Dec-20 11:55:57

The most recent series isn’t as good as the earlier series. I don’t think it is particularly disrespectful, certainly not as bad as ‘the Windsors’.Now that was funny and disrespectful .

Jane10 Tue 01-Dec-20 12:02:19

Respectful? Do we have to be respectful?
If its slanderous or illegal that would be a different matter but obviously its navigated its way around the legal obstacles and is therefore just entertainment. Its not or ever pretended to be a documentary.

sodapop Tue 01-Dec-20 12:03:48

Well said eazybee I agree.

Redhead56 Tue 01-Dec-20 12:09:38

I don’t think it’s disrespectful and the Royals do have their own press secretaries. They are in control of what’s allowed for public viewing in the general media and on tv.

seacliff Tue 01-Dec-20 12:25:54

eazybee It is prurient, dramatised and no matter how many disclaimers are made, many people believe it to be true, 'because they wouldn't be allowed to make it if it wasn't.'

Totally agree eazybee, many will think this is the truth,

I feel sorry for the RF having to put up with this, if it were about my family I would hate it and be so angry. It is probably quite damaging to RF, especially Charles and Camilla.

I have watched the previous series and enjoyed them. Not so much this one, some of the the actors were such ridiculous caricatures, I could hardly watch. They made up so much, yet they did not cover the attempted kidnapping of Princess Anne, a real drama. Is it because she came out of it well?

MissAdventure Tue 01-Dec-20 12:29:08

I would say princess Ann isn't featured because she has not aired her dirty laundry in public. (Even though she probably has her share)

Lucca Tue 01-Dec-20 12:30:00

There’s already a thread about the Crown.....just saying !

Iam64 Tue 01-Dec-20 12:31:44

TV companies have made many programmes about people who are still alive. If you're in the public eye for any reason, its possible you could be next.

I don't see it as disrespectful of Netflix to have made drama out of our recent history. All our Prime Ministers from Churchill to Thatcher have featured along with various other public figures.
I also feel that members of the royal family have been sympathetically portrayed, particularly so where the Queen is concerned. The relationship between her and P Phillip is shown as mutually supportive and loving. It's fascinating to see our country's history with the RF at its centre.

Anniebach Tue 01-Dec-20 12:35:01

Churchill and Thatcher are dead

Lucretzia Tue 01-Dec-20 12:35:33

Not keen on it at all.

The first 2 seasons were OK. Filled with inaccuracies but OK

I think the widow of Major Hugh Lindsay thinks it's hugely disrespectful. I tend to agree with her .

She asked Netflix not to include the skiing accident in the programme but they just went ahead.

sodapop Tue 01-Dec-20 17:26:47


I don’t think it’s disrespectful and the Royals do have their own press secretaries. They are in control of what’s allowed for public viewing in the general media and on tv.

I don't think that's true Redhead I'm sure they can't censor what is put in the public domain.

Anniebach Tue 01-Dec-20 17:31:39

How come they didn’t stop that Panorama interview ?

GrannyRose15 Tue 01-Dec-20 18:31:26

The trouble is that having drawn us in with three very entertaining and well written series they have decided to do a fourth series which is nowhere near as good. This often happens with TV series and film franchises too. They seem to want to milk the idea for as much as they can. Have only watched two episodes so far but absolutely hate the caricatures and the fact that everyone seems to speak in speeches. Nor do I believe for one minute that the Queen is ever as rude to her guests as has been portrayed on screen.

TheBikingGranny Tue 01-Dec-20 18:42:20

Well I for one absolutely loved the series of The Crown and before it arrived on our screens I was not a fan of the RF however this has made me see them in a different light and I have a growing respect particularly for the queen. It is indeed a drama but based on facts. I actually feel I've learned more history through watching the Crown.

Jaffacake2 Tue 01-Dec-20 19:43:27

I have watched all the episodes and it brings back memories of the events, Diana and Charles announcing the engagement, the amazing impact she had in Australia at a time when there was a growing call for a republic and her hands on parenting with her babies. We will never know all the story in truth about Charles and Camilla but remember all the media speculation.
It was interesting seeing an episode of " Gogglebox " where the younger generation were watching the stories on the Crown and their reactions . These are the generation who may see changes in the Royalty. Will William be king instead of his father ?
Think the Crown is influencing people's opinions and Charles is not coming out well .

MayBee70 Tue 01-Dec-20 20:25:36

DD watches it and she reckons it could stop Charles from becoming king: she said it’s making her hate him and she is old enough to remember the events of his engagement/marriage to Diana. I don’t particularly want to watch it (can’t anyway) but we usually like the same sort of films and programmes so I am rather intrigued. I did see a bit on gogglebox though.

vegansrock Wed 02-Dec-20 07:18:59

The RF are not gods or above criticism. The Crown is a brilliant series, if only for the amazing costumes and sets. I dare say Wolf Hall wasn’t accurate in terms of actual dialogue but was based on real historical events as this series is. They didn’t actually show the skiing accident it was just a mentioned as an influence on Charles, and the way there are contingency plans for the death of any member of theRF, code names etc. No way was it disrespectful to the unfortunate deceased man, I bet few of us remembered his name. We all know it’s dramatised.

Dorsetcupcake61 Wed 02-Dec-20 07:45:28

I enjoyed the previous series and eagerly anticipated this one. I dont think it was as good as the others. I found the portrayal of Margaret Thatcher most peculiar, borderline caricature.
Most of the Royal family come across badly,but especially Charles. I'm sure this will undo a lot of the PR from past decade or so
Do I have any sympathy with them? Not really. I think all of them in a variety of ways can be unpleasant and in a protective bubble long before Covid! I think the pandemic has made them even less relatable.
There have been endless biographies/autobiographies/articles on what the Royal family are supposed to be like,not many show them in a good light.
It's also quite easy to forget that a whole generation were born after Diana died and may not realise what is drama and what is fiction. I think the writer justified it as being a drama with emotional truth. Probably a good way of looking at it. Accuracy may be dubious but at the heart of it is a dysfunctional privileged family.
For those who feel the Queen is different? My late father was a Normandy Veteran. They were very dedicated to the Queen and there were several big Anniversaries over the past 20 years. This often involved a lot of travel and standing around in hot weather etc for an increasingly aging group. They did it out of remembrance to those that died and respect for the Queen.
On one of the line ups a veteran who was next to the person was talking to made a comment to which she snapped "speak when you're spoken to". Never been keen on her since!

Galaxy Wed 02-Dec-20 07:51:16

There were numerous dramas about thatcher when she was alive, there have been dramas about Blair etc, the RF are no different.