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AIBU to expect those who test Covid positive to tell others?

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Cabbie21 Mon 07-Mar-22 13:39:52

The context is a choir I sing with. We all do a lateral flow test before the rehearsal, but since last Wednesday, five members have notified the secretary that they have since tested positive for Covid. All we are told is Two Altos, One Bass etc. I have asked for names but not everyone is prepared for their name to be publicised.
Personally I think there is not much point telling us numbers without names. We sit with a distance between chairs, have loads of ventilation and wear masks if moving around, so actually it is very easy to know which people have been near you.
I want the choir to be as safe a place as possible, so I think we need the information to assess our risk, but the Secretary says individuals have a right to privacy.

Josieann Mon 07-Mar-22 13:43:29

If the positive choir members want to tell you as a friend, then that's fine, but certainly the Secrerary would be wrong to give out the names.

Calendargirl Mon 07-Mar-22 13:46:51

I can understand why they are not giving out names. With respect, I think you are being a bit OTT. You are now aware that some of the choir have Covid, so you can monitor yourself, and maybe test more often if you are worried.

Cabbie21 Mon 07-Mar-22 14:08:54

Thanks, yes I have tested and am still negative, but I am concerned for more vulnerable people. I am not expecting the Secretary to break confidences, but I think those who have informed her they have tested positive are being unreasonable not to consent to share the information.
The choir has recently gone out of its way to try to encourage reluctant members to return, and this won’t help.

Dickens Mon 07-Mar-22 14:30:33

... is, or is not, Covid still a public health issue?

If it is then people have the right to know what risk they are being exposed to. Especially the elderly or those with health conditions that compromise them.

If I belonged to that choir and was told I didn't have the right to know who was infected, I simply would not turn up for rehearsals, of for any events.

What is the point of being told that some are affected if you don't know whether or not you will be sitting close to them. Distancing and masks only offer a certain amount of protection, and you can't sing with a mask on. In fact, singing has been categorised as one of the higher risk activities.

I'm not sure why people are being so precious about hiding the fact they have the disease - no-one is going to lay any blame on them for having contracted it.

If you had a stinking cold, you would probably think twice about passing it on to others... well, I certainly would, and would just stay away for a few days... why is this so different?

Dickens Mon 07-Mar-22 14:33:54

... apart from anything else - you can't sing with a raspy throat or if you are coughing and spluttering all over the place, or have to keep blowing your nose... grin

Ilovecheese Mon 07-Mar-22 14:57:12

Wont you realise who they are when they don't turn up for practise?

maddyone Mon 07-Mar-22 15:06:56

I think you and other choir members have been told all you/they need to know, that is some choir members have tested positive for Covid. Now you can all monitor yourselves at home.

maddyone Mon 07-Mar-22 15:08:53

I agree with Dickens though, there’s absolutely no need for anyone to be precious about testing positive for Covid.

Jaxjacky Mon 07-Mar-22 15:30:34

Data protection rules possibly?

rosie1959 Mon 07-Mar-22 15:34:51

I suppose in theory it makes no difference how close they were to you as the Covid virus is airborne it can move around the room. So if I had been in the company of someone positive I would just test for a few days.

Esspee Mon 07-Mar-22 15:35:13

Can we assume the ones who tested positive are not attending choir practice? In that case you really don’t need to know, just test yourself.
If they are still attending then I would be kicking up a huge fuss.

Ailidh Mon 07-Mar-22 16:06:45

Personally, I would be happy to give the secretary permission to announce that Ailidh had tested positive and she'd be back when she was clear; but I would by Very Unhappy if the said secretary announced my status without my permission.

If I'd been in a choir practice with members who'd tested positive, I would just monitor myself very closely.

ElaineI Mon 07-Mar-22 16:11:12

The people with Covid will be self isolating until they test negative. Your other members are testing before they come to rehearsal.
There is no obligation, no need and it would breach confidentiality to tell you names unless the members tell you themselves.
Why would you need to know names anyway?

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 07-Mar-22 16:14:58

Surely they shouldn’t be going to practice if they’ve tested positive?

Freya5 Mon 07-Mar-22 16:19:44

You have no right to know peoples names from anyone else that people are infected. Once told, take precautions, as you have been doing. Those that are infected surely have the decency not to be in the room signing anyway. Yes?

Doodledog Mon 07-Mar-22 16:23:33

Is this a case of the choir having met, then afterwards being told that people have reported a positive test?

If so, there is absolutely no need to know the names of the people, as it makes no difference to anything at this stage - you have either caught it or you haven't?

Why do you want to know, as a matter of interest?

Lucca Mon 07-Mar-22 16:32:12

My bloke got a text today saying he’d been in contact with someone contagious and to order a PCR….. SCAM !
I told him to definitely not click on the link. And to ignore the message,

AGAA4 Mon 07-Mar-22 16:45:44

I think this is tricky. As people don't have to isolate now they could turn up at choir practice. The secretary would know who they are but she would be in a difficult position as she can't tell the other members who they are.

Elizabeth27 Mon 07-Mar-22 17:00:01

They do have a right to privacy, those that are concerned will test themselves. It has happened now, nothing can be done about it.

jaylucy Mon 07-Mar-22 17:02:12

As long as the Secretary makes the other choir members aware when people have had positive tests I don't see why they should be expected to reveal the names!
If everyone sticks with the distance and mask wearing I don't really see it as a problem- as long as everyone has been vaccinated to form the herd immunity.
There is a choice - go to choir practice or stay away for everyone.
Is it just me, or in obituaries in local newspapers that though the deceased may have died as a result of Covid, that it is described as "suffering a brief or short illness" ? I can only remember seeing the comment that Covid caught them or they died from Covid about twice, right at the beginning !

Cabbie21 Mon 07-Mar-22 17:42:55

As I said, I do not expect the Secretary to breach confidentiality.
It would help me assess my risk if I knew the names, as I would have a better idea how close I might have been to the person. There were only two people near me last week, as it happens, apart from those I may have passed close to on my way in.
I accept that it is up to individuals to do their own risk assessment and to react accordingly.
Yes, singing is a high risk activity. We all wear extra layers as we have the windows wide open and it is cold.
There is such a camaraderie amongst choir members that I cannot understand why those infected would not want to do all they can to protect others.
The recent email asks those reporting to the Secretary to indicate if they are willing for their names to be shared, so I guess that is progress.

Pepper59 Mon 07-Mar-22 17:58:55

It is health information and therefore confidential. I don't think you have any need to worry, it sounds as if your choir are following all the guidance.

JaneJudge Mon 07-Mar-22 18:02:38

I agree with Dickens again! smile

Doodledog Mon 07-Mar-22 18:11:27

There is such a camaraderie amongst choir members that I cannot understand why those infected would not want to do all they can to protect others.
They have done all they can to protect others by taking the test and reporting it to the secretary. There is nothing else they can do to protect you - you have either caught it or not, and knowing how close you were to a carrier is not going to alter that. My husband had it recently, but I didn't get it. Omicron transmission seems to be fairly random.

Also, assume you knew that there were four altos who had tested positive. If you knew them all by name, and were told that Smith, Jones and Bloggs had given consent to have their names released, you wouldn't have to be Miss Marple to work out who the other one was, and he or she might not want their medical details made public. Which is fair enough, I think.