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Murderous intent?

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GrammyGrammy Wed 29-Jun-22 13:44:38

Am I overreacting or is this attempted murder? A diabetic obese woman in her 90th year brought three sacks of sugar treats per year. She gains half a stone each time and gets uti's. Its made her incontinent. No flowers just this stuff hidden around the house. Three one or two hour visits per year only. Previously this same one got their two other disabled siblings excluded from uncles will and groomed the 3 million for themselves. Is this sack of sugar attempted murder Of an elderly diabetic? Am I unreasonable for thinking it is exactly that?

geekesse Wed 29-Jun-22 15:54:51

Well, if the 90 year old obese woman with diabetes bought them for herself, it looks more like self-harm than attempted murder.

MerylStreep Wed 29-Jun-22 15:59:21

I’m just amazed that an obese diabetic reached 90.

Bea65 Wed 29-Jun-22 16:04:53

[MerylStreep] Me two..but OP what an odd thing to say 'attempted murder'

GrammyGrammy Wed 29-Jun-22 16:11:42

The obese diabetic old lady doesnt buy them for herself. A visiting adult child visits only three times per year and brings a bag of sweet stuff each time. The photo shows just todays haul. No flowers, just this vast load of a tin of biscuits, cake, and endless bags of chocolates. It is hard to imagine its not designed to harm.

Elizabeth27 Wed 29-Jun-22 16:29:26

If she is obese she is eating the wrong foods when they are not visiting. Maybe she asks for them.

Blondiescot Wed 29-Jun-22 16:30:11

Or maybe the 'giver/givers' just think that at her time in life, she's entitled to eat whatever she wants, even if it is causing her harm?
I'm not attempting to condone it, by the way - but I've heard that argument from others in similar circumstances - such as with smoking. Some people justify these things by arguing that a person of such advanced years should be able to 'enjoy' whatever time they have left no matter what damage their form of 'enjoyment' is causing.

FarNorth Wed 29-Jun-22 16:42:47

What is the old lady's own view on the matter?

BlueBelle Wed 29-Jun-22 16:51:04

Gosh if I get to 90 I ll probably drink ? by the bottle eat whatever I fancy and dance the light fandango
Anyone joining me ?

Zoejory Wed 29-Jun-22 16:55:20

At 90 she's already reached a grand age.

I'd leave it be. Certainly not attempted murder!

Riverwalk Wed 29-Jun-22 16:57:52

Well the murderous intent obviously isn't working if she's lived to 90!

Are you this woman's Carer?

MissAdventure Wed 29-Jun-22 16:58:54

I don't think that's much, spread out over a year.

BlueBelle Wed 29-Jun-22 17:06:10

Well the murderous intent obviously isn't working if she's lived to 90! haha riverwalk you are right

AreWeThereYet Wed 29-Jun-22 17:10:45

It's possible that the lady asks her visitor for these things when she visits. Often on GN posters say 'At my time of life I'm not being told what to do...I'll do what I want' - well, maybe she feels the same. Where on earth did this story come from??

AGAA4 Wed 29-Jun-22 17:12:17

At 90 you my not worry about the consequences of eating whatever you like.

Yammy Wed 29-Jun-22 17:12:48

Is this a spoof? A diabetic aged 90 being fed sugar and accusing the person of getting wills changed in their favour.
If it isn't I'll have what she's having if I can get to 90.

BlueBelle Wed 29-Jun-22 17:17:03

Very strange post read it again and there’s a lot of hidden ‘beef’ in there Granmygrammy what’s you’re involvement are you related ?

Elegran Wed 29-Jun-22 17:17:50

Where did this story come from, GrammyGrammy ? Our reactions to it depend very much on who first told it to you, where they heard it, and so on back to whoever had first-hand knowledge of it. Can you give us a link to where you found it?

1summer Wed 29-Jun-22 17:25:41

Well 10 weeks ago my husband was given 6 weeks to live, he said at the time that expensive bottle of brandy in the cupboard I am going to drink. He is on his 3rd bottle - all bought by me, some of his tablets say don’t drink alcohol with them but who cares he enjoys it. Attempted murder- I don’t think so.

Cherrytree59 Wed 29-Jun-22 17:47:25

Maybe a post from the plimsoll line.
Nice modern kitchen

Blossoming Wed 29-Jun-22 18:03:34

Oh no! Mr. B bought me a gingerbread man when he went to the bakery earlier. Is he trying to kill me?

Grannynannywanny Wed 29-Jun-22 20:01:04

I need to confess, after zooming in on the photo, I’ve added caramel aero bars to my shopping list ?

GagaJo Wed 29-Jun-22 20:05:13

Oh I don't know. I had a 'friend' once who deliberately cooked her husband the fattiest, unhealthiest foods she could think of. She told me she was trying to give him a heart attack.

We're not friends anymore.

Callistemon21 Wed 29-Jun-22 20:10:31


Maybe a post from the plimsoll line.
--Nice modern kitchen--


DH sometimes buys me dark chocolate.
My children buy me chocolate - are they after their inheritance? ?

Callistemon21 Wed 29-Jun-22 20:16:31

Ooh! Eclairs! Yum.

After looking at the OP, I really must tidy my cupboards blush