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Hippie20 Sun 27-Jun-21 10:59:25

I have a small house with only a front garden which I have spent money and time making it look nice with flowers etc. My new neighbour has taken to leaving her bins outside my house all week. It upsets me having to look at her ugly bins. AIBU?

BusterTank Mon 28-Jun-21 18:12:17

Just move the in front there house . She might get the message then .

Mealybug Mon 28-Jun-21 18:31:48

This has been an issue at my house too. I look after hubby who is bedridden and carers call three times a day. They park on my drive and don't usually cause a problem but last she put both her bins right across the top of my drive so they couldn't even get out of their car on the pavement side. Every week she puts her bins on my drive so in the morning she can just drive in and out whenever she likes but blocks my drive.

naughtynanny Mon 28-Jun-21 18:36:43

Just move them into her driveway/garden. Takes 2 minutes, then you don't have to look at them, maybe she will take the hint.
Don't stress the small stuff, just move the bloody things.
Yes, it's totally not your job, but it's just a means to an end.
Think of it as paying it forward..... Good Luck.

ExD Mon 28-Jun-21 18:51:55

Hippie where have you gone?
I know we're all repeating the same thing "move them yourself until she gets the message" - are you not bothering to reply because this is not an option?
We don't have a clear understanding of the set-up on your street - for instance, how wide is the pavement, are your drives next to each other or a house width apart?
I can't understand WHY she would put them in front of your garden in the first place- what's the point?

Joesoap Mon 28-Jun-21 19:03:12

We only leave our bins out on collection day, my neigbour and I take each others bins in again if one of us isnt home.
Hippie 20 just leave them back at the neighbours house and she might realise what she has done.

Nelly99 Mon 28-Jun-21 20:00:31

Yes that recently happened to my son , he’s only young and lives alone he messaged me to tell me the neighbours bins were tipped out by animals outside his house. Oh the mess was awful , I noticed in a photo he sent me that the bins were left outside all week next to the house. My son leaves his out the back of the house and brings out the bags on rubbish collection day. I sent the photo to the council and the photos of nappies and mess everywhere . Next day bins gone from the front of the houses and all rubbish cleared the council sorted it out oh my god it was grosse!

AnD1 Mon 28-Jun-21 21:08:22

Just thinking if she doesn’t have her bin, where does she put her rubbish?

NotAGran55 Mon 28-Jun-21 21:12:32

There’s a brilliant ‘bin’ thread on Mumsnet at the moment.
Councillor substituting his dirty bin for neighbour’s freshly cleaned one .

‘To go round’

JaneR185 Mon 28-Jun-21 22:31:33

Hide them down the street. grin

BlueRuby Mon 28-Jun-21 23:58:22

Put them back outside her house.

GreenGran78 Tue 29-Jun-21 09:07:56

Is your neighbour able to easily move her bins? Although I’m perfectly able to bring mine in my younger neighbour usually shoots outside, as soon as the bins have been emptied, and parks mine by my side gate. I do the same for her, if she doesn’t beat me to it.
If your neighbour is less able, why not do the same. Otherwise, just move them to her gateway each week, until she gets the message. Life’s too short to work yourself up about trivialities.

NotSpaghetti Tue 29-Jun-21 13:21:47

Where is Hippie20?

midgey Tue 29-Jun-21 13:48:37

Perhaps she’s busy sorting out her bins!

Hippie20 Tue 29-Jun-21 16:01:16

She eventually moved it after a week. If it happens again I will have a friendly word with her. She'll left it on the pavement. None of my other neighbours have ever done this. Thanks for all the responses and suggestions.

Hippie20 Tue 29-Jun-21 18:50:39

My house has only a front garden and she has the back garden so she has to put her bin out on the pavement. The bin men came today and she is the only one who hasn't taken her bin in. I'll see what happens.

Jaibee007 Tue 29-Jun-21 18:57:54

Just shift it - and continue to until she gets the message - her behaviour is not OK

Yorki Wed 30-Jun-21 01:08:45

I'd be very tempted to lose them somewhere when it's dark. Hide them in someone else's garden or far down the street, but don't complain about them before you do it, as she'll know it was you. I think your neighbour is a bit ignorant.

effalump Sat 03-Jul-21 17:22:10

I'd be more worried if they start filling my half empty bin with their garbage.

Nonogran Sat 03-Jul-21 20:46:05

With regard to others putting their vile garbage and other unmentionables into neighbours’ bins, we solved this at our tenanted property after the tenant moved out.
My chap drilled a small hole in the wheelie lid and another hole into the bin itself. We passed a reasonably fine but strong chain through both holes. A small combination padlock kept it closed until the new tenant took over. Worked a treat & the bins remained sanitised.

Pammie1 Sun 25-Jul-21 12:35:38

Look at your council website and see what their policy is regarding leaving bins out. Most councils will issue a fine if the bins are left on a pubic road after designated collection day, so you may want to try advising your neighbour of this. If things don’t change, reporting to the council seems to be the only alternative. Don’t they find it tedious, going out into the road to put stuff in the bin ?