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Any spare baby knitting patterns?

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granfromafar Wed 06-Jun-18 17:34:10

Have recently taken up knitting again for a new grandchild due in September. Have dug out some tried and tested patterns and so far made 3 little cardies and a blanket. Luckily DDIL loves hand-knitted items! Was wondering if any lovely GNetters might have any patterns lurking in a cupboard that they will not be using again and would be willing to part with. Would be happy to pay postage or return if required. Nothing too complicated, though have just learnt how to make bobbles from a YouTube video never having had the need to before! Thank in advance.

tanith Wed 06-Jun-18 17:57:58

There many free patterns on granfromafar some are downloadable.

phoenix Wed 06-Jun-18 18:35:17

I can't knit, so would never be able to knit a baby!smile

phoenix Wed 06-Jun-18 18:36:07

PS let alone a spare one.

wildswan16 Wed 06-Jun-18 18:47:23

Also many nice baby ones at

Some downloadable for free

Jalima1108 Wed 06-Jun-18 23:26:36

I have knit a fairy doll, so a baby should be quite simple in comparison phoenix.

However, to be serious - here are a couple, but if you want to knit toys as well, these are cute:

Grannyknot Thu 07-Jun-18 06:51:03

Hi Granfromafar, I've made the cardi on the link below several times with great success. It's all-in-one which is a bonus:

Grannyknot Thu 07-Jun-18 06:53:58

Meant to add, it's a bit fiddly (but not difficult) until you get to the body. But just arm yourself with stitch markers and be sure to count. I find that once a pattern sort of reveals itself, it's pretty easy to follow.

Grannyknot Thu 07-Jun-18 07:03:56

This is another favourite when I've knitted it, because the batwing sleeves make it easy for getting little arms into:

Dead easy and so versatile, I've also knitted it in variegated wool.

granfromafar Thu 07-Jun-18 16:09:42

Thanks for all the links, ladies. I like the sound of the all-in-one pattern as the sewing up is my least favourite part of making a garment.

Sallipop Tue 02-Apr-19 17:10:57

There's plenty here!