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MayBee70 Mon 11-Apr-22 21:24:17

Have been away for a few weeks and have returned home to find my rubbish bin full to the top and overflowing with polystyrene wrapped in plastic out on the street waiting for the bin collection tomorrow. No neighbour has been round to ask if I’m ok with it. I currently have a zero waste policy so I’m proud of how little I put in my bin. I assume my neighbours keep an eye on my house when I’m away from home so I’m not going to complain but I am annoyed. I’m lucky in that I have nice neighbours. The last time I felt this irritated was when my next door neighbour ripped up the Californian poppies in m front garden because he said they were weeds. I must admit that, having scattered some of the seeds in my back garden I had to agree with him. In nearly fifty years of living in my street this has never happened before.

grandtanteJE65 Wed 13-Apr-22 13:16:20

I understand very well why you feel annoyed.

The difficulty is knowing how to prevent it happening again.

Whichever neighbour was cheeky enough to fill your bin with their rubbish and wheel it out for collection while you were away from home is unlikely to see your point of view.

Here the bin would be left by the bin men, as we are not allowed to put polystyrene in any of our bins, but have to take it to the dump ourselves. This is due to particles of it making it harder for the men to clean their lorries.

Have you somewhere indoors where you could put your bins, next time you are away from home? A locked shed or garage? This is the only solution I can see.

You could write the following old song out and pin up by your bins:

"You can't put your muck in our dustbin, our dustbin, our dustinbin.
You can't put your muck in our dustbin, our dustbin's full.
There's rats in't, theres cats in't, there me faither's old spats in't.
So you can't put your muck in our dustbin, our dustbin's full!"

Sardinia2020 Wed 13-Apr-22 13:16:25

I would have been annoyed too. Rude of them not to at least ask you if it was ok.

Joesoap Wed 13-Apr-22 13:21:46

We take our bins out to the front of the house the day before collection day.
If we have full green bins with garden rubbish we ask one another if we can use theirs, if they dont need it at the same time, it works well.
No use loosing friends/ neighbours over something like that.

Kryptonite Wed 13-Apr-22 13:38:50

With you, GrandmaBatty. I'd be annoyed too at this form of trespass.

MayBee70 Wed 13-Apr-22 13:48:55


I would not have got overexcited about it OP. I have great neighbours and we all help each other. It was unreasonable to fill your bin to overflowing and for not asking you but seriously there are more important things to concern yourself with, surely?

I’m not getting overexcited about it. I just queried on here if other people would be irritated by it. I’m not losing sleep over it, writing to my MP or knocking on my neighbours doors screaming at them. The fact that he dustmen refused to empty their bin means that I was close to being left with my bin being full of someone else’s rubbish for the next two weeks . Surely that isn’t acceptable?

magshard20 Wed 13-Apr-22 14:09:50

Next door but one neighbour who sadly died in January, was my saviour if I had extra rubbish, I always asked her if I wanted to put some overflow rubbish in her bin, and she always let me. Next door neighbours not so nice, in fact they started to put rubbish in her empty bins after her death, until her neice made sure they were put into the back garden behind locked gate. It's politeness to ask not just to do!!

Alioop Wed 13-Apr-22 14:41:16

Where I live the bin men won't empty the bin, but also we have bin inspectors who check contents in bin and can fine you if you use it incorrectly. Totally ridiculous I know, but makes me very wary of others maybe using my bin to dump stuff without me knowing. If they asked it wouldn't be a problem at all.

Rileysnana Wed 13-Apr-22 14:52:09

Looks like they didn't mean any harm. They filled it and put it out to be emptied.

MayBee70 Wed 13-Apr-22 14:54:19

They filled it in such a way that they were breaking council regulations.

Chestnut Thu 14-Apr-22 09:51:32


Where I live the bin men won't empty the bin, but also we have bin inspectors who check contents in bin and can fine you if you use it incorrectly. Totally ridiculous I know, but makes me very wary of others maybe using my bin to dump stuff without me knowing. If they asked it wouldn't be a problem at all.

I wish we had bin inspectors here to fine the woman I mentioned who put anything and everything in both her rubbish and recycling bins. If anyone deserved a fine it was her. So not ridiculous at all! I just wonder how they can prove it is your rubbish, because I know she would have claimed 'it's not me, gov!'

Chestnut Thu 14-Apr-22 09:55:59

If anyone has bin problems then just get a bin lock. They are easy to use and then you know no-one else is dumping in your bin. Problem easily solved!

maddyone Thu 14-Apr-22 10:08:16

At the very least it’s cheeky Maybee. I certainly wouldn’t be happy if it happened to me.

maddyone Thu 14-Apr-22 10:08:38

The bin lock is a good idea.

MayBee70 Thu 14-Apr-22 12:08:16

I’m currently looking after my daughters dog so am travelling backwards and forwards to my house. Yesterday I was putting stuff in my car and the neighbour who did it was packing their car, too. I actually thought they might come over and apologise but they didn’t . As I drove away they were chatting to another neighbour and I felt really awkward. Because I’m away from the house a lot these days I no longer feel part of my street even though I’m one of it’s oldest residents. Several of the houses are now rental properties so people come and go more often.And everyone became quite cliquey during the pandemic whereas we very much shielded ourselves and didn’t mix ( I think some of them thought we were a bit weird for it, eg we didn’t go to their VE Day street party) so I guess I feel a bit alienated.

Frogs Thu 14-Apr-22 12:38:55

When we moved into our new home three years ago I couldn’t for the life of me understand why my household rubbish bin had the no 28 written on it when we lived at no 20. I nearly went to no 28 in our road to ask them if the bins had got mixed up.
Then one my new neighbours enlightened me - he said the previous owners of our new house on the day of the move had swopped our bin with the bin at their new house.
They’d done this because the local council we’d moved into supply different sized bins according to the size of the household living in the house.
They’d swopped the bins round cause they wanted to keep the larger bin they already had and wanted us to have the smaller bin………..
I was a bit miffed to start with (and fantasised about doing a moonlight swop back ?) as sometimes it’s handy to have a larger bin when having a clear out or have large items to dispose of. You’d have thought the least they could have done was to have remove the number from the bin so I’d have been none the wiser ?.

biglouis Sat 16-Apr-22 13:00:51

@mumofmadboys Harmonious relationships between neighbours is the most important thing.As for sending photos to a new neighbour biglouis I despair

My neighbours have form for stealing mail, trespass and lots of other dirty little tricks so I have no wish for "harmonious relationships" with them. I quite enjoy winding them up. The new neighbour had bought a house that was tucked away in a corner so very few people would have known it was empty. Had to be a local who dumped the rubbish and my NDN had a lot of work done around that time.

MayBee70 Sat 16-Apr-22 20:19:52

I’ve realised my bin problem is a bit more complicated than I’d realised.

biglouis Sun 17-Apr-22 01:06:35

You can have a lot of fun with CF neighbours and bins! Just need to be a bit creative.

CanadianGran Sun 17-Apr-22 21:40:54

I would have been ticked off. Cheeky bugger. We have limits on the amount of garbage, and bins cannot be overflowing. If it was packaging, they could have waited until the next week, or made a special trip to the landfill.

If he had asked it would have been one thing.

MayBee70 Mon 18-Apr-22 00:58:53

I’ve realised that another neighbour has been telling people that it’s ok to use other peoples bins if theirs is full. So it isn’t necessarily the fault of the people who used my bin!