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Do you give to people begging in town ?

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Jaffacake2 Mon 10-May-21 18:52:29

Now that lockdown is easing and the shops are open it seems my town has an influx of beggars back on the streets. In the past I have offered to buy hot drinks and food but have been met with abuse and demands for cash. I don't give money and have at times phoned our city's outreach homeless team to alert them. They have told me that they regularly patrol streets and that there is enough hostel spaces to offer a bed.
Just wondered what others do when asked for money ?

BlueBelle Sun 16-May-21 09:59:08

I should just add that a couple of the beggars in my town centre were quite anti social one very abusive, quite violent and demanding has been known to hit people if they don’t give enough and one lady who just takes her knickers down and deficates Thankfully they seem to have been moved on

PS they were British

Fennel Wed 19-May-21 17:28:21

Last Friday I went to "Toon" after 2 months after my accident.
There was a a young couple sheltering in a doorway and I asked them why they were there. He said - "The council have given up on me."
He looked so unhealthy - thin , but flushed and lost most teeth.
I didn't know what to do to help except with kind words.
I didn't give them anything else, but wished I could have given more.

joysutty Thu 20-May-21 14:39:32

I tend to give them an item like packet of crisps of chocolate bar.

Bernardaalba Thu 20-May-21 20:40:39

I too regularly donate to the local homeless charities who are prevalent in my local city.
In conversation one day with a lovely Big Issue vendor, she told me a tale of beggars being mini bussed in from elsewhere who were then deployed around our fair city & watched over by the gang master who regularly pimped their money, sandwiches or other donations.
Give if you will but in my humble opinion, far better to donate to a supportive charity.

Itsawelshthing Fri 21-May-21 23:28:29

I always ask if they want a sandwich and a coffee but they always ask for money instead, therefore I don't give it them. Sounds nasty I know but why do they need money to buy food when they can allow people to buy it for them instead?

MelBB Sun 23-May-21 13:49:57

I rarely go out these days but sometimes give to a homeless charity instead. I have been known to give beggars food though - being prepared could be carrying a Mars bar.

Problem is, sometimes they have a home already (as is the case with a guy in Norwich, who puts his sleeping bag in the grit bin each day), or the money can go on drink/drugs, thus fuelling the cycle.

I feel okay with my decision.

MelBB Sun 23-May-21 13:51:06

Also, it can feel very intimidating. I once visited my home city for a theatre trip and the area I used to visit 20 years ago was full of beggars. ?