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Hippie20 Sun 27-Jun-21 10:59:25

I have a small house with only a front garden which I have spent money and time making it look nice with flowers etc. My new neighbour has taken to leaving her bins outside my house all week. It upsets me having to look at her ugly bins. AIBU?

Susysue Mon 28-Jun-21 13:01:26

No OP you are not being unreasonable but sounds like you have just landed yourself yet another inconsiderate human being who does not give a flying xxxx about her neighbours. I have a neighbour who as soon as they moved in, thought it perfectly OK to let his dog wander about and come into my drive and poo. I have my own dogs and on the 20th occasion of coming home to find a giant turd (though on each of the previous occasions one of us had knocked on their door to tell them about yet another mess) he stormed into my drive and shouted " your drive is a xxxxxxx dog toilet anyway, if you want to keep my dog out, put up a xxxxxxx fence!!!" Needless to say, he left us no option but to call the dog warden. He then told other neighbours about it and none of them has spoken to us since. I can't wait to get out of here and live on the moon !!! These days many people are just so ignorant and full of their own self importance. Sick of it!! OP... you need to say something or contact the council. She will just keep doing it otherwise

Floradora9 Mon 28-Jun-21 13:05:11

Mine does the same but I move them however his whole garden is a tip . His garage door is always open because it is broken and ther garage is full of junk . There is nobody to complain to if the propery is their own .

Kali2 Mon 28-Jun-21 13:09:09

Any news?

Not AIBU at all- I would not put up with that either. Is it because their drive is full of cars?

GoldenAge Mon 28-Jun-21 13:11:23

Yes - call the local council - this is a public health hazard: people may feel they can dump things in the bins as they are on a pavement (including dog poo), the fact that they are on the pavement sends a signal to would-be burglars that people may be out at work and not there to bring their bins in after collection.

NotSpaghetti Mon 28-Jun-21 13:38:59

Hello - just a question-
is your neighbour PUTTING the bins outside your house or are the "bin people" just moving them along as they empty them?

Our bins are quite often left in front of our next door neighbour's house (next to theirs) after being emptied and I have to bring them back.

Is it possible that the truck stops outside your house and the refuse collectors don't drag them back to hers?

Once she can't see them she's likely to forget to move them.

HiPpyChick57 Mon 28-Jun-21 13:46:27

Once you have put them back on her property set them on fire!...just kidding this would annoy me so much.
Is she the one leaving them in front of your garden or is that where the binmen are leaving them and she can’t be bothered to move them onto hers
Just watch what happens next bin day maybe you can catch her in the act and then have a word

Coco51 Mon 28-Jun-21 13:47:05

Could you move them outside her house?

Elvis58 Mon 28-Jun-21 13:47:10

Put them in front of her own house then report her for blocking the pavement.Where l live you are not allowed to leave them on the pavement.

Samiejb Mon 28-Jun-21 14:04:13

Thoughtless - also annoying is when visitors to neighbours always park outside our house, just in case the neighbours are going out. They are not likely to when the visitors have just arrived. Park outside the house you’re visiting.

sharon103 Mon 28-Jun-21 14:15:09

Wheel the bins outside her house every time they get left outside yours. She will soon get the message.
No you're not being unreasonable.

montymops Mon 28-Jun-21 14:29:45

Yes I agree - the binmen often leave our bins all over the place - also the neighbours bins - the silver food pod is just chucked on its side - these bins end up anywhere!! Most of us manage to get them sorted! Check first then have a word with your neighbour- not nice to have to look at the bins all day every day. Good luck

Unigran4 Mon 28-Jun-21 14:43:34

Where did your previous neighbours store their bins? I would return them to wherever that was so, presumably, not blocking the pavement, which keeps you out of trouble, and maybe identifies an area she had not thought of.

Seajaye Mon 28-Jun-21 14:44:10

Bins on public highway/footway are only allowed (tolerated) by the highway authority on 'bin day' otherwise they are an obstruction of the highway. It is more of a problem if the bins are 'parked' on other private land which would need permission of landowner. Have a word with your council to check the status of the land. However it maybe a difficult one to broach if your new neighbour is not community minded. If it's not been going on too long, I would offer to put her bin back in the right place when doing my own. Hopefully after a few weeks the neighbour will then do it herself.

Aepgirl Mon 28-Jun-21 14:52:30

Our bin men just leave emptied bins sort of ‘near’ where they should be. Every Monday when I take mine in, I put the bins of my neighbours on both sides on their doorsteps. I don’t know if they know (it’s after they have gone to work) but at least they’re not blocking my driveway, or standing on my garden.

I think you just have to move your neighbour’s bins Hippie20.

AliBeeee Mon 28-Jun-21 14:53:31

I would just put them outside her property or into her garden if that‘s possible. It will look like a friendly neighbourly thing to do and maybe she will take the hint. I can understand it’s annoying, but there is so much else to worry about these days that I don’t think it’s worth falling out about.
I am trying to convince myself of that regarding the huge camper van my next door neighbours have taken to parking outside my front window blocking out the light (we live in a terrace with unrestricted parking).

Momonelios Mon 28-Jun-21 15:13:17

My council insist that all bins are moved to the end of my lane on bin day unfortunately that means as my house is at the end they are all piled there and if the bin men can’t gain access the bins can lie there for sometimes a week!!! Most annoying to me, I have rang and complained several times but to no avail. Even when they are eventually emptied some considerate households STILL don’t take them back….makes me want to move home!!!!!

suelld Mon 28-Jun-21 15:32:11

Here in Wales we are not allowed to leave our bags/bins outside until after 6pm the night before collection. As others have said please check with your council rules. If allowed to leave outside then move them to their frontage - and if they don't get the message ask them why they are leaving their bins outside your front?

Madwoman11 Mon 28-Jun-21 15:34:35

Absolute cheek. Report her !

Maggiemaybe Mon 28-Jun-21 16:12:15


I live in a small village with narrow paths etc. Our houses are terraced and there is no access to the rear of our properties. We all store our bins as discreetly as we can in our front gardens. My neighbours are a mix of working, retired and very elderly and, whereas we all put our own bins out, once the bin men have been the first one out normally puts the bins back for all of us. Quite often it is me, but in return, when I go away for a few days, my neighbours put my bins out for me and then back again after emptying. It all works unofficially and amicably. Maybe if your neighbour works full time their focus is elsewhere and not on the bins. It would only take seconds to pop their bins back for them and might be the spark for a nice neighbourly friendship. I hope it all works out well for you x

Much the same as here, Meaux. We all muddle along and help one another out. We're at the end of a terrace where boxes and bags from several houses have to be left, and sometimes they can be there two or three days if the recycling team miss us. We see it as a small price to pay for getting our stuff picked up - in some countries we'd be having to take it ourselves to collection points.

Silvertwigs Mon 28-Jun-21 16:12:45

Hippie20, I do sympathies with you ? I also have spent money on the front of my house. I live in a very strong rental area and the transience of people is high. I currently have a neighbour who puts her 3 wheelie bins in the road as if to reserve a parking space, she doesn’t even have a car!!

ElderlyPerson Mon 28-Jun-21 16:14:17

Can you clarify please?

Where does your local council require you to put your bin?

For example, on the pavement, at the edge of your property, on a grass verge (if any) between the path and the road.

Are the bins wheelie bins or the traditional dustbin that you needed to buy from a shop?

Who owns the bin? The residents, the council, the contractors?

Where does your neighbour place the bin?

Where do you place your bin?

Is your neighbour's bin on your property, on the pavement, on a grass verge or in the road, or what?

Does your neighbour put anything into the bin while it is outside your house?

Does your neighbour place the bin there or is it just where the dustbin people leave it?

Is it always placed in the same place or does it vary?

Is it possible that your neighbour cannot physically move the bin and is thus stuck with where the dustbin people leave it?

What does the council include in the contract with the contractor?

Is the council paying for work that is not being carried out?

ElderlyPerson Mon 28-Jun-21 16:17:22


Are the bins labelled with the house number of the house to which it relates?

If so, are those numbers large and clear?

LovelyLady Mon 28-Jun-21 16:24:58

My neighbour did this many years ago, when the wheelie bins were initially introduced. I moved it to her driveway and of course she couldn’t get her car in without getting out of her car to move her bin. Oddly she stopped placing it at the front of my house. Good luck.

Shandy57 Mon 28-Jun-21 16:25:11

So sorry Hippie20, I hope this can be resolved amicably. In my previous property my neighbour would come into my drive to trim his plants - and drop his fag ends. As a reformed smoker I found this infuriating, but never mentioned it, I wish I had.

Saying that, I hadn't realised how lucky I was to have had a big drive where my bins lived all year round, now I've downsized to a bungalow it seems to be like a competition of sorts and people 'talk' if your bin is still out after a certain time! Nothing better to do.

I started putting a pack of biscuits on my bin at the rental at the start of lockdown last March, and have continued to do so here at my new property .... my bin is pushed back by this nice crew.

elleks Mon 28-Jun-21 16:25:16



Are the bins labelled with the house number of the house to which it relates?

If so, are those numbers large and clear?

All my bins have large numbers on them; doesn't stop the bin men from leaving them several houses away.