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User7777 Mon 09-Aug-21 13:03:45

I think I am unreasonable. I have multiple health problems. And to be constantly harassed about my weight etc by those who know best. I feel as if it's a slide towards the care home or grave, when they want to measure me, take bloods, review me constantly. I know in my heart I still feel young but am restricted by health. I dont need reminding all the time. Ie. I cant have this that it the other unless I am reviewed. My life isnt my own anymore

welbeck Tue 24-Aug-21 16:19:37

i too have had experiences where medical professionals have been less than helpful; i have been witness to more than one near fatal event due to inaction and totally ignoring the vital information from the patient and supporter, me.
it is actually quite traumatising to be pleading with those who have the power to do something, yet walk away unheeding.
obviously this is not what happens on every occasion, but beware of dismissing others' reported experience simply because you have not been unfortunate enough to share it.

Hetty58 Tue 24-Aug-21 16:24:31

Maybe, when you've lived long enough to experience the mistakes, misdiagnoses - and apologies of the medical profession - you begin to question and check everything (or you should).

Not me personally (yet, luckily) but my late father, late husband - and dear late friend all got the wrong treatment, which hardly inspires confidence!

pinkquartz Tue 24-Aug-21 16:27:05

But the biological equation is always energy in vs energy out.*

this is now known to not be true.

I don't have the energy now to write out a list of links

When I first began to put on weight I was also vomitting my food up almost every single day.
I ate rice and verg and tofu the days I wasn't sick but oh my it was a tedious way to live.

I eventually worked out that i have developed allergies and had to stop eating foods that I had enjoyed.
So my intake of food was so small I did not understand what was going on. I was almost 40 years of age and for the first time in my life gaining weight.
Sadly no medics back then understood either and eiither ignored me or called me a liar.

So now I trust myself as I have to live in this body and I am constantly trying to find a way to eat thatI am happy with but might also help me lose weight.

My age does not help but I won't give.