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MayBee70 Mon 11-Apr-22 21:24:17

Have been away for a few weeks and have returned home to find my rubbish bin full to the top and overflowing with polystyrene wrapped in plastic out on the street waiting for the bin collection tomorrow. No neighbour has been round to ask if I’m ok with it. I currently have a zero waste policy so I’m proud of how little I put in my bin. I assume my neighbours keep an eye on my house when I’m away from home so I’m not going to complain but I am annoyed. I’m lucky in that I have nice neighbours. The last time I felt this irritated was when my next door neighbour ripped up the Californian poppies in m front garden because he said they were weeds. I must admit that, having scattered some of the seeds in my back garden I had to agree with him. In nearly fifty years of living in my street this has never happened before.

Melanie61 Mon 11-Apr-22 21:29:34

I don’t understand why you are annoyed? In what way does this affect your life It will be gone tomorrow.

MayBee70 Mon 11-Apr-22 21:45:25

It was in the street on the pavement overflowing with polystyrene. Looked awful for a start. My neighbours had been into my front garden filled it and taken it out onto the pavement. The dustmen are within their rights to not empty a bin that is overflowing. It’s the thought that I’ve been away from home and people are on my property.

Redhead56 Mon 11-Apr-22 21:55:10

I would be very annoyed and I would most certainly let the neighbours know. Our refuge collectors are the bin police and check everyone's bin. If they don't like what is in them they put stickers on. They definitely would not take polystyrene they would leave the bin. We would have to as we have on many occasions had to go the council sorting yard.

Shinamae Mon 11-Apr-22 22:01:26

Well our bin men take polystyrene…

MayBee70 Mon 11-Apr-22 22:06:13

Yes they take polystyrene. But you should be able to close the top of the bin. They can refuse to empty it if it’s overflowing.

Elizabeth27 Mon 11-Apr-22 22:10:09

Ask your neighbour to compact it so the lid closes.

MayBee70 Mon 11-Apr-22 22:10:11

I very rarely confront anyone about anything. That’s why I just wanted to have a moan on here to let off steam. It was just a bit of a shock when we arrived home.

MerylStreep Mon 11-Apr-22 22:15:29

Why was a rubbish bin in the front garden?
It was obviously not one of the nice neighbours
Does anyone have cctv?

MayBee70 Mon 11-Apr-22 22:39:48

It lives in the front garden because it isn’t easy to access the back garden. Most of the people in my street keep their bins in the front garden. I just feel really weird about it. Put it this way, I’d put my neighbours in out onto the street on bin day if I knew they were away and there was rubbish in the bin but I wouldn’t dream of using my neighbours bin without asking them.

VioletSky Mon 11-Apr-22 22:48:46

Did they know when you were coming back?

I'd let this go, I'm sure if the binmen won't empty it they will agree to take it away.

It's annoying, it annoys me when people use my spare parking spot and I don't even need it

Life's too short to waste being annoyed though because neighbours were being a bit cheeky

But it's also good to tell someone when you are annoyed as it gets it out of your system smile

BlueBelle Mon 11-Apr-22 22:51:41

Can’t you break it up and push it down I agree it’s annoying but not really worth getting worked up over it ll be gone tomorrow
Surely all waste bins take polystyrene we can put it in our waste bin (black bin)

MayBee70 Mon 11-Apr-22 23:05:46


Can’t you break it up and push it down I agree it’s annoying but not really worth getting worked up over it ll be gone tomorrow
Surely all waste bins take polystyrene we can put it in our waste bin (black bin)

Can’t. It’s far too full to do that. It’s literally overflowing. And I’ve got no idea what’s in it further down!

HettyBetty Mon 11-Apr-22 23:11:12

If we fill our bins (it's far more often the garden bins than the landfill bins) we just use a neighbours. It's an unspoken reciprocal agreement in our road.

I wouldn't find your situation a problem OP. Just take a bit of polystyrene out and pop it in another bin. Job done.

MayBee70 Mon 11-Apr-22 23:38:24

I’m not touching other peoples rubbish. And there isn’t another bin to put it in. I wouldn’t mind if we had a reciprocal agreement with my neighbours but I don’t.

Chestnut Mon 11-Apr-22 23:51:28

You would be apoplectic if you'd seen a woman who used to live here (gone now thankfully). She put anything and everything in both black bin and recycling bin, no sorting whatsoever. I saw her emptying a vase of flowers including water into the recycling bin, and regularly throw her dog poo bags into the recycling bin. She was a total nightmare. The bin men never checked what was in her recycling bin so she got away with it, even when I reported her. They didn't seem to care.

JenniferEccles Tue 12-Apr-22 00:16:23

I’m afraid I would be annoyed too. Ok in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal but I wouldn’t dream of using a neighbour’s bin like that, knowing they were away.
I think I would be tempted to make a few discreet enquiries as I would be curious to find out which of my neighbours was cheeky enough to do this.

biglouis Tue 12-Apr-22 01:35:07

Get a ring doorbell or some cheap wifi cameras from Amazon.

One of my delightful neighbours had 2 black bin bags of commercial waste thrown over the fence from the business park. They landed on the path outside his fence. He could have put them in his own bin but kindly fetched a garden rake and pushed them onto my garden. In the process the bags broke and scattered bits of paper all over my lawn.

He was caught on my cctv and I printed the thumbnails onto a piece of A4 and shoved it through his door.. On the back was a message telling him he had 24 hours to clean up his mess before the police were called. He was out at 6.15 am next morning cleaning it up - sort of.

There were still bits all over my lawn. 2 days later my two nephews called and made him clean it up properly, again with threats of calling the police. One filmed him as he did so.

Still got the pictures. Sent them recently to a new neighbour who had lots of black bin bags dumped into her garden in the time between completion and moving in. Its good to know who the local fly tipper is.

Melanie61 Tue 12-Apr-22 05:47:27

I wonder if people in Ukraine are still having their bins emptied hmm

mumofmadboys Tue 12-Apr-22 06:39:54

Let it go. It is not important. Harmonious relationships between neighbours is the most important thing.As for sending photos to a new neighbour biglouis I despair!!

Calendargirl Tue 12-Apr-22 06:51:49


I wonder if people in Ukraine are still having their bins emptied hmm

But this is irrelevant to the post.

M0nica Tue 12-Apr-22 06:55:00

I live in a row of three houses, on an access road and we have to pull our bins down to the road we live off for collection. At various times, especially if it is raining, neighbours have put any surplus cardboard and clean waste into our half empty bin because theirs is full. It is not done until it is already on public land and it isn't there long because the bin men are due, so i am really not bothered. We have nice neighbours.

MerylStreep Tue 12-Apr-22 06:59:02

I’m not touching other peoples rubbish ?
Thankfully not everyone thinks like you. I’m thinking of all the wonderful volunteers who clean up our beaches and roadsides.

Your going to have to touch it at some time if you want it moved.

Grandmabatty Tue 12-Apr-22 07:01:05

You are entitled to feel annoyed that someone has come onto your property and filled up your bin with their rubbish. It would be different if you had agreed that it would be ok to do that, but you hadn't. I would be unhappy if someone had done that to me too. I hope they feel rather sheepish that you have returned. You can get locks for bins so it might be worthwhile investing in one. The situation in Ukraine is dreadful, but we are allowed to vent about issues that directly affect us. That comment wasn't helpful to the OP and as an earlier poster said, not relevant.

Curlywhirly Tue 12-Apr-22 07:24:38

I would be miffed. But, I would simply put on some rubber gloves, remove the excess rubbish, put it in a bin bag, then put the bag in the bin once it has been emptied. As your bin is in the front garden, in view of your neighbours, you should do this in broad daylight, when hopefully your neighbours could see how inconvenienced you have been! I do agree that your neighbour should have asked you, and presume they did use your bin as they knew you were away.