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Elless Mon 15-Nov-21 11:27:27

Sorry but I've got to have a vent - I am sick to the back teeth of Adele. Hasn't she got enough money to not have to promote her new album so much, fans will buy it anyway without ramming it down our throats. I don't want to hear how she suffered with her divorce, most women do confused What happened to that lovely shy girl who people could relate to and was a joy to hear. I always say that Alison Moyet was the Adele of the 80's but all those years ago they didn't receive the obscene amount of earnings that they do now. I know some of you will say don't listen then but this morning she was on different tv channels I flicked through so I sat down to read the paper and there she is again - you cannot get away from her angry

CassieJ Mon 15-Nov-21 11:31:38

I agree. I used to like her, but have really gone off her now.

BigBertha1 Mon 15-Nov-21 11:34:29

I find her music dreary and her personality rather crude. Alison Moyet has a much better voice.

Grannynannywanny Mon 15-Nov-21 11:42:36

I agree, her over exposure seems to be in overdrive in recent days. I saw a trailer on tv yesterday for a programme that’s going to air soon. It was described as “the story the world wants to hear” 🙄

FannyCornforth Mon 15-Nov-21 12:00:45


I find her music dreary and her personality rather crude. Alison Moyet has a much better voice.


FannyCornforth Mon 15-Nov-21 12:01:26

She’s definitely peaked

Oldwoman70 Mon 15-Nov-21 12:02:50

You are not alone Elless, I too am fed up of the exposure - you can't switch on the radio without her "new" song being played several times a day (almost all her songs sound the same), you can't switch on a TV, open a newspaper or magazine without her being featured. There is such a thing as over exposure!

Aveline Mon 15-Nov-21 12:17:11

I'm sure it's her 'management'/record company raking in as much as possible on her talent. As soon as she stops being popular they'll drop her like a stone. She will only make a fraction of the money raised by 'selling' her.

lavenderzen Mon 15-Nov-21 12:29:17

Beautiful woman, beautiful music, beautiful songs, beautiful words. Can't wait for my pre-ordered album to arrive on Friday.

sodapop Mon 15-Nov-21 12:29:52

Same here, sick of hearing and reading about her. Definitely don't think her story is one the world wants to hear Grannynannywanny

Namsnanny Mon 15-Nov-21 13:17:16

Agree with op.
To add, the original persona was staged managed, so this one is also. It's what they do to hook us in.
A fan will spend more than a simple music lover.

Namsnanny Mon 15-Nov-21 13:22:42

Oh BTW I am a bit of a cynic nowadays!smile

henetha Mon 15-Nov-21 13:32:51

Oh dear.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 15-Nov-21 14:02:30

Adele’s last album was released in November 2015, you can hardly blame her management for pushing the new one and Adele doing publicity it is how she earns her living after all.

luluaugust Mon 15-Nov-21 14:05:00

I am sorry but the interview she has just done with Oprah Winfrey reminded me of Les Dawson doing his Cissie and Ada sketches.

toscalily Mon 15-Nov-21 14:40:39

I only saw her once on TV, can't remember what or where but it was a large concert hall. Her language was appalling and I have never liked her or her music since.

Lexisgranny Mon 15-Nov-21 14:47:23

luluaugust grin

MissAdventure Mon 15-Nov-21 14:50:12

Ooh yes.
Give me Daniel O'Donnell anyday.
Such a nice boy.

Grannynannywanny Mon 15-Nov-21 15:27:32

Well you did ask, MissAdventure 😃

mrsgreenfingers56 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:31:05

Don't like her at all, such a foul and vile mouth on her.

Hardly a good role model.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 15-Nov-21 15:31:15


Ooh yes.
Give me Daniel O'Donnell anyday.
Such a nice boy.

Aah but naughty boys are fun…

MissAdventure Mon 15-Nov-21 15:35:16

That is truly horrific, you minx!

Grannynannywanny Mon 15-Nov-21 15:54:04


That is truly horrific, you minx

They must have been low in stock in the props dept. I noticed his toothbrush mug in the bathroom was the same one used to serve his cocktail in the bar later 😂

MissAdventure Mon 15-Nov-21 16:38:49

Ooh no!!
Now I'll have to watch it again to check! sad

Kim19 Mon 15-Nov-21 17:59:27

I like what I've seen and heard of her. Lucky enough not to have experienced the bad language.