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to feel sad that the Queen looks so frail.

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snowberryZ Thu 14-Apr-22 15:13:19

Its popped up on my newsfeed that the Queen will be missing another royal engagement. There were also pictures of her looking even more frail still. Yes I know it's understandable at her age.
And it struck me that even though I'm a a bit of a republican, I am going to really miss her when she's no longer here. I get the 'feeling' that all is not as well as we're being led to believe.
The Queen has been a big constant in all our lives for so long, that I think you'd have to be a hard hearted person not to feel saddened when she's no longer here.
She's done such a good job.

Grandma70s Wed 27-Apr-22 15:11:50



I doubt she would have reached her great age if she'd had to queue in the cold and rain to collect her meagre pension. She has had the best of everything since the day she was born and this will continue until she dies.

Her father died at 56
Her sister at 71
Her mother at 101

Her father was a very heavy smoker, as was her sister. Their deaths were at least partly because of their lifestyles rather than their genetics,

Chocgran Fri 27-May-22 20:03:53

No, sorry but it has never crossed my mind. I don't know the woman and she has not been "a constant" in my life any more than say, David Attenborough, whom I greatly admire. There are people I will miss when they die but HM is not one of them, although her family and friends will, naturally.....