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Americanisation (the) of our language

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MollyF Wed 17-Nov-21 16:25:30

As in 'passing' instead of dying. 'Bathroom' instead of toilet. I hate it. Americans can be really crude but have this prissy use of euphemisms - it's almost Victorian.

I also hate 'Year on year' instead of year after year. 'One on one' instead of one to one. We should rebel instead of adopting their turns of phrase. Even the BBC uses them.

BBbevan Wed 17-Nov-21 16:28:43

‘Back story’ instead of history, I rally dislike that .

Septimia Wed 17-Nov-21 16:34:30


Lucca Wed 17-Nov-21 16:40:33

Oh excellent another classic “grumpy old women” thread ??personally I dislike the word toilet but there you go…

How do you plan to rebel ??!

Mattsmum2 Wed 17-Nov-21 16:40:53

Math instead of Maths! ?

grannysyb Wed 17-Nov-21 16:41:38

Peek instead of peep, leash instead of lead, preorder instead of order, I'm sure that there are lots of others.

Sago Wed 17-Nov-21 16:43:09

“Gotten” is creeping in.
Journalists love it.

Lucca Wed 17-Nov-21 16:43:35


Math instead of Maths! ?

Nobody says that over here.

Grandma70s Wed 17-Nov-21 16:43:53

Agree about bathroom, but we weren’t even allowed to say ‘toilet’ at home or at school. It was ‘lavatory’.

I can’t think of any Americanisms I like.

Marydoll Wed 17-Nov-21 16:52:16

Hack instead of tip.

I too hate the word toilet and even worse lavatory! It makes me think of the Victorian, public toilets in our town, where many years ago, no-one ventured after dark. I will stick with bathroom.

Nannarose Wed 17-Nov-21 17:00:03

Language always changes, and some who know these things tell us that some American words are actually old English ones, like garbage & faucet.

Friends tell me that I use American turns of phrase, which I think I've always used - but I grew up near a USAF base.

Although I deeply dislike 'passing' and don't use it, I am not sure its use can be laid solely at the door of the US - I have most frequently heard it used by Irish people. But then a lot of expressions are used by both Irish and Americans.

If you don't like an expression, don't use it.

Grammaretto Wed 17-Nov-21 17:02:25

Cell phone instead of mobile. To be fair I only hear Americans themselves use these words.
Pass for died is used constantly. Weird.

I would ask to use the bathroom if there was a bath in it. Otherwise it's the loo.

Grandma70s Wed 17-Nov-21 17:03:23

I have only recently lived in a place where the lavatory was in the bathroom, so it doesn’t really make sense to me to call it that.

NotTooOld Wed 17-Nov-21 17:05:48

Agree with Nannarose, language changes constantly. I used to find expressions such as 'passing' and 'gotten' annoying but I've come to realise that change is the norm and is, in fact, what keeps our language alive and fresh. So many of us spend time on the world wide web that we are bound to pick up words and phrases from other cultures. We have to go with the flow!

MerylStreep Wed 17-Nov-21 17:06:23


Oh excellent another classic “grumpy old women” thread ??personally I dislike the word toilet but there you go…

How do you plan to rebel ??!

When I read these threads I try to think of something ordinary that winds me up.
So far, there’s nothing.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-Nov-21 17:09:20

I get very irritated by the use of ‘pled’ instead of ‘pleaded’ in particular. I’m a dyed in the wool pedant.

Beswitched Wed 17-Nov-21 17:15:06

I live in Ireland. Toilet and passed away are very common expressions here and have been for a long time.

Personally I can't stand 'reached out' and 'play date'

GagaJo Wed 17-Nov-21 17:15:19

Apparently, I'm having the opposite effect with some of my students who go to the US for university.

One of my Chinese kids went to the US and asked someone where the loo was. Only to be met with blank faces.

GagaJo Wed 17-Nov-21 17:15:56

My pet peeve is gotten. I know it's archaic English and they still use it, but I hear it everytime I read it and it irritates me!

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 17-Nov-21 17:16:37


GagaJo Wed 17-Nov-21 17:18:52



Does regifting irritate you even more? ?

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 17-Nov-21 17:19:54


mumski Wed 17-Nov-21 17:22:28

The creeping use of Homicide instead of Murder winds me up. It seems to detract from the reality of what it is.

MollyF Wed 17-Nov-21 17:25:16

So you hate toilet - at least it's honest.

Scones Wed 17-Nov-21 17:25:34

Not sure if these are even Americanisms, but
I'll take that
My bad
Reach out

Also...and this isn't American I'm sure, why do people start as sentence with say 'yes, no'? It's either yes, or no isn't it?

Just one more grump - when someone asks a question for which the answer is yes, why do people feel the need to reply 'Very much so?'

Freely admit to being a grumpy old woman.