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He's bought her a mug!!!

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spabbygirl Fri 14-Jan-22 14:14:57

my husband & I were on holiday this week & went to the Emma Bridgewater factory shop & he bought 2 mugs in the sale for friends. He's a gardener & does a garden for someone 5 miles away from his usual orbit & when I point out that is not cost effective he said he likes the lady, but now has bought her a mug in the sale. I haven't said anything but I think this is a bit too much like a gift for a friend rather than a work relationship, AIBU? He's great in every other way and I thought unlikely to stray - but you never know! Or am I just being paranoid?

DanniRae Tue 01-Feb-22 11:20:08


I believe this too. If there is a nagging doubt, best to check.

Sometimes I have ignored my gut feeling, and time has shown that I should have listened. Not in this type of situation, (but if my husband bought something for a woman other that a female relative, I would be asking questions).

I totally agree with Onwards and Upwards - So best to have that conversation!!