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Are we becoming too sensitive?

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Sago Thu 23-Feb-23 18:38:47

I have just received my first email from a supermarket asking if I want to unsubscribe from Mothers Day emails.
There was no shortage of Valentines emails but for some reason companies don’t seem to worry about this being a trigger.
I appreciate the sadness some people may feel on the loss of a parent but do we really need to be warned?

Baggs Thu 23-Feb-23 18:42:22

I doubt it's about sensitivity. It's essentially an advert to remind us about a day we might otherwise have ignored and thus to get us to spend money on it.

aonk Thu 23-Feb-23 18:44:45

I agree that we don’t need to be warned about it but I have hated Mothers Day since my mother died when I was 6 years old. I don’t feel I ever knew her. I’m a mum, stepmom and grandma now and put a brave face on it but it’s a day zi dread despite the kindness and generosity of my AC.

Ailidh Thu 23-Feb-23 18:45:33

I had a couple about Valentine's Day, several more now about Mothers' Day. I suppose I assume that it's for people who've lost a child, or for people who wanted to be a mother but couldn't.

Neither applies to me, and I don't have a Valentine either, but I accept the opt-out if offerred. The emails don't upset me but it's pointless being bombarded with meal deals for two or days out with Mum when there's only me and the dogs. (Happy me, contented dogs)..

aonk Thu 23-Feb-23 18:45:34

Sorry …
I not zi and stepmum

Theexwife Thu 23-Feb-23 18:54:51

If they didn't offer to unsubscribe from triggering advertising I expect there are those that would complain, they really can't win.

VioletSky Thu 23-Feb-23 18:55:25

Being sensitive is not only positive but it is a strength.

It takes strength to make time, listen and understand and live your life in a way that isn't disregarding others.

How many people do we come across who just say what they like and don't seem to care what others feel about their words and people think that's strong... well it's not, it's basic and unintelligent.

What is strong is being able to live your life, say what you think and articulate yourself in a way that is sensitive and isn't offensive.

Simple example, how much easier is it to say "get over it" than it is to really understand what someone is going through and feel a little of what they feel.

Sensitive is emotional intelligence.

It's a good thing

Baggs Thu 23-Feb-23 19:01:50

I agree, VS, but I'm a cynic when it comes to the supposed sensitivity of supermarkets.

Hetty58 Thu 23-Feb-23 19:08:02

I see it as (mainly) an excuse to send you yet another unwelcome marketing mail. They want us to see them as 'caring' - and promote brand loyalty. I'm forever unsubscribing from those that send too many emails - just so annoying.

BlueBelle Thu 23-Feb-23 19:09:17

I just delete what I don’t want to read easy peasy

maddyone Thu 23-Feb-23 19:17:41

I’ve had a couple mentioning unsubscribe if I don’t want Mother’s Day adverts/emails. I ignore them and delete them. I know this coming Mother’s Day will be sad as she died last year, and the same applied when I lost my Dad. Are we too sensitive nowadays? I don’t know, but I do find the displays of the cards in shops difficult and try to ignore them.

Yammy Thu 23-Feb-23 19:56:06

I think it is all just PR for their company and delete. We are all different and sensitive about different things. The loss of a parent or partner is high on the list. Will they ask when it is fathers day I wonder?

silverlining48 Thu 23-Feb-23 20:00:19

I havnt heard anything from a supermarket about these things. Feeling left out! ( only joking). grin

Smileless2012 Thu 23-Feb-23 20:04:02

With the amount of television advertising for mothers day, I'd have thought that emails were neither here nor there.

Well if you're a cynic then so am I Baggs; sensitivity and supermarkets!!!

Aldom Thu 23-Feb-23 20:49:09

Since the tragic, untimely death of my adult son I appreciate Waitrose offering me the choice to unsubscribe from Mothering Sunday promotions.

Nannagarra Thu 23-Feb-23 21:24:17

💐 Aldom

Palmtree Thu 23-Feb-23 21:34:55

I don't think this is a bad thing. I must admit that I feel very sad when I pass by all the Mother's Day cards in my local supermarket. They mark another year that I won't be able to buy one for my wonderful mother who died in 2020 and mother in law who died in 2010. I miss them very much.

PoppyBlue Fri 24-Feb-23 17:09:46

A lady I know lost her 3 year old son.

It's not always about losing a parent sad

silverlining48 Fri 24-Feb-23 17:49:52

I have just received my email from M&S about mothering sunday. So i wasnt forgotten after all.
My mum died 10 years ago this week and yes I miss sending her a thank you card. I took flowers to the cemetery instead.
Gentle hugs to those who mourn. flowers+

Alioop Fri 24-Feb-23 18:08:03

I gladly accept the opt out emails as I don't want to be bombarded with ideas for gifts for my mum. I will be taking flowers to her grave like I do every year.

Shelflife Sat 25-Feb-23 18:34:24

I am a mother and my AC always remember me on mother's day , however …....... It has never been the same since my lovely Mum died and I will always miss her.

micmc47 Sun 26-Feb-23 11:12:07

Such messages have nothing to do with sensitivity. They are totally marketing orientated. Personally, I opt out of everything possible as regards so-called "reminders", as the vast majority of such emails are simply encouraging me to spend money on something. Exceptions are NHS, DVLC, personal insurances, and my Bank.

LovelyLady Sun 26-Feb-23 11:13:17

Yes we are being too sensitive. Just because it hurts some, and that’s sad, this ought not to dilute the message. Yes yes and yes we’re far too sensitive.

Lilyflower Sun 26-Feb-23 11:18:39

"'Tis sweet and commendable in your nature, Hamlet,
To give these mourning duties to your father;
But you must know, your father lost a father;
That father lost, lost his, and the survivor bound
In filial obligation for some term
To do obsequious sorrow. But to persever
In obstinate condolement is a course
Of impious stubbornness. 'Tis unmanly grief;
It shows a will most incorrect to heaven,
A heart unfortified, a mind impatient,
An understanding simple and unschool'd;
For what we know must be, and is as common
As any the most vulgar thing to sense,
Why should we in our peevish opposition
Take it to heart? Fie! 'tis a fault to heaven,
A fault against the dead, a fault to nature,
To reason most absurd, whose common theme
Is death of fathers, and who still hath cried,
From the first corse till he that died to-day,
'This must be so.' "

Seems somewhat relevant.

Lilyflower Sun 26-Feb-23 11:21:23

I miss my mother who died in 2019 but I think my daughter, who has just has her first baby, should be able to enjoy Mother's Day -and even when I go too. The 'common theme Is death of fathers' - and mothers too.