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Which foods,, toiletries etc do you miss which are no longer available?

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Poppyjo Sun 23-Jan-22 20:08:37

For me it is the root of the celery which we used to fight over, bacon rind (very hard to find), banana toffee which stuck to your teeth and blancmange/symington table creams. Ponds face cream, and Armani hair gel. The gel would be so thick sometimes it had to be washed out! Guess I’m giving my age away 😝

Hithere Sun 23-Jan-22 20:09:52

A similar product to Nutella

M0nica Sun 23-Jan-22 20:29:28

Really nice, homemade beef dripping with lots of jellied meat juices at the bottom of the container.

Apart from the cost of a good joint of beef and the fact that I, actually, I am not that fond of roast beef, modern joints simply do not have enough fat on them.

ixion Sun 23-Jan-22 20:35:11

Clarnico mint creams☹️

Nannagarra Sun 23-Jan-22 20:43:06

In Love talcum powder.

tanith Sun 23-Jan-22 20:45:05

Jellied veal

MiniMoon Sun 23-Jan-22 20:54:51

Aqua Manda, I really loved that scent.
Cadburys Five Boys chocolate.

I too miss Clarnico mint creams.

MiniMoon Sun 23-Jan-22 20:56:21

Thought of another,
Proper potted meat. What happened to that?

Pepper59 Sun 23-Jan-22 21:00:17

Oh Five Boys Mini Moon, loved those. Most chocolate doesn't taste the same now. I bought a box of Elizabeth Shaws at Christmas, they were awful.

Deedaa Sun 23-Jan-22 21:05:04

When I was a child Cadbury's used to do a bar of chocolate divided up into 6 sections, each one had a filling from the Dairy Milk selection. There was a strawberry one, marzipan, coffee cream, orange cream and I couple of others. It was a special treat and was much cheaper than a whole box of chocolates.

Blossoming Sun 23-Jan-22 21:12:02

Hampden wafers

Hetty58 Sun 23-Jan-22 21:14:50

I get odd cravings for coconut ice -probably still available, but not around here.

Calendargirl Sun 23-Jan-22 21:16:06

Yes, Symingtons Table Creams were lovely.

Chewbacca Sun 23-Jan-22 21:34:04

Floral gums and butterscotch gums. Terry's Spartan chocolates.

NotSpaghetti Sun 23-Jan-22 21:38:34

Aqua Manda is on Ebay MiniMoon

Nannagarra Sun 23-Jan-22 21:40:24

Avon’s ‘Charisma’ in a red pot.
Horlicks tablets.

Nannagarra Sun 23-Jan-22 21:41:40

I remember that Deedaa. Yes!!!

Beechnut Sun 23-Jan-22 21:41:52


I get odd cravings for coconut ice -probably still available, but not around here.

I bought some last year in a farm shop.

annsixty Sun 23-Jan-22 21:45:48

A perfume called Gardenia by a company named Goya.
Sadly long gone.

Ali08 Sun 23-Jan-22 21:50:55

We used to buy a 'glacé toffee' in our boarding school tuck shop, in Northumberland. It looked like glass, was moulded into 6 parts so you could easily break it into smaller pieces, and came in yellow, green and red bars if I remember right. 'Yogi Bars'.
Also Potter & Moore bath stuff.
Every time someone mentions Aqua Manda I think of Aqua Tofana 😂😂 which is not quite the same thing! Look it up on Google.

Hetty58 Sun 23-Jan-22 21:52:53

Beechnut, I've found a recipe now - will have to make some!

Lexisgranny Sun 23-Jan-22 22:02:42

I remember those Deedaa they were 6d a bar and I think they were called Milk Tray bars. You could also buy Milk Tray loose, it was slightly cheaper than in boxes, but you could buy a quarter pound box!

Grandma70s Sun 23-Jan-22 22:09:38


A perfume called Gardenia by a company named Goya.
Sadly long gone.

I also have fond memories of Goya.

Rosiebee Sun 23-Jan-22 22:19:26

A L'Oreal face cream, I think it was called Amazing oil cream. Used it for years and loved it, very light and easily absorbed. Can't get it anywhere now and have wasted so much money looking for something similar. End up using unsuitable creams as hand and foot creams.

Redhead56 Sun 23-Jan-22 22:37:47

Rind on bacon missed it so much but found it recently on line. Salt fish cod or Ling skin on and bone in whole sides of fish. We used to have it on Sunday every fortnight boiled and smothered in butter. I can't get it anywhere it's only available skinned and boned in tiny pieces no good for me.
I used to like Aqua Manda when young it was for sale on Amazon I sent it back nothing like the real thing. Mary Quant skin drink and Ponds cold cream were favourites too.