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Slang words which make me cringe ?

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Corryanna Sat 26-Jun-21 18:18:24

My husband thinks I’m being a bit silly over this, but why can’t the BBC, ITV and everywhere else talking about the vaccination, call the injection the vaccination, or double vaccination ? Instead they call it the JAB!!!! It drives me mad every time I hear it. Honestly, “double jabbed” for pity’s sake! Anyone with me on that one?

Grandmagrim Tue 07-Sep-21 18:52:00

I much prefer vaccination to jab, but absolutely detest ‘deets’ instead of details, holibobs, going forward in place of in the future and last but not least mebbes.

Floradora9 Tue 07-Sep-21 21:56:56

arvo for afternoon , delish , crimbo , any word shortened for no good reason really .

Shelbel Sat 11-Sep-21 15:20:29

I know these are not strictly slang words but I hate the expression 'steak dinner' and 'all the trimmings'. Just sounds so naf.

Doodledog Sat 11-Sep-21 16:30:16

I can take or leave ‘jabbed’ but ‘uni’ is nails on a blackboard to me, specially on anyone over 40.