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Hippie20 Sun 27-Jun-21 10:59:25

I have a small house with only a front garden which I have spent money and time making it look nice with flowers etc. My new neighbour has taken to leaving her bins outside my house all week. It upsets me having to look at her ugly bins. AIBU?

greenlady102 Sun 27-Jun-21 11:00:48

why not outside her house? and does she leave them on the pavement? In many places that isn't allowed.

henetha Sun 27-Jun-21 11:01:21

No you are not being unreasonable. Can you have a word? - friendly at first of course.

JaneJudge Sun 27-Jun-21 11:03:22

yes i'd just ask confused why are people so inconsiderate sad

grandtanteJE65 Sun 27-Jun-21 11:16:52

I would not bother to say anything, just wheel her bins into her garden for her!

DiscoDancer1975 Sun 27-Jun-21 11:29:36

Our council can fine people for leaving their bins out. I don’t know of anyone it’s happened to, but it can be read on line. Can you check yours?
As others have said, just talk to her though, before you do anything else. It could be she’s just not thinking. Not necessarily doing it to be awkward or vindictive.

DanniRae Sun 27-Jun-21 11:31:16

That is so annoying .......... and you are not being unreasonable angry

Hippie20 Sun 27-Jun-21 11:38:35

Thank you everyone for your support.

timetogo2016 Sun 27-Jun-21 13:14:35

I agree with GrandtanteE65.

glammanana Sun 27-Jun-21 13:18:28

Why are neighbours so inconsiderate surely she can see how neat and tidy your frontage is,tell her to move them in front of her own house as you find it unsightly.
I have a cream/green bin storage mini shed on my front patio area under my bathroom window (bungalow) and my bin is stored in there until the night before collection makes it very easy on the eye also there is room for my watering can and tools for tending the front garden.

Nonogran Sun 27-Jun-21 14:44:05

Have a look at your local city/authority website. Mine gives guidance about bins/storage& how they should be put out & stowed after emptying. If the neighbour is not obeying, take photos & ask council for help?
The large wheels bins are an eyesore & a menace.

Lollipop1 Mon 28-Jun-21 10:50:42

Move it to outside your neighbours house. Any conversation resulting from this act, smile snd be oh so polite. Do it every week.

bear1 Mon 28-Jun-21 10:51:33

why dont you put her bins back outside her house,if she then leaves them outside yours again put a polite friendly note on her bin asking her to please take her bins in after the dustmen have been , if she ignores this then try putting her bins outside hers again if all else fails ask the council if there are rules about leaving bins out.if its only after they have been emptied have a word with the dustmen and ask them to leave her bins outside hers

Rosina Mon 28-Jun-21 10:57:12

I would have a word with her first - some people can be so insensitive. Neighbours a few doors along have decided to leave bins outside - they have a lovely garden, and can't see the bins from their house. There is plenty of room to keep them in the back garden, as everyone else does, and they have been 'spoken to' several times but seemingly don't care.

Chewbacca Mon 28-Jun-21 10:57:46

Our local council has a rule that, once emptied, all bins have to be removed from the pavements and public areas before the end of the day so that they don't obstruct pedestrians. If your council has a similar rule, you could use that to your advantage.

NotSpaghetti Mon 28-Jun-21 10:59:45

Is this off the pavement on your land or on the pavement?

We are obliged to remove our bins off the pavement the day of the waste collection, as Nonogran says.
Call your local council and just tell them there are bins left on the pavement regularly.
They will deal with it.
You don't need to tell them who you are. They need to ensure the pavement is left free.

leeds22 Mon 28-Jun-21 10:59:50

I’d just keep moving them to the front of her house, she probably just doesn’t think about it. We regularly have to move our young neighbours bins.

starlily106 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:00:28

Your neighbour should put their bins outside their property not yours. Especially if they are there all the time. They should only be out on the day they are emptied and taken inside once they are emptied. I would ask them to stop before doing anything else. If it still goes on then seek advice from the council

Blossoming Mon 28-Jun-21 11:02:40

Any update OP?

Missiseff Mon 28-Jun-21 11:05:58

Move them

Moggycuddler Mon 28-Jun-21 11:07:54

Yes, move them in front of her house!

Lesley60 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:10:32

I wouldn’t say anything just keep putting them outside her house, she will soon get the message.
We don’t put them out until bedtime the night before collection

Perihell Mon 28-Jun-21 11:11:17

My in laws had a problem with several neighbours leaving bins on the pavements constantly, they reported it to the local council as many say you have to bring your bins in off public pathways. The council went round knocking on their doors & leaving notices all was sorted ?

fluttERBY123 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:11:23

Try a friendly chat about something else and then say by the way how about I put all bins away at same time, I do like things tidy, or words to.

A lot depends on your existing relationship with them. IMHO the last thing you want is is involve officialdom as any relationship with them would then be ruined and the last thing you want is hostile neighbours.

Nannapat1 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:14:50

I'd just movecthem back outside her house too. We are fortunate to have large enough front gardens to move our bins back out of sight after bin day, but the refuse collectors often leave ours and our neighbours a bit haphazard and we're happy to move their bins when fetching ours in, all done in a friendly manner.