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Some knitting advice please!

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Nona4ever Fri 03-Feb-17 14:24:39

I really only started knitting last year - a few odd toys for the GC so my technical knowledge is rather sparse. Help gratefully appreciated.
I've just got a book of Christmas knits I'd like to try - 3 wise men, robins etc, but they are all in 4-ply wool. For my efforts last year I bought stacks of DK wool and have loads left.
So, two questions.
Can I use DK for a 4-ply pattern and if so what do I do about needle size?
Or does anyone know a source of 4-ply in wondrous colours ( maybe odd quantities) which I could buy?
One problem is that I can't get out much and do all my shopping online.
Many many thanks for any help.

Nelliemoser Sun 26-Feb-17 09:35:43

I am just off loading (having a rant) about the pattern I am doing on chunky yarn It's the increasing on the sleeves that seems wrong.
As in increasing from 39 to 57 stitches "every following eighth row". then knit to reach 46cm.
There are nine blocks of 8 row increases which would take the sleeve way past the 46cm where the yoke starts.
I fiddled with the spacing for days ages trying to get it right, trying to calculate it and I eventually took the spaceing of the last 5 increases down to 4rows. sirdar/hayfield will be getting a piece of my mine. What is left of it after all this knitting grief.

Jalima Sun 26-Feb-17 09:47:31

Nelliemoser Sirdar have a FB page ( if you are on FB).
If you message them they will answer promptly, probably after the weekend now, and tell them you are puzzled and it doesn't seem to work out.

I had a problem and they were extremely helpful