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Is this site for grandparents or grand ma's?

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DaveA Sun 03-Mar-24 03:36:26

I think I'm a reasonably good grandpa and enjoy our flock of grandkids, some in their mid 20's now, but I think I may have stumbled into a ladies group.

I enjoy ladies, my wife and I having just celebrated our 62nd wedding anniversary, but my conversations would be more in touch with enjoying the kids from a male viewpoint.

BlueBelle Sun 03-Mar-24 04:39:24

Welcome DaveA

This group is for anybody men or women grans, grandads and indeed we also have some folk on here who aren’t grans or grandads, or even mums or dads
It’s for anyone who relates

Unfortunately not many gentlemen seem attracted to post or even join There are a few but they are very few and far between
Perhaps men are more ‘doers’ than writers on here but you would be very welcome to join in any thread or topic although
I d perhaps avoid some of the health threads or you might end up discussing a hysterectomy or the menopause and woman can be a bit visual in their comments

kittylester Sun 03-Mar-24 07:14:45

Please post, Dave, we need more men!!

nanna8 Sun 03-Mar-24 07:23:00

Of course you’re welcome ,young man 🤗

BlueBelle Sun 03-Mar-24 07:31:59

I ll just add we have asked HQ a number of times to add a grandfather to the logo picture but they always ignore our pleas

Calendargirl Sun 03-Mar-24 07:56:11

My DH wouldn’t dream of going on GN. The idea of reading about varied subjects and chatting with people he doesn’t know would be completely alien to him.

This isn’t a criticism of men coming in, just a reason why I think it’s mainly females who choose to.


Marydoll Sun 03-Mar-24 08:04:01

It would be good to have more males posting.

However, my DH would probably be the last person in the world to post here! 😉 His eyes glaze over when I mention GN.😂

Parsley3 Sun 03-Mar-24 09:07:19

A male point of view is welcome, Dave. Stick around and see what you think.

Elegran Sun 03-Mar-24 09:31:53

You will get plenty of chances to do that, DaveA, and you will be drawn into plenty of other threads too. All kinds of topics are discussed on GN, some very hotly, as you will see if you read the news and politics threads.

When I had just joined Gransnet, I mentioned it at a group I met with weekly (in person, not online) They were a mixture of men and women, most of them over 50, intelligent, and quick to put the world to rights each week on whatever subject was currently in the neespapers. I said how interesting Gransnet was, how there were always several discussions going on about various things, news and politics, religion, TV, films, cooking, advice on family quarrels, the perils of ageing, getting on with neighbours, travel, holidays, home maintenance - and of course grandchildren. No-one responded for a moment, then one (unmarried) man there piped up with "Oh, I don't want to listen to people going on about their grandchildren" and that was that.

If that is all that he heard out of the list of topics, and no-one challenged him, no wonder some people think that old people are boring!!! There's none so deaf as those who close their ears.

Elegran Sun 03-Mar-24 09:39:11

If you want to see some posts by a male poster, try putting "Grumppa" in the search box (above right, with a magnifying glass icon beside it) Grumppa has been on GN for years and posts a lot of sense. There are quite a few other male posters too - you can't always tell from what a post whether the poster is male or female, they are just friends chatting.

Redhead56 Sun 03-Mar-24 09:39:37

Hello Dave male perspective is different and welcome here.

Doodledog Sun 03-Mar-24 10:06:00

I think that men are made welcome here, but please don’t feel the need to announce your maleness in every post grin. A ‘male perspective’ is really your perspective - you can’t speak for all men, as men don’t think as one, any more than my perspective is that of every woman on here. I’m sure that regardless of your sex you will agree with some of us and not with others. Your perspective is as welcome as that of any other poster, though, and I hope you enjoy Gransnet.

Cossy Sun 03-Mar-24 10:21:04


It would be good to have more males posting.

However, my DH would probably be the last person in the world to post here! 😉 His eyes glaze over when I mention GN.😂

Mine too! He doesn’t “do” social media at all!

However, you’re most welcome here Dave and sometimes it’s good to get a male perspective smile

Marmin Sun 03-Mar-24 10:27:48

Hello! A fellow grandfather here. I joined quite a few months ago and have enjoyed dipping in and out.

Whiff Sun 03-Mar-24 10:40:55

GN is for any gender and not everyone is a grandparent. It's nice to have a male point of view. So post what you want on any of the threads .
Welcome to GN.

henetha Sun 03-Mar-24 10:44:32

Definitely welcome, DaveA. It's interesting to get more men in the mix.

Shelflife Sun 03-Mar-24 13:43:09

Welcome Dave A.

NotSpaghetti Sun 03-Mar-24 14:04:17

My husband sometimes reads things on here. He also reads stuff on Mumsnet... he doesn't contribute to either site (as far as I know grin)

... or maybe he does!!😱

pascal30 Sun 03-Mar-24 14:41:17

Your viewpoint would be most welcome Dave

nanna8 Sun 03-Mar-24 23:34:47

Have we scared you off, Dave ?

V3ra Mon 04-Mar-24 02:40:40

My husband often asks, "What are the Grans talking about today then" 🙂

DaveA Mon 04-Mar-24 04:19:52

Thanks for the welcoming comments and advice offered. Offhand I think I would skip the discussions of menopause and facial hair.

Don't know if I can add anything worthwhile to your discussions but I'll listen and pop in when I feel that I can interject a semi-intelligent comment or question.

I should add that my computer skills are quite limited and at my age, unlikely to improve. smile

Whiff Mon 04-Mar-24 04:56:13

Dave my hands tremble all the time and type with one finger. I ramble on different threads but only about things I have personally experienced. Some threads are serious but we still just talk about anything thing that is happening in our lives. Yes there are some nasty posters but they are few and don't last long on a thread.

Age is but a number and my mom always said older never old. And no matter how old we get we can still learn new things. I am certain you have experienced many things in your life that would help others or funny stories to tell.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 18:08:34

No worries about your computer skills. You don'r really need any.

Just join in, and be yourself. You won't get any special treatment for being a man (not from me, at least) but that counts for better and for worse grin.

Georgesgran Mon 04-Mar-24 18:34:25

Why not have a go posting on the Good Morning Thread, opened every day by Mick.
You can tell us a bit more about yourself if you want and what sort of things interest you.