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Strangest knitted/crocheted Items.

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1974cookie Tue 05-Jun-18 18:38:35

A few weeks ago, I bought my Partner a little knitted Sloth. He loves Sloths and was absolutely over the moon. ( Said Sloth has even been named ).
We recently saw a programme about Pangolins, which are Scaly Anteaters and really cute creatures which we both fell in love with. Out of curiosity I went online to see if there was a knitting pattern for these lovely creatures.
To my complete and utter amazement, I found several knitted Pangolins ! It got me thinking 🤔
What is the strangest item that you have seen, or perhaps even created either by knitting or crochet ?

MawBroon Tue 05-Jun-18 18:43:10

Beware- this MIL can do “Granny Squares” !

1974cookie Tue 05-Jun-18 18:52:04

Brilliant. Mind you, if they are anything like my Granny Squares which have a tendency to unravel.....😳😳.

midgey Tue 05-Jun-18 18:53:08

My daughter sent me the pattern for a knitted vagina! I haven’t knitted it yet.....

hildajenniJ Tue 05-Jun-18 18:53:11

I've just finished a crocheted fish drawstring bag.
How about these onesies, I could probably make one if you're interested. 😄😄

GrannyGravy13 Tue 05-Jun-18 19:37:51

My Gran knitted me a swimming costume- very pretty but not at all practical. I can still remember the shame of coming out of the outdoor pool at a local park with the crotch below my knees and the neckline just on my hips. We did laugh about it in her later years. (I was approximately 6 /7 years old btw)

MawBroon Tue 05-Jun-18 19:42:35

I think any men chancing on this thread whether sons-in-law, sons or DHs should be afraid, very afraid ! gringrin

Lilypops Tue 05-Jun-18 19:51:41

I wish I could crochet granny squares, I have tried so many times and I just can't get the turning corner bit, I have watched videos, bought the book, still can't ,

1974cookie Tue 05-Jun-18 20:04:22

Lilypop go online. Trust me, it is so easy.

muffinthemoo Tue 05-Jun-18 20:14:03

Search etsy, I think the crocheted reusable sanitary protection is the best 😂

MawBroon Tue 05-Jun-18 20:14:38


Baggs Tue 05-Jun-18 20:33:34

I knitted DD1 an armadillo instead of a teddy.

Bathsheba Tue 05-Jun-18 21:33:14

Anyone fancy making one of these for the man in your life? grin

Bathsheba Tue 05-Jun-18 21:36:26

Or what about this lip balm cosy? gringringrin

Nannykay Tue 05-Jun-18 22:06:50

When I was young I was always fascinated with my doctors ties, he looked like a mad professor at the best of times, but wasn’t helped by the fact that his wife knitted his ties, really bright and very 70s if you know what mean. Lovely man though, best doctor ever.

Bathsheba Tue 05-Jun-18 22:09:44

Oh but crocheted ties were very fashionable back in the 70s! Laughable now, of course grin

Lilypops Tue 05-Jun-18 22:42:39

1974cookie , Thankyou , I will have another look online and persevere with granny squares, it looks easy I know but I can't get the chains round the the corners, it ends up either a circle or a triangle shape, but never square, 🤔

Belgravian Wed 06-Jun-18 08:38:33

Google Mohair Fetish at your peril!

Stansgran Wed 06-Jun-18 08:51:38

I love crochet and knitting but I think I need a bottle of brain bleach after the balm container.

overthehill Wed 06-Jun-18 09:06:26

wow love all these. The work that must have gone into the hiddeous onesies.

grannyactivist Wed 06-Jun-18 09:22:42

My son has crocheted several animal heads as gifts; a hare, a stag, a zebra and little mice for me. Google crocheted animal heads. He also designed and crocheted his own cushions.

shysal Wed 06-Jun-18 09:30:14

I think knitted and crocheted decoration of city centres is wonderful. Unfortunately not heard of any locally, and anyway I can't crochet and need a pattern to knit anything shaped.
yarn bombing

Bathsheba Wed 06-Jun-18 15:12:34

I think yarn bombing is one of those things that in 50 years time people will look back on and say "wtf?" gringringrin

1974cookie Wed 06-Jun-18 20:07:10

Is yarn bombing where knitters cover things like telephone boxes? I have seen pictures and they always make me smile.

Bathsheba Wed 06-Jun-18 21:35:46

Spot on cookie. They always make me smile too. I saw a wonderful one in a local car park once - a Smart car completely covered in knitting. Absolutely brilliant, and hilarious!