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mollie Mon 18-Jan-16 13:11:34

How do you 'acquire' your fabric? Do you buy anything you like as and when you see it and add it to your stash? If so, how much do you buy at a time - a metre/yard, more or less? Or do you buy specifically for a project?

I've just been to a lovely shop but was overwhelmed by the amazing selection and very nearly left without buying anything! I did come out clutching some fat quarters but it was a close run thing! I wondered how everyone else!

Crafting Sat 10-Sep-16 21:19:32

I'm relatively new to this so have bought some jelly rolls and layer cakes. I too look at Pintrest and am amazes at the quality of some of the quilts shown there. I have lots of ideas but have a big problem with colour. I have no sense of style and whilst I love others quilts, my colour combinations don't look nearly as good.

Stansgran Sun 11-Sep-16 09:01:45

I use Pinterest for quilting ideas and have a board for blocks to try and for colours as I am rubbish at colour. I'm struggling at the moment with some beautiful pieces of material bought in New York thirteen years ago and still not made up. I have a board for ideas for them alone !

miep Sun 11-Sep-16 11:28:32

What is a fat quarter, please?

chelseababy Sun 11-Sep-16 11:59:46

A fat quarter is a metre length of material cut in to four squar(ish) pieces, rather than a quarter length which would be long and narrow.

chelseababy Sun 11-Sep-16 12:02:38

I should have added that a fat quarter is one of those four squarish bits.

Elegran Sun 11-Sep-16 12:32:04

Those of you who don't trust your colour sense - could you find an image of a painting or even an advertisement that you find attractive, and choose your colours from that. If there is a lot of one colour in your chosen pic, use a lot of that, then a medium amount of a few colours from the pic which are quite similar to the main one, and a small amount of one which is a contrast to those.

Elegran Sun 11-Sep-16 12:43:37

There is a colour wheel tutorial at which goes into more detail of that. No need to study it as though there will be an exam, but it is very interesting. Basically it is about how to choose colours that harmonise with each other and are effective and - the most useful part - there is a wheel with similar colours together and contrasting ones opposite, so you can pick a selection which will look good together.

mamamags Sat 12-Nov-16 19:20:43

I have to agree, about too many quilts. My family and friends including myself are all nice and cosy now with all of my makes, but still can't resist making more. I too have a very large stash of fabric, but have you found that when you have something special in mind , you never seem to have the right colour to hand and end up buying more hmm

Izabella Sun 13-Nov-16 16:46:17

I would love to be able to do this and one day, when I have time, intend to learn. As an aside last year I went to The Great Texas Show near Dallas and I was blown away by the wonderful quilts on view in the handicrafts section. Awesome, as they say.

GrannyMac1945 Mon 05-Dec-16 16:54:21

I would like to make an I Spy quilt for new DGS , I need pictorial squares 4-5 ". Does anyone know of I Spy packs of suitable fabrics ? Have looked on eBay but the ones on there don't look brilliant quality. I reckon I have about a year to collect them before he's ready for it.

Lisalou Mon 05-Dec-16 22:40:12

What about collecting your own I spy fabrics, based on dgs' possible interests (you dont mention how old he is)?
I say this because i don't particularly like packs myself. It seems to me that it has all been done for me. I much rather buy small amounts of all sorts of fabrics that i want for a specific quilt. More or less, based on the pattern i have in mind, if that makes sense. I find it is much more fun like this

GrannyMac1945 Thu 08-Dec-16 20:37:05

Thank you Lisalou, I am collecting, found some today and have asked PWk group for scraps too. He's only 5 months so don't yet know his interests, smile but I'm guessing dinosaurs and tractors etc. I'm giving myself plenty of time ! I love choosing fabric, very therapeutic.

Lisalou Thu 08-Dec-16 21:34:03

My goodness, yes, he is rather young to have his own interests, but I doubt you can go wrong with dinosaurs and tractors, in fact anything with wheels!

desjumeaux Sat 31-Dec-16 07:38:09

I am new to patchwork, does anyone know of a patch working group I live on the coast near to Whitley Bay and I cant find one locally.

One of the projects I am working on is fiddle or fidget rugs and cushions. They give the people in care homes something to look at and feel, and keeps them warm.

Would love to swap ideas

mamamags Sun 29-Jan-17 14:21:45

One of my dearest friends has lost her husband and when it came to that sad time of sorting out his clothes She kept his shirts to make the most beautiful quilt so that she could remember the wonderful years they had shared and bring back all of those precious memories