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Does it put you off posting aything

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62Granny Sun 21-Aug-22 13:02:43

All most daily you see a post from either Gransnet or Mumsnet being used as a "story" by one of the newspapers or news feeds. Does this chance of being outed put you off posting things sometime? Or do you think it is a chance worth taking?

Blinko Sun 21-Aug-22 13:07:53

I don’t think Ive ever seen such an article….

yggdrasil Sun 21-Aug-22 13:09:25

what newspaper?

MerylStreep Sun 21-Aug-22 13:12:23

Here’s one article.

Galaxy Sun 21-Aug-22 13:15:01

The current readership of say the daily mail is 2 million, the current users of mumsnet number 7 million (at times it goes up to 12 million) if I was worried about outing it would be MN I worried about not the papers.

FannyCornforth Sun 21-Aug-22 13:15:13

It doesn’t really happen on GN that much.
It’s more of a MN phenomenon.
Why do you ask?
I really hope that I don’t sound rude (honestly!) but are you a new poster?

Jaxjacky Sun 21-Aug-22 13:17:41

62Granny has posted many times before Fanny
No, it doesn’t put me off, I’m just careful with posting.

JaneJudge Sun 21-Aug-22 13:19:34

that thread is eleven years old

JaneJudge Sun 21-Aug-22 13:26:01

I put gransnet into the daily mail search engine and there aren't very many threads at all that come up. I think this was the latest one but isn't very outing

JaneJudge Sun 21-Aug-22 13:27:15

I'm going to out myself now as not a daily mail reader as I am boggled by the right hand column on their pages. Who ARE all those people?! I honestly think I must be completely oblivious to this celeb culture thing

FarNorth Sun 21-Aug-22 13:28:38

grin JaneJudge that thread is from 2020 and there another one just the same rambling on just now.

LovelyCuppa Sun 21-Aug-22 13:29:03

I think it’s a good reminder that once you post something on the internet you have absolutely no control over what happens to it next.

JaneJudge Sun 21-Aug-22 13:29:22

I know who Britney Spears is obviously and she is another one who is heading for trial by media disaster, along with Helen Skelton who seemed to be on the front of every single newspaper when I went to the co-op. They are obsessed with women on downward spirals

<talks to self>

Galaxy Sun 21-Aug-22 13:31:36

grin I was listening.
I remember when everyone used to think Britney Spears fans were bonkers about the whole being held captive thing, but they were right, life is weird sometimes.

JaneJudge Sun 21-Aug-22 13:32:11

although I feel sorry for Helen, she must be utterly broken. I personally would have nailed my husbands knackers to the oak tree in my garden and killed him slowly by hitting him around the backside with a spade

JaneJudge Sun 21-Aug-22 13:33:13

she was def being held captive and her bikinis and racy underwear were being held hostage anywhere but her own house

DillytheGardener Sun 21-Aug-22 13:34:26

I see mumsnet quoted in stories for the trash tabloid rags that come up on my Facebook wall occasionally (which is annoying im getting these articles ‘suggested’ no matter how many times I click the I don’t want to see articles from the Mirror/Sun/Dailymail et el).

No doesn’t worry me, but I keep the details in my posts vague, ie not the gender of my GC etc, or the region I live in, so my posts aren’t recognised if I did know someone on here.

FarNorth Sun 21-Aug-22 13:36:30

If you are saying something about yourself, make it vague and change one or two details, if possible.

biglouis Sun 21-Aug-22 13:38:16

I honestly think I must be completely oblivious to this celeb culture thing

Agree 100!

Most often these people have no particular talent. They are not artists, actors, writers, philanthropists or any of the kinds of people that I might respect. So who and what are they???

If you pop your head above the parapit and seek fame then you better watch what you say, in private as well as in public. There is always some snitch willing to trawl the internet or drag up something you said 10 or more years ago and pull it out of context.

FannyCornforth Sun 21-Aug-22 13:56:53

Thanks Jaxjacky!

nanna8 Sun 21-Aug-22 13:57:49

All I can say is they must be bl@@dy desperate! Illustrates the low standards of journalism these days.

FannyCornforth Sun 21-Aug-22 13:59:31

And apologies 62Granny thanks

Galaxy Sun 21-Aug-22 14:03:17

Oh what was he called the bloke who had a debate show on the mornings on TV, he used MN stories all the time.

JaneJudge Sun 21-Aug-22 15:46:24

Mathew Wright

62Granny Sun 21-Aug-22 16:28:28

If I swipe right on my phone I get some news stories from random newspapers but probably all part of the same group and nearly everyday there is either a story from MN or Reddit but I do occasionally see GN stories that I recognise from a day or two before, the other day someone told a poster on MN to be careful as her story had already been picked up by one of the daily papers within 30 minutes of it going on and comments were still coming in thick and fast. I am more a commenter on things that are happening rather than complaining about my family/ neighbours.