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AIBU - Ring doorbells

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POW1 Mon 31-Jul-23 17:40:21

So AIBU? My next door neighbours just got a Ring-type doorbell. As I think they are legally required to do, an annoyingly loud American voice cheerfully announces that it is filming EVERY SINGLE TIME that someone walks past our house or a cat or fox strays into their garden and it is driving me to distraction. My home office faces out to the street, and I must have heard it 100 times today. Thankfully I sleep at the rear of the house..

kittylester Mon 31-Jul-23 17:50:26

Ours doesn't do that.

tanith Mon 31-Jul-23 18:02:27

My neighbours did that for a couple of days but they must of altered it because I don’t hear it now.

Wyllow3 Mon 31-Jul-23 18:03:36

You are being entirely reasonable, it would drive me to distraction.

Needs adjusting?

lixy Mon 31-Jul-23 18:39:20

Needs adjusting for sure - not something I have come across from the ring doorbells I have encountered.

Siope Mon 31-Jul-23 18:43:46

Neither of my sons’ do that.

Redrobin51 Mon 31-Jul-23 18:49:16

Ours doesn't do that.

seadragon Tue 01-Aug-23 07:54:17

Saw a disturbing programme about this kind of doorbell. This link sums up the warnings about them:

kittylester Tue 01-Aug-23 07:59:57

We love ours and would hate to be without it.

Charleygirl5 Tue 01-Aug-23 08:23:18

Mine makes a noise after it has been pressed but no more after that. That one needs to be adjusted.

NotSpaghetti Tue 01-Aug-23 09:34:55

Could you raise this noise with your neighbours? I would say it's disrupting your life as it's going off too loudly (and with animals and so on). Ask them to adjust their motion zones or "motion sensitivity" slider.

kittylester Tue 01-Aug-23 09:37:33

We get ours to announce on a couple of Alexas as well as make the noise.

Bella23 Tue 01-Aug-23 09:46:47

Our doorbell packed in and DH got a replacement quickly. What he did not realise was it made other doorbells in our street ring as well. It also activated automatic locks on cars. He would not believe me at first but a friend popped in for a quick chat leaving her keys in the car when she went out her car was locked and she had to get her husband to bring the spare set. The bell went in the bin very quickly and we got a better one.

Patsy70 Tue 01-Aug-23 10:29:30

Definitely speak to your neighbour as this entirely unacceptable.

4allweknow Tue 01-Aug-23 12:04:35

That bouce can be turned off. It's a noise nuisance and why is it capturing movement outside your house, view should be restricted to the householders property.

SquirrelSue Tue 01-Aug-23 12:37:44

How awful. I would not be prepared to put up with that. As it has just been installed and it's a new piece of technology, perhaps your neighbour needs to read the instructions and turn the sound off.

JANH Tue 01-Aug-23 12:44:17

We have a ring doorbell and it doesn’t do that. It needs resetting. Our doorbell goes off if someone presses it, also we have Alexa telling us, all internally. If we go away, I can switch off Alexa and the doorbell. If someone comes into our front, we are informed with a noise, again internally, on our phones. There should be NO external noise, sounds as if it has been set up, incorrectly.

biglouis Tue 01-Aug-23 12:51:12

I have a ring "type" doorbell. You can set the sensitivity so that it does not record cats, birds etc. Otherwise mine would be constantly alerting me to wildlife as there are trees and a business park behind. It does record everyone who walks past but certainly does not announce the fact. It only alerts me when someone actually presses the bell when my mobile device goes off, plays an annoying tune and I can talk to them (If I want to).

Many people think they only begin to record when the bell is pressed. Which means that people who dont want to be photographed just knock. If they dont ring there is a good chance I will miss them, so their problem. All the delivery people seem happy to ring the bell because it shows that they did attempt to deliver the package.

sazz1 Tue 01-Aug-23 13:39:44

Ours doesn't do that. You need to speak to them and ask if they could adjust the settings.
We love ours and have a camera at the back and also 2 in the house. We bought them as security when we had a litter of puppies a few years ago. A local person had a litter stolen so we upped security. So shocked as its a nice quiet area we live in.
Not breeding any more but have 2 dogs now I want to keep safe.

Cossy Tue 01-Aug-23 13:41:54

Ours has NEVER done that and it’s set so only films on our property. I expect you’d find it annoying though as it has a message that politely asks “ringer” to be patient as we have three floors and I might be on this floor

Pammie1 Tue 01-Aug-23 15:58:17

As others have said, ours doesn’t do that either. It needs resetting and doesn’t need to announce that it’s filming if it’s set only to record on their own property. I’d have a word and tell them how annoying it is.

DiamondLily Tue 01-Aug-23 18:05:53

My DD has one, and it doesn't do this. It just triggers a notification to her Apple Watch.

Juicylucy Tue 01-Aug-23 18:11:32

It’s obviously how they’ve set it up my DDs doesn’t do that. It’s not needed or a legality so I’d approach them about it.

vegansrock Wed 02-Aug-23 03:11:41

I have a Ring doorbell - it’s great. You can adjust it easily. Ours gives a little notification on our phones when someone is near the house( you can adjust this), and a ring on our phones when. Someone presses the bell. We can see who it is and talk to them. Very useful when you are out , upstairs, or in the garden. We certainly don’t have a loud voice announcement which others can hear.

nadateturbe Wed 02-Aug-23 03:37:31

It's a noise nuisance and you are entitled to complain. Surely they know it would annoy neighbours.