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I am not a nasty person but ……

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vickymeldrew Tue 19-Mar-24 14:42:54

I wanted to run this past you Grans, to see if you think I am being unreasonable.
Last year I went to Prague and joined a city highlights walking tour . A lady using a walking frame was in our group. Of course, we went at the speed of the slowest and were content to do so. However, we missed out a big chunk of the scheduled highlights as we ran out of time. Most annoyingly, we didn’t visit Charles Bridge, which as anyone who has been to Prague knows, is one of the most unique and fabulous sights.
I have another European trip booked later this year which includes moderate walking tours each day. I am keeping my fingers crossed that each person on the tour is able to manage the pace. AIBU ?

Cossy Tue 19-Mar-24 14:48:19

A little bit, but I completely understand your disappointment. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen this time and you enjoy all the sites.

I have poor mobility, though not on a frame, I’d never go on a walking tour.

Bridgeit Tue 19-Mar-24 14:48:39

I don’t think you are being unreasonable, but I would suggest you check it out with your Tour company , & ask the questions .best wishes.

Marmin Tue 19-Mar-24 14:58:30

Was it a 'free' walking tour? I ask because we have been on very many ourselves in Europe and yes, they do travel at the pace of the slowest. I would have been tempted to go again, hoping to see the sights you missed.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 19-Mar-24 15:02:24

I would have been annoyed. The person with the walking frame must have known they spoiled everyone’s enjoyment. Why did they book, knowing there would be a walking tour? If you’re unreasonable you’re not alone.

Thisismyname1953 Tue 19-Mar-24 15:05:09

I walk with crutches and know my limitations, I would never sign up for a walking tour .

winterwhite Tue 19-Mar-24 15:06:21

What bad luck. I rather think it unreasonable to join a walking tour if unable to keep to a moderate walking pace, at any rate without checking the route and time allowed. Perhaps phrase your query as wanting to be sure you’ll see everything.

AGAA4 Tue 19-Mar-24 15:23:32

I don't think anyone who can't walk at a reasonable pace should go on a walking tour. Seems a bit selfish to me as they know they will hold everyone else up.

Dee1012 Tue 19-Mar-24 15:27:53

Most walking tours give you an idea of the route / pace etc and while being totally inclusive is a wonderful idea, in practice it can fail.
I'd certainly ask some questions if wanting to do something similar again.

Spinnaker Tue 19-Mar-24 15:34:04

I'd definitely be rattled and before booking any future tours would be asking if any of the party had mobility issues. As posters have already said upthread, why would you ?

Sago Tue 19-Mar-24 15:42:20

I was a regular visitor to Prague as our son lived there for 7 years.
It is one of the hardest cities to walk due to the cobbles and setts not to mention the crowds in Old Town Square and Charles Bridge area.
I’m surprised the tour hadn’t said no to mobility aids.

Cadenza123 Tue 19-Mar-24 16:03:00

No, you are not being unreasonable. Seems to me that someone with less mobility needs to book their tours accordingly. Grossly unfair to the majority.

Shelflife Tue 19-Mar-24 16:27:50

Not being unreasonable at all, at the risk of sounding harsh the lady using the walking frame should have been more considerate! If I were using a walking frame I would not book a walking tour!!

crazyH Tue 19-Mar-24 16:33:47

I think people with walking frames etc should not book themselves on a walking tour. Very selfish. Yes, I have been to Prague years ago and did the walking tour, including Charles Bridge. It was great !

Astitchintime Tue 19-Mar-24 16:35:57

No, I don't think you are being unreasonable. Any holiday involving excursions would always state the activity level of the excursions and as everyone is responsible for their own welfare they should make the informed decision whether to take part or not.
This is exactly why I now avoid certain day trips and holiday excursions - because I do not want to be a burden and spoil the enjoyments of others. I know my limits.
Enjoy your next trip to Europe. smile

dogsmother Tue 19-Mar-24 17:16:54

Depends whether it was a wheeled walker with which a walking speed is attainable or a zimmer frame which ta normal walking pace isn’t really possible.
We went on a trip like this and it was the smokers who caused the most disruption/ delays.

eazybee Tue 19-Mar-24 17:42:49

No, I do not think you are being unreasonable. The lady with the walking frame should not have attempted the walking tour, knowing she would have slowed everyone else down.

M0nica Tue 19-Mar-24 17:47:20

I am another who thinks you entirely reasonable. It was selfish for the person with the walking frame to expect evryone to slow down to their pace.

On a holday a year or two back DH, who has cardiac problems, stayed on the coach when we went somewhere requiring walking because as he put it 'I cannot keep up with people, and why should they have to slow down for me'

Iam64 Tue 19-Mar-24 18:25:50

I’ve recently cancelled a holiday I was so looking forward to. My shoulder fracture would have meant everything revolved round me. If part of a group, we all must consider the group as well as our individual needs

zakouma66 Tue 19-Mar-24 19:41:06

Poor thing , trying to navigate their way around that situation. I wouldn't have been annoyed, I would have helped them and perhaps tried to take a taxi to those places of special interest.

ronib Tue 19-Mar-24 20:00:50

Well I was annoyed when after a sleepless night recovering from major surgery, the bed next to mine was occupied by a fairly hysterical woman plus 4 at least relatives in attendance.
One part of me thought poor woman, she obviously needs a lot of help and the other bit thought I wish she had a private room. It did encourage me to leave hospital in record time - bat out of hell comes to mind.
Some people find it hard to come to terms with their limitations so perhaps the person finding it difficult to walk was struggling to cope with their physical problems?

biglouis Tue 19-Mar-24 20:04:25

You may have dodged a bullet because there is a lot of pickpocketing in the Charles Bridge area. I would not hesitate to go along there alone (obviously I did! Not a great fan of group tours. But dont carry your cards or money in obvious places and use a cross body bag. I carried my money and my cards in my sock.

Prague is a beautiful city and quite compact for finding your own way around.

Marydoll Tue 19-Mar-24 20:10:23

I have mobility problems and would never consider going on a walking tour, where my slow pace would spoil everyone's experience.

We were at the theatre last week and the fire alarm went off. I was shocked to see zimmers parked in the aisle against the wall, slowing everyone down. I was embarrassed by my own slow pace and tried my best to keep into the side and allow people to pass, but the parked zimmers prevented me.

Of course those with disabilities (myself included) should be able to lead as normal a life as others, but we must also think of others' needs.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 19-Mar-24 20:10:34


Poor thing , trying to navigate their way around that situation. I wouldn't have been annoyed, I would have helped them and perhaps tried to take a taxi to those places of special interest.

Poor thing? Spoiling the walk for everyone else? Totally selfish.

flappergirl Tue 19-Mar-24 20:26:03

No, you're not unreasonable. I wouldn't dream of signing up for a walking tour if I could barely walk.

An acquaintance of mine and her husband went on a coach holiday to a very historic country last year. It was one of those holidays where you visit a different archeological site or city each day and have to be up at the crack of dawn. Her husband has enormous mobility problems and also "toilet" problems.

He was having to find a loo every five minutes and then taking an age to actually sort himself out which held the whole coach up. He was also unable to properly negotiate many of the bumpy archeological sights and found the heat overwhelming.

My friend declared that the rest of the coach party were very understanding and lovely but I couldn't help but wonder about the conversations back in their hotel rooms. It was a very expensive, once in a lifetime sort of holiday.

Admittedly it was geared at the older generation but I'm sure there would be an expectation of reasonably good health and capability for those who booked.