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Car cross over blocked with bin

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Dilemma Wed 01-Sep-21 14:37:28

My neighbour and I have ajoining steep drives with a shared crossover and dropped kerb across both of them. My husband uses a wheelchair so I park on our front garden, parallel to the road, with the passenger door opening onto the level pavement to make transferring him safer and easier. The easiest way to park the car in this position is to cross the pavement at an angle, using "her" half of the dropped kerb.

My neighbour has called round some months ago to tell me not to drive on "her" property and to inquire if I have a driving licence(!). I explained about my husband and the wheelchair and that the crossover belonged to the council. She said she would check this with the council. Fast forward a few weeks and she now places a wheelie bin on the edge of the dropped kerb if she anticipates we might be going out.

Today, I was pleasantly surprised that there was no bin when we left to go out for lunch; as I was transferring my husband she arrived home, went inside and came out immediately with a bin. She stayed in the garden doing some dead-heading until I had manoeuvred onto the road. The bin was still there on our return but she will take it in before her son comes home this evening.

We are about to apply for planning permission for a sizeable extension so do not want to antagonise her further. I keep out of her way and record the times the bin is put out on non collection days. Council advice is that bins should only be on the pavement on collection days, so I may take it up with them after our planning permission is granted. Fortunately, we will not require a party wall agreement on her side.

AIBU to resent my neighbour making access to my property awkward?

SusiQ8 Thu 02-Sep-21 15:53:00

I think your best option would be to block pave your front garden (to include a drop kerb) and then you would have plenty of space to help your DH to transfer to and from the car/chair. Also that would provide another space for any family/friends to park if they come to visit. It’s best to keep the peace because things can go from bad to worse and then it can prove more difficult to resolve any differences.

nadateturbe Thu 02-Sep-21 15:56:52

Good point Silverbridge about safety on the footpath.

25Avalon Thu 02-Sep-21 15:59:31

Can I just say you have to get planning permission and pay to have a kerb dropped. Why not have a word with the council and see if they can help as they installed it. Could be the simple answer.

welbeck Thu 02-Sep-21 16:17:12

i don't quite understand the situation.
why can't you just drive up straight onto your tarmac and unload there.

TrendyNannie6 Thu 02-Sep-21 16:25:44

She should be ashamed of herself, despicable behaviour! And childish! You are certainly not being unreasonable! I agree with MerylStreep I would be getting video evidence, hope the planning permission goes through ok

TopCat12 Thu 02-Sep-21 16:28:04

I find MATSMUM's advice the best, what's the point of taking on someone else's burden, let her have the sleepless nights, l wonder why she takes the bin in before her son comes home, bet he wouldn't like it.

Bumboseat1 Thu 02-Sep-21 16:42:00

Whatever the mater with this person, I would mention it to passing neighbours, I would not stand for this . Sounds like a bully !

Dilemma Thu 02-Sep-21 16:47:42

Welbeck - the tarmac drive is too steep and too narrow to allow the car door to open fully, which is necessary for transferring to the wheelchair. Before we created the parking space, I had to stop by the dropped kerb, get my husband into his chair & indoors, then park the car on the drive. What we have now is much safer and doesn't block the road, which is a bus route.

Grammaretto Thu 02-Sep-21 16:50:20

Can you make a friend of the Council? Write an email expressing your concerns to the planning department or to a councillor who may have more clout.
Your neighbour's behaviour is mean and petty. I wonder if she has a history of being mean?

YANBU and have a neighbour from hell, in my opinion. I am so sorry for you.

JulieMM Thu 02-Sep-21 17:07:18

I think I would be sure to obtain my photographic evidence whilst she was watching then smile and wave as you leave!

Septimia Thu 02-Sep-21 18:11:54

Would your route across the crossover be different - avoiding the dustbin! - if you were to reverse onto your parking area? That would render your neighbour's efforts pointless.

MadeInYorkshire Thu 02-Sep-21 18:21:56


It’s really easy to get planning permission these days. Even if they object, it won’t get them anywhere unless your plans don’t fit the criteria set by the planners.

Especially if you need to extend for disability purposes??

Is this her land or Council land? The Council do have a responsibility to help you out here I think, and they can also put a 'designated disabled parking bay' outside your house if the house isn't on a corner or double yellow lines etc, I would ask them what they can do!

Miserable cow in my opinion!

Beanie654321 Thu 02-Sep-21 19:30:27

A. She can be fined for putting bin out on public way out of collection day.
B. It is not her private path, drop kerb means it is for access but is still owned by council.
Speak to council about it.

NotSpaghetti Thu 02-Sep-21 20:17:26

Thank you for the photo. I understand what you mean now.
I think I'd do what Septima suggests and back in. It might mean you need to lay a row of flags for the wheelchair but it would stop all this unpleasantness.

JaneJudge Thu 02-Sep-21 20:21:34

when you get your extension done can you put a fence up the middle and your own drive more accessible

I'm so sorry this is happening . I hate people like this sad angry

Dilemma Thu 02-Sep-21 21:41:42

Yes, disability will feature on the planning permission (fee- free planning at the council in this case) and I will gather evidence (including this thread!) to present to the council after planning permission is obtained.

JaneJudge Fri 03-Sep-21 07:37:49

That's good smile

rjack Fri 03-Sep-21 08:52:47

Terrible behaviour. I have a problem, next door neighbour drives along the front of my house because there is a dropped pavement at end of it. Had a word with her to stop doing this. She still does it.

FarNorth Fri 03-Sep-21 09:34:01

Get dated photos of the bin blocking your access.

Anton123 Fri 03-Sep-21 15:12:15

It's dreadful that your neighbour behaves in such a manner, I would record all events. With the council. And even with the police. It seems to me. That this is haressment and your neighbours have nothing better to do. Then pay an interest in what your doing. I personally would move the bin and polilty advise her that their is no reason to put her bin out when on a no collection day. And see what happens. If nothing changes report it with a photo to your local council. All the best to you regards Ann smile

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 03-Sep-21 19:12:55

Pull out your hedge or whatever is between your property and the main road, apply to Highways dept for a dropped kerb and get their permission to cross over the footpath, it might cost you but you will have your own access and what your miserable neighbour does with her bins won’t matter.
As the Council owns the strip in your photo, it’s up to them to enforce the removal of her bin, which probably won’t happen any time soon. Might be best for your peace of mind to enlarge your driveway.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 03-Sep-21 19:14:08

PS forgot to say that your builders ( for your extension) will really set her off when they drive over what she considers to be ‘her’ part of the driveway.

ALANaV Fri 03-Sep-21 21:58:08

As others have advised I would ask the Council for a disabled parking bay outside your house.....if your husband is a blue badge holder and maybe has a Mobility Allowance and a medical certificate he should certainly qualify .....ask disabled organisations or if you do not know where they are, Citizens Advice probably can help with the process.....and DONT tell your neighbour who sounds a really awful person ....

Nezumi65 Sat 04-Sep-21 07:33:40

So from the photo you just drive over her bit of the crossover without stopping onto your ‘land’?

She is never going to be reasonable. I would carry on as you are and enjoy the fact something so minor winds her up so much.

Nezumi65 Sat 04-Sep-21 07:34:38

Disabled parking bays are almost impossible to get if the disabled person is a passenger.