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Cunco Sun 11-Dec-16 16:50:25

I wondered if anyone likes playing with words and writing a haiku, the Japanese verse form with 17 syllables in 3 lines with 5,7 and 5 syllables each. I remembered trying to write poems when I retired and forgot all about it until my memory was jogged yesterday. Here's my try for Gransnet:

the autumn of life
winter of discontentment
spring hopes, eternal.

Anyone else like to have a go?

Jalima Wed 14-Dec-16 20:16:09

Apologies - I do know the difference
But it does

Jalima Wed 14-Dec-16 20:13:16

Ev'ry time I see
this thread I think of the New
Zealand rugby team

rosesarered Wed 14-Dec-16 19:54:21

Cards I have to write
Presents that must be wrapped up
It must be Christmas

Grannyknot Wed 14-Dec-16 13:37:11

Gransnet home made gift
Used Himalayan Pink salt
And rose oil. Perfect.

henetha Wed 14-Dec-16 09:59:18

Just wanted to say
To all you G.N's on here
A Happy Christmas

rosesarered Wed 14-Dec-16 09:11:11

Coughing all night through
Will this nightmare ever end
Strepsils may just help

Cunco Wed 14-Dec-16 08:48:01

Nativity play -
cameras recording all
for posterity.

suzied Wed 14-Dec-16 08:38:37

Fab cocktail party last night
Toasting congratulations
Big hangover this morning

Party was great

Indinana Wed 14-Dec-16 08:34:03

Haha suzied
Your first and third lines both have
Six syllables each

I suspect you drank
More than you intended at
The party last night tchgrin

suzied Wed 14-Dec-16 06:36:52

Cocktail party last night
toasting congratulations
Hangover this morning

Nandalot Tue 13-Dec-16 23:36:36

Ignore the DGS in previous post as that would make it too many syllables!
So should read:

First nativity
Mumbled lines and timid waves
Moments to treasure

Nandalot Tue 13-Dec-16 15:46:17

DGS first nativity
Mumbled lines and timid waves
Moments to treasure

Grannyknot Tue 13-Dec-16 15:24:31

cunco smile I like that.

Grannyknot Tue 13-Dec-16 15:23:16

The haiku must live
Resurrected here by me
Not to fade away.

Cunco Mon 12-Dec-16 13:40:51

I can't leave this thread on a sad note:

On door, faintly drawn,
'I love Grandad and Nanny
Love from Elise [kiss].

Cunco Mon 12-Dec-16 07:44:31

Crossword anagrams
can foretell grandma's ruin
from gin run dramas.sad

NanKate Mon 12-Dec-16 07:04:22

Drinking tea in bed
Surfing through my IPad now
Planning day is next

Indinana Sun 11-Dec-16 22:02:51

At the last minute
Asked to make a Christmas dress
Off to buy fabric!

Grannyknot Sun 11-Dec-16 21:56:33

Not a cross word here
But in the newspaper there
Are a-plenty, see?

janeainsworth Sun 11-Dec-16 21:44:30

No-one's getting cross
We're just a bit pedantic
Good friends all the same

Cunco Sun 11-Dec-16 21:40:12

With cross words, warmth dies.
The heat of the argument
chills the atmosphere.

PS: I know, it's a bit reflective; but no reflection on any of the above. smile

janeainsworth Sun 11-Dec-16 21:07:48

Not sure how many syllables brillianlty has ana but brilliantly has four wink

Ana Sun 11-Dec-16 20:55:49

(brillianlty surely has too many syllables for a haiku?[confused)

Am dreading next week
Many things coming at once
Will get through it though

janeainsworth Sun 11-Dec-16 20:42:51

Pots lie in the sink
Waiting for me to wash them
On Gransnet instead

janeainsworth Sun 11-Dec-16 20:40:13

Up in the night sky
The moon shines brilliantly
Then hidden by clouds