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Dog Poo - but if a rant - again.

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Georgesgran Sat 13-Aug-22 12:57:52

I know we all hate it, but can I run this past you? Recently, I have started to have DD2’s older dog a few days a week and take him (late at night) to a nearby area where DH and I used to walk our own dogs - long since gone. The area has now become swamped by professional dog walkers and their vehicles who come and go non-stop throughout the working day. When this first started, DH campaigned for a dog poo bin, but because of the location the council said they couldn’t site it where it was actually needed, but in a nearby pub car park instead. DH often spoke to the dog walkers who would bag the poo then leave it on the ground. He was told that they would collect it later, but of course that rarely happened. One walker would put the bags of poo on her back bumper, claiming she would stop at the poo bin, but in reality driving up the bumpy track meant the poo bags simply fell off and were left.

So my question is this – would you bag up other dogs’ poo and would you pick up other peoples’ poo bags and dispose of them? Would this then lead those who deliberately discard the poo to believe that there is actually a Dog Poo Fairy ?‍♀️ after all?

Wheniwasyourage Sat 13-Aug-22 13:02:03

Thank you, Georgesgran - the mental picture of a Dog Poo Fairy is going to put me off my lunch! grin

Sparklefizz Sat 13-Aug-22 13:08:00

I think you would create the Dog Poo Fairy belief.

A community minded neighbour here started putting a medium sized bucket in the village bus shelter because of rubbish sometimes left.... and this resulted in it being full every single day with bags of dog poo and far more rubbish than had ever been previously discarded.

He ended up emptying the bucket every day and having to sort the rubbish for recycling, so after a month of this he removed the bucket.

Georgesgran Sat 13-Aug-22 13:09:12

I’ve got to be honest and say I stole the expression from the back of a Council bin wagon!

Kate1949 Sat 13-Aug-22 13:12:22

No. We saw a chap sauntering up our road last week with four dogs, none on leads. One stopped, did a poo on someone's drive and the owner just carried on walking. What can you do?

Razzamatazz Sat 13-Aug-22 13:12:53

A friend and I collect dog poo bags at our local beach, left in the dunes or actually on the sand sad We are also finding human faeces and soiled tissues in the dunes lately, such disgusting humans.

Unfortunately there will always be irresponsible, lazy and dirty dog owners.

ExDancer Sat 13-Aug-22 13:17:07

The lesser of two evils would be to leave the poo OUT of a plastic bag, at least there's a chance of it decomposing next time it rains. Putting it in plastic just preserves it
Is there a law about dog poo? Is there a fine for leaving it?
I live in the country, so no bins, but here people hang their dog's poo bags in hedges - it would be more sensible to scoop it into the grass beneath the hedge where (I assume) the birds leave their poo and let it degrade naturally.
Its not nice having poo bags hung in your garden hedge.

Smileless2012 Sat 13-Aug-22 13:22:45

We have those on our local council refuse collection lorries Georgesgran with a picture of a fairy and the caption 'there's no such thing as a dog poo fairy'.

FlexibleFriend Sat 13-Aug-22 13:34:52

People are disgusting and shouldn't have a dog if they can't deal with their crap. I think you'd just be encouraging them to be lazy by providing a bin of sorts and no I wouldn't pick up after others dogs. At one point I had seven dogs at the same time and managed to deal with every crap they produced. It's not difficult to put it in a pocket until you reach a bin or get back home. Although when walking in the country park we just used to kick it in the undergrowth out of harms way.

Juliet27 Sat 13-Aug-22 13:41:09

I have been known to pick up someone else’s dog poo but it was ‘orrible and cold. I’m much happier picking up warm ones !!!

Razzamatazz Sat 13-Aug-22 14:15:33

I used to have to drive home every lunch time to walk our collie, just had time to whip him around the block.

One afternoon I was at the front of the class at the whiteboard, and heard a crackle in my cardigan pocket. Ooh sweets I thought - then ooh no, poo bag! Not sure why I hadn't disposed of it properly, but life was one huge rush then.

Baggytrazzas Sat 13-Aug-22 14:42:42


I have been known to pick up someone else’s dog poo but it was ‘orrible and cold. I’m much happier picking up warm ones !!!

I'd much prefer to pick it up cold rather than "still warm". lol. But well done for picking it up. I've never needed to pick up anyone else's dog poo so far.

Georgesgran- is the dog walking area owned by the council, or by someone else? Bins should be located where they are most needed, not where it best suits the council, but if they don't own the land they will probably be unable to install anything on it unless the owner of the land agrees.

To answer your questions - I wouldn't, and yes.

RichmondPark1 Sat 13-Aug-22 15:16:17

I don't pick up poo, but I do pick up bagged poos that have been left behind because the thought of the plastic just lying there annoys me. Poor old nature. Sometimes it's all the same bag type in the same area so you can only imagine it's a regular walker who doesn't mind their daily dog walk being decorated with full poop bags!

In answer to the belief in the poo fairy, I reckon that if people are thoughtless enough to leave poo and full poo bags everywhere then they probably don't give a thought to others whether human, animal or fairy.

RichmondPark1 Sat 13-Aug-22 15:17:42

On our dog walk this morning I picked up six full poo bags, only one of them caused by my dog. It's infuriating and gives all dog owners a bad name.

Baggytrazzas Sat 13-Aug-22 15:19:23

thats disgusting. what do people expect will happen to them if just left lying. presumably the same people do the same walk the next day?

Chestnut Sat 13-Aug-22 15:26:40

Judging by the number of poo bags left lying around plus those who don't bother to pick up, this is a massive problem. It seems like 50% of dog owners are awful skanks who do not take the poo either to a bin or home. These are probably the same people who leave litter and disposable barbeques lying around instead of taking them home. What can you do when 50% of the population are like this? Mostly we rely on people behaving responsibly and having respect for our environment, but it seems trusting them to do the right thing is not enough.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 13-Aug-22 15:26:48

Our local dog walking area is clearly a cut above ?.

Every dog owner I see is assiduous regarding their dog poo, and if someone is walking lost in thought, then they are always nudged politely to pick up their dogs poo.

It does help too that those looking after the park keep it in pristine condition -even the wild areas so everyone contributes to the effort.

grannyrebel7 Sat 13-Aug-22 15:27:26

You can get biodegradable dog poo bags now. I wouldn't pick up other people's dog poo. I just make sure I do my own dog's poo and that enough for me.

62Granny Sat 13-Aug-22 15:39:13

Invite your local councillor to walk the area with you explain that their placement of the bin isn't working and see if they can get it changed but it will probably take a while and a whole lot of badgering. Usually a good time is when they are coming up for re-election . Also take photos of the dumped bags, TBH most of the people who are dumping it won't care if someone else collects it as they don't care about dumping it in the first place.

Baggs Sat 13-Aug-22 15:43:41

Once, long before the poo bag era, I asked a woman to stop letting her dog do its poo in a ginnel that I and my children used to walk to school.

She replied: "Dogs have to poo somewhere!" in a tone that suggested I was being unreasonable. I explained that my kids sometimes got her dog's poo on their shoes, which could then be walked into school or into the house, and suggested she let the dog do its poo in the guttter of the road.

She replied: "But then cars tyres would get poo on them!"
I responded that cars do not go inside buildings and cannot catch dog poo diseases.

Given her responses I could not help but think she was just unthinkingly stupid. But she did stop letting the dog do its poo in the ginnel.

Perhaps a lot of dog owners are unthinkingly stupid. They must be or they wouldn't litter the ground with full dog poo bags. Either stupid or just plain nasty and selfish. As someone said up thread, they give dog owners a bad name.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 13-Aug-22 15:58:45

I would also add that there is a dog poo bin every 100-200 yds which are emptied daily.

Calendargirl Sat 13-Aug-22 16:17:48

Dog poo can be put in any bin in our town, not just dog poo ones.

Razzamatazz Sat 13-Aug-22 16:58:10

Dog poo goes into landfill here so can also be put into any bin. Just nicer to have it all in a lidded bin. I do feel for the emptying man today with the heat.

PollyDolly Sat 13-Aug-22 17:11:02

I can think of nothing worse than picking up dog of the reasons that I do not have and do not want a dog.

As for picking up anyone else's dog poo...........NO! NEVER!

I had a nasty experience with dog poo years ago when my daughter was around 4 years old; we were walking on a designated footpath between a row of houses.

Each end of the footpath had a metal barrier rather like scaffold poles positioned offset to stop motorcycles riding the path. Daughter used to like to walk a few yards in front and she knew she had to stop at the barrier, and always did. Some disgusting moron had trodden in dog poo and smeared it all over the barrier............where my daughter was leaning waiting for me!

Dog poo all down the front of her anorak, even engrained into the zipper! It all happened in a matter of seconds. Fortunately we were very close to home. The anorak was consigned to the bin and daughter was immediately put in the bath.

My plea to ALL dog owners, do the right thing and clean up after your own dog!

midgey Sat 13-Aug-22 19:18:51

I frequently pick up other dogs poo or poo bags, it offends me so I’d better do something about it. I pick up litter too.