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to feel sad that the Queen looks so frail.

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snowberryZ Thu 14-Apr-22 15:13:19

Its popped up on my newsfeed that the Queen will be missing another royal engagement. There were also pictures of her looking even more frail still. Yes I know it's understandable at her age.
And it struck me that even though I'm a a bit of a republican, I am going to really miss her when she's no longer here. I get the 'feeling' that all is not as well as we're being led to believe.
The Queen has been a big constant in all our lives for so long, that I think you'd have to be a hard hearted person not to feel saddened when she's no longer here.
She's done such a good job.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 14-Apr-22 15:31:21

It’s nice to hear you say that. I know she’s spoken of her exhaustion following covid but I can’t help wondering if there’s more to it. Missing a Church service is very unlike her though I expect her personal chaplain ministers to her spiritual needs.

I will miss her too. It seems as though she’s fading away from our lives.

snowberryZ Thu 14-Apr-22 15:36:23

With all the nonsense going on in the world she's a Constant.
A comforting presence.

I don't know whether it's the time of year but it's made me feel a bit melancholy confused

AGAA4 Thu 14-Apr-22 15:39:35

She has been around for all of my life
I watched her being crowned when I was five so it does feel strange that she is frail now and may not be here for much longer.
I don't have the same respect for Charles.

paddyann54 Thu 14-Apr-22 15:41:09

Probably the last person in the world to cross my mind never mind worry about.Lizzie has been well looked after her whole life often to the detriment of others.I believe when she dies the monarchy should die with her .

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 14-Apr-22 15:41:41

I know what you mean. She’s always been there and although I was born in her father’s reign I remember only her. It is sad to think that she may not be a part of our lives for much longer.

CountessFosco Thu 14-Apr-22 15:41:59

Perhaps she is also grieving with certain behavioural characteristics from junior members of her family?

Boz Thu 14-Apr-22 15:42:38

The Queen has every chance of making it to 100 but you can't expect her to work much longer and be on public view.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 14-Apr-22 15:43:17

My comment was to Snowberry. It saddens me that her personal statement of sadness has been hijacked and effectively trashed.

JaneJudge Thu 14-Apr-22 15:43:22

I can fully believe she still feels wiped out by covid and I don't really support the view we should pump her full of sugar and amphetamines or steroids in order for her to attend public engagements

Shelflife Thu 14-Apr-22 15:46:09

Paddyann , I am no much is as royalist but I find your comments distasteful.

Shelflife Thu 14-Apr-22 15:46:39

Not much of a royalist!

Baggs Thu 14-Apr-22 15:49:28

The Queen is great but no, I am not sad that she looks so frail. It's the sort of thing to expect in people of her age. I just accept it as Life and Reality. She is already being much missed but this is only going to continue.

It's not sadness I feel. Something else for which I cannot find the word right now.

Millie22 Thu 14-Apr-22 15:55:53

I hate to think of a time without the Queen and it just won't be the same with Charles.

ValerieF Thu 14-Apr-22 16:26:09

Disgraceful comment from paddyanne54. Doesn’t matter if you are a royalist or not the word “Lizzie” is disrespectful in the extreme! Shame on you Anne.

maddyone Thu 14-Apr-22 16:32:09

I’m a republican, a fairly new republican, having dithered for years, but I’ve finally decided. However I think it will be strange when she’s no longer here as she’s been here all my life. She was crowned when I was three months old in 1953. Goodness, doesn’t that make me sound old. I enjoy watching the great events of state on television but I’ve come to feel that the monarchy doesn’t really fit in a modern state. It will indeed be strange when she’s no longer with us.

ValerieF Thu 14-Apr-22 16:35:28

I honestly wished the queen would have stepped down before this tbh. I feel sorry for Charles who has been groomed to be king since day 1. People might think he’s an idiot but that is what it was back then. I am one who would like to see Charles crowned. To overlook him now and go straight to William would imo be heartbreaking for someone who has tried their best. If it had been NOW he would never have married Diana when he loved someone else. That is what the royal family dictated at the time.

I don’t want to see the royal family dissolved. It’s our history ignore the Scots. It is OUR history and long May it continue.

Boz Thu 14-Apr-22 16:38:36

I remember watching the Coronation when I was ten!

My personal feeling is that Charles will be a good King and start putting into progress the slimming down of the Monarchy to give William a fair chance to follow him. They should give some of their property portfolio to the nation, for a start.

Ilovecheese Thu 14-Apr-22 16:42:50

You are not being unreasonable to be sad, but it would be unreasonable to expect everyone else to feel the same.

HettyBetty Thu 14-Apr-22 16:43:32

She looks a lot less frail than other women of a similar age in my aunt's care home. She's a good age and will have the best care available.

Blossoming Thu 14-Apr-22 16:58:51

I am a republican but will feel a certain amount of sadness when the queen is no longer here. She became queen before I was even a twinkle in my father’s eye so I’ve known no different.

I would like to see the monarchy end here, it’s an outdated and anachronistic institution.

ValerieF I can’t ignore the Scots, they’re my family grin

timetogo2016 Thu 14-Apr-22 17:00:16

I dread the day i wake up to the news that our beloved Queen has passed.
She does look frail,but tbh if i reach her age i too would look frail,she`s been to hell and back this last few years,i`m suprised she can find anything to even smile about.
Long live our Queen.

rafichagran Thu 14-Apr-22 17:04:38


Probably the last person in the world to cross my mind never mind worry about.Lizzie has been well looked after her whole life often to the detriment of others.I believe when she dies the monarchy should die with her .

I find that post disrespectful, you may be a Republican, or anti monacist, your choice, but can we show some respect for a very hard working, dedicated lady who has served her country well.

FlexibleFriend Thu 14-Apr-22 17:08:41

The queen has had a long and healthy life. She's entitled to look frail at her age. If she carries on cancelling her engagements then I feel she should retire and let Charles take over. That said she says she's exhausted after Covid and that may well be the case but if she's still cancelling in 6 months she should admit defeat and step aside. I'm not a republican and quite happy to keep the Royal family for the foreseeable future.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 14-Apr-22 17:10:09

ValerieF, she is the Queen of Scots too, not just, as many people prefer to call her, the Queen of England. We are still supposed to be a United Kingdom, and whatever we, individually feel about that and about the monarchy, we all have an interest in the health of the Queen. Your comment "It's our history ignore the Scots" is rude as well as inappropriate in this context.