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Hippie20 Sun 27-Jun-21 10:59:25

I have a small house with only a front garden which I have spent money and time making it look nice with flowers etc. My new neighbour has taken to leaving her bins outside my house all week. It upsets me having to look at her ugly bins. AIBU?

GraceQuirrel Mon 28-Jun-21 11:14:58

They will look like your bins to a passerby, I wouldn’t be having it!!!

SusieFlo Mon 28-Jun-21 11:16:05

On the pavement??

Azalea99 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:22:33

Sorry, I’m not as nice as the rest of you. I would move her bins right across the road!

Daisend1 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:23:08

Contact the council informing them bins have been left outside your property.
Let them deal with it.

jaylucy Mon 28-Jun-21 11:27:30

If you can, certainly move them back to in front of her house.
Just strange that she leaves them further away from her home - I mean, what a faff to have to walk further to put her rubbish in them !
If she does say anything, or continues to leave them by your house, no reason why you either can't knock on her door and point it out, or pop a note through her door asking her politely not to leave her bins where she has been.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:31:41

I’d be moving them outside her house they are her bins not yours, that would make me cross I must admit

Yammy Mon 28-Jun-21 11:35:00

Tell your local council she might not have inherited their guidance from the previous owners. They will probably send her a letter if you ask along with a timetable for collection then she will just think it is routine.
My mother had the opposite problem she could not get her bins up or down her steep drive the local council were really helpful when I called and came to see where the bin could be safely kept for her convenience and a bin man came up the drive and collected it then put it back.
The council had a list of people who needed aid you could say you were tripping into them or having to walk in the road.

Buffy Mon 28-Jun-21 11:42:50

My neighbour doesn’t have a front garden so leaves her bin by my drive gates. It makes it narrow for reversing. Luckily she’s moving at the end of August so I don’t have to confront her.
It isn’t allowed by the Council and no-one else does it. I really like her so don’t want to cause trouble. I hope the new tenants don’t do the same or I shall be calling the Council to nip it in the bud.

Nana3 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:44:16

Some properties, especially smaller ones, have difficulties with bins, it isn't always as straightforward as people may imagine to organise where to put them on bin day and even for the rest of the week.
A friendly, neighbourly chat is so much better than some of the other suggestions here.
Good luck OP.

Alioop Mon 28-Jun-21 11:45:15

Wait until dark, move them back and pull the wheels off. gringrin

ElderlyPerson Mon 28-Jun-21 11:46:11

The local council here has a rule that the bins should be left on your own property, at the edge of the property not on the pavement. With an exemption only for property where there is no front garden.

The contractors staff are supposed to put them back where they got them from, but that only happens sometimes, some of the staff are meticulous about doing it properly.

Round here, the bins remain the property of the council.

I am not a lawyer, but I am wondering if moving someone else's bin and leaving it on the pavement could possibly be a legal problem for the mover of the bin, as in the mover getting fined or being legally liable for damages if someone walks into a bin left on the pavement by the mover, or both penalties.

I think that when it comes down to basics, the pavement is The Queen's Highway and obstructing The Queen's Highway is the issue.

RosieJ18 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:51:06

Just pop them back on her side and say in a friendly chatty way , that you’ve popped them back in front of her house as you didn’t want her to think that you had used them for your rubbish . Keep moving them untill they get the message but stay friendly and chatty about it .

Happysexagenarian Mon 28-Jun-21 11:56:59

A man in our village always left his bins on the narrow pavement outside his house (a lot of the pavements here are very narrow or non existent). When people commented or complained he said it was too difficult to get them past his new pond in his front garden and people could always step into the road to avoid them. One morning he got up to find his bins in his pond! Don't know who did it, but he hasn't left them out on the pavement since.

Dee1012 Mon 28-Jun-21 12:02:17

I agree with other posters about keeping it friendly initially...sometimes issues can escalate and it's much easier if you have always been 'reasonable and polite'.
If that doesn't work then I'd be speaking to the local council.
It could actually be that she has a hidden disability but a friendly chat should/could clarify that?

ReadyMeals Mon 28-Jun-21 12:02:39

Wheel them quite a long way away each time they are outside your house. The neighbor will gradually learn their lives are easier if they don't put them outside your house. But this assumes your bins are not on the pavement outside your house? If so, you need to bring yours into your garden or they could retalliate by hiding yours too.

Theoddbird Mon 28-Jun-21 12:11:07

Just move them to outside neighbours garden.

ExaltedWombat Mon 28-Jun-21 12:18:43

Is your front garden also her front garden? Does she HAVE a front garden?

Midwifebi6 Mon 28-Jun-21 12:21:10

Keep putting her bins on her path or outside her house. She will get the hint. What drives me mad is neighbours who have a drive yet they park outside our house because the wife don’t want her car blocked in by husband and husband don’t want his car blocked in by wife so the first one to arrive home parks on the drive. I asked them why do they park in front of my house so I have to park around the corner she replied “we are taxed and insured we can park where we like” selfish buggers.

Rumpunch Mon 28-Jun-21 12:24:41

Who leaves them there? your neighbour or the dustmen ? Our dustmen tend to just push them in the right direction once emptied. If I'm not paying attention I could easily bring in next doors bins as they are in the bottom of my drive and mine in the bottom of theirs.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Mon 28-Jun-21 12:24:45

In our area the binmen we have to leave the bins so that the binmen don't have to step on our property. They are supposed to return them to the property they came from but never do and leave them strewn all along the road and middle of pavements. Is that the problem here? If so, make a complaint to the council? Our rubbish collection service is quite frankly rubbish.

gilld69 Mon 28-Jun-21 12:28:53

move them outside her property then ask her not to put them outside yours as its attracting flys

coastalgran Mon 28-Jun-21 12:30:28

Just ask her to put the bin for her house back at her house after it has been emptied. I wouldn't put my bin into someone else's garden. The only way that could happen is if there is shared access for more than one house, even then there is usually an area set aside for bins. Some people are just lazy by nature, not gardeners so don't notice a well tended patch, lots of reasons.

GrannyBeek Mon 28-Jun-21 12:33:52

They are right, I’m afraid Midwifebi6 . The road outside your house does not belong to you. Why can’t they park on the road outside their own house? I hate it when people don’t consider the effect of their actions on others, wheelie bins included.

nadateturbe Mon 28-Jun-21 12:41:47

They are right Midwife. But still selfish and inconsiderate. I certainly wouldn't do it. And I wouldn't be friendly with someone who treated me like that.
Re bin issue. Hippie Why are they putting bins in front of your house and not their own?

Meaux Mon 28-Jun-21 12:58:11

I live in a small village with narrow paths etc. Our houses are terraced and there is no access to the rear of our properties. We all store our bins as discreetly as we can in our front gardens. My neighbours are a mix of working, retired and very elderly and, whereas we all put our own bins out, once the bin men have been the first one out normally puts the bins back for all of us. Quite often it is me, but in return, when I go away for a few days, my neighbours put my bins out for me and then back again after emptying. It all works unofficially and amicably. Maybe if your neighbour works full time their focus is elsewhere and not on the bins. It would only take seconds to pop their bins back for them and might be the spark for a nice neighbourly friendship. I hope it all works out well for you x