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ninathenana Wed 17-Mar-21 11:31:36

I've just had an ex offender trying to sell me goods at the door.
Good that he's trying to make a living but he really raised my hackles by calling me sweet. I said can you not call me that. Oh, it's just another way of saying mate. It's what people say these days, like I'm some old fogey who wouldn't understand.
I wouldn't have been happy with dear or love either. Needless to say I didn't buy anything. Though I have in the past.
Am I being an old fogey ?

Calendargirl Wed 17-Mar-21 11:33:50

I really don’t want any cold callers at my door, trying to sell me stuff, whatever they call me.

fairfraise Wed 17-Mar-21 11:38:57

I quite like it, though no one has ever said it to me here. winkThey use it a lot in New Zealand where loads of young people use it. Never took offence.

Gannygangan Wed 17-Mar-21 11:44:14

I wouldn't have minded. I don't really mind how people refer to me. I worked with a woman who called everyone duck. Even her manager.

As long as it's not rude I'm fine with being a love or a darling or a sweetheart

However I am aware that not everyone likes it.

Redhead56 Wed 17-Mar-21 11:53:35

I don't like young staff in shops calling me love or Hun it's not professional. I have a sign on my front window [No cold callers charity bags religious groups or time wasters].

Blossoming Wed 17-Mar-21 12:33:10

I wouldn’t like somebody trying to sell me goods at my door no matter what they called me.

FannyCornforth Wed 17-Mar-21 12:37:17


I really don’t want any cold callers at my door, trying to sell me stuff, whatever they call me.

As above and as Blossoming said.
I'd be livid! I don't like it at the best of times, but in the 'current climate' it's really not on.

FannyCornforth Wed 17-Mar-21 12:39:17

I wouldn't be too chuffed if someone on my doorstep introduced themself as an 'ex-offender' either!

ninathenana Wed 17-Mar-21 13:12:05

I forgot to say I do have a sticker on the door as others have mentioned

TrendyNannie6 Wed 17-Mar-21 13:21:09

I don’t have a problem bring called love.sweet, whatever ! I have a large enough sticker asking no cold callers to knock on my door, so if I see anyone standing there that I don’t know, I simply do not answer, the only people I answer to are couriers

Judy54 Wed 17-Mar-21 13:32:08

As long as people are friendly I don't care what they call me. Many terms are colloquial such as pet, duck, lovely and just what people from different regions are used to using. They are meant to be terms of endearment rather than to offend.

eazybee Wed 17-Mar-21 13:45:18

I didn't think ex-offenders were allowed to sell door to door any more.
I wouldn't mind being called sweet, or ducks or darling, although I worked with someone who called everyone 'lovey' and had no idea how close she got to being brained with the hole puncher, (and that was the Attendance Officer.)

Grandmabatty Wed 17-Mar-21 13:56:37

I had someone at the door yesterday who started with the usual nonsense of "how are you today?" I stopped him and said I wasn't interested. He was (not wearing a mask) most put out and claimed he wasn't selling anything. I was equally annoyed as I had put dgs down for a nap! He didn't get the chance to patronise me thank goodness or I might have been rude.

Mapleleaf Wed 17-Mar-21 13:59:27

Not sure there should be cold callers trying to sell stuff coming to our houses at the moment anyway. However, I would be irritated to be called "sweet" too. ?

grandMattie Wed 17-Mar-21 13:59:39

Beware!+ A policeman told my WI that these "ex-offenders" are nothing of the sort. They are part of the scammers/slavers who sell you rubbinsh at an exorbitant price. Watch out - "sweet" or not!

Amberone Wed 17-Mar-21 14:01:28

My MiL in the NE and my aunt in Scotland called me 'hen'. My DM calls my OH 'bach'. I've been addressed as ducks, dear, dearie, darling, sweetie, mate, ma'am, missus, and all sorts of other things depending on where we are in the world. Really doesn't bother me in the slightest.

I do dislike hun, simply because it makes me cringe, and oi is just rude.

If someone is deliberately being rude that's different.

I wonder, would you have been so offended if the person calling you 'sweetie' wasn't an ex-offender?

Kate1949 Wed 17-Mar-21 14:35:46

I love being called sweet, hun, all of those terms. I was called 'bab' yesterday (a regular term here in Birmingham). A young salesman called me babe a while ago. I loved it. I'm not too keen on 'dear'. That makes me feel old.

JenniferEccles Wed 17-Mar-21 14:45:16

A few years ago a young chap turned up, announced himself as an ex offender from the NE (Sunderland I believe he said), and tried to flog me some dishcloths and dusters.
We are in the south east so rich pickings I guess he thought.

I pointed to a sign we have stating that we don’t buy or sell at the door and waited for him to leave.

At that point he got a bit aggressive, chuntering away at me.
I hastily shut the door and to my relief he toddled off down the drive and left.

grandmajet Wed 17-Mar-21 14:49:59

I agree, I don’t want people selling things at my door.
Generally though, I don’t mind what people call me as long as it’s not rude!

grannysyb Wed 17-Mar-21 15:20:20

I don't mind what I'm called, grew up in the north, so used to "love". We had one of these cold callers last week, I told him we weren't interested, shut the door, he knocked again, so DH told him the sane and was called "a horrible man!" No mask either. I put it on Nextdoor and it seems that there are a few of these people around at the moment, not nice for people who are on their own.

BrightandBreezy Wed 17-Mar-21 15:41:19

I had someone claiming to be an ex offender before lockdown last year. When I said politely that I didn't want to buy anything he was quite rude. Later in the week there was a message on local news warning that this was some kind of scam. Very difficult sometimes to know who is genuine.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 17-Mar-21 15:46:48

I am nearly 68 and was referred to as ‘young lady’ in the local cafe today, by a very much older man! I didn’t mind a bit. My neighbour (70 year old lady) always calls me ‘sweet’.

jusnoneed Wed 17-Mar-21 15:59:07

Nottingham Knockers as they are called down here, there was a large group of them around Somerset a couple weeks ago - many warnings on FB groups. Many say they are looking out for likely burglary chances etc. Some of them get quite nasty when told to leave the premises.

Anyone I don't know starts calling me "sweet" "hun" "darling" gets my hackles rising lol.

Gannygangan Wed 17-Mar-21 16:04:25

Some of the ex-offenders are legitimate.

However they certainly shouldn't be out and about at the moment and no doubt will be scammers

Blossoming Wed 17-Mar-21 16:15:30

None of them are legitimate.