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craftergran Sun 30-Dec-18 18:06:11

What are you making in the New Year? I'm going to have a stab at making crocheted socks. Wondering what other crafty grans are planning to make this coming new year.

aggie Sun 30-Dec-18 18:10:35

I did knit socks at school , they were a disaster ! I have since managed to knit Aran cardigans jumpers hats scarfs but socks defeated me , I am curious to find out if crochet is better/easier
My craft at the moment is card making and that is getting boring so I will have to think of something

Billybob4491 Sun 30-Dec-18 18:11:39

I am currently knitting a chef who is holding a knitted cake and on the cake I shall embroider the figures 90 as it is my friends birthday soon. Pattern is taken from a Jean Greenhowe book. Wish I could crochet.

Bathsheba Sun 30-Dec-18 18:14:01

I regularly make clothes for my granddaughter, but in addition I’m planning to make things throughout the year for my DD’s church Christmas fair. I’m currently curating a Pinterest board of ideas for this.

Mamissimo Sun 30-Dec-18 18:14:35

I’m a quilter - I’m just finishing off an art quilt as a Christening present for my first GD.....and my DD tells me she is expecting again today I started designing the next one! I’ll post a picture when the first one’s finished!

BBbevan Sun 30-Dec-18 18:38:04

I am just finishing a car seat shawl for a baby due in February. Then I will try some crochet. My DDiL gave me a kit to make a bag. I have never learned to crochet, being very left-handed. But I will give it a go.

Chewbacca Sun 30-Dec-18 18:55:05

Still working on the claret red arran scarf for DIL. No matter how long I've knitted it, she says says she'd like it longer. Getting fed up of it now! Still working on the Isle of Man quilt and have long since forgotten how long it's taken me.

I'm signed up to go on a wool felting course on the 2nd week of January. I'm assured that the project can be finished in a day -- thankfully--. I'm interested in learning about mosaics too but the lady who ran courses in our town has left to live overseas, so will have to keep looking for that.

rubysong Sun 30-Dec-18 21:34:01

I'm going to knit some clothes for DGD's baby doll. She's currently dressed in vest and pants I knitted a while ago but I have a pattern for a dress and coat. Also a friend has given me a 'crafting journal' to make notes of each thing I make. As I will be filling in the date of finishing perhaps I won't have so many UFOs.

MiniMoon Sun 30-Dec-18 21:36:34

I did dangle the idea of a crochet kit for Christmas before members of my family. Sadly it didn't materialise. I am without a project. When I go to Knit and Natter, I will just have to Natter, until I can think of something to crochet.

Anniebach Sun 30-Dec-18 22:03:15

I am lost without my cross stitching, wretched arthritis, I can’t concentrate on tv without doing craft work

CocoPops Sun 30-Dec-18 23:05:39

Oh Shame on me. Anyone remember the beautiful Elizabeth Bradley needlework kits? ( 20" x 20" tapestries on canvas ) Well, I started one 30 years ago!
My New Year's resolution is to finish it which I think will take me about 6 months.

Chewbacca Sun 30-Dec-18 23:14:57

Yes me CocoPops. I too started an Elizabeth Bradley tapestry in 2000 and it became known as the millennium tapestry! I finally finished it in 2016 which is quick for me!

MiniMoon Sun 30-Dec-18 23:19:46

Chewbacca, I've got that same tapestry. My late MiL made it and had it stretched over a still frame. It sits beside my hearth. I'm very fond of it. I'll take a picture of it, and post it tomorrow for you to see.

MiniMoon Sun 30-Dec-18 23:20:46

Still frame. (Predictive text is a curse).

MiniMoon Sun 30-Dec-18 23:21:17

Stool, stool, stool!!!?

Chewbacca Sun 30-Dec-18 23:28:04

How lovely Minimoon, I'd love to see it! Mine started out as a stool cushion but the stool didn't live long enough for the tapestry to be finished. It's ended up as a cushion pad on the monk's chair instead.

craftergran Mon 31-Dec-18 08:00:50

I got one of those little boxed wool felting kits for Christmas Chewbacca, I made a mouse. It was the first time I tried wool felting and I can't say I like it enough to do much more.

That and the fact I pricked my finger twice OUCH! Too painful a hobby for me. LOL

travelsafar Mon 31-Dec-18 08:18:10

I am currently knitting an elephant!! Have just finished
blanket for a baby which has taken me months to complete as very involved.
I finished the edging strip on Saturday evening and have attached to the main body but i'm not happy with how it sits.Will be taking to the knitting group on Friday for advise from some of the more talented people on what has gone wrong.

Lilypops Mon 31-Dec-18 08:57:37

I have just made a draw string tote bag for GD Lego , her mum says the tubs Lego comes in take up to much room , also I have just learned at last, to crochet and I am loving it , made two throws for my chairs and I am starting to make individual granny squares, but not too many as I will have to join them all up ,I love crocheting because I don't have to concentrate on a complicated pattern like knitting , It's very relaxing to do ,especially when OH has his football on , and there is an awful lot of football on at the moment, !

J52 Mon 31-Dec-18 09:38:23

About to create two unicorns with DGDs!
When I’m at a loose ‘creative’ end, I knit blankets for premie babies. I’ll be doing some more now Christmas is over!
I might go back to my silk tie quilting.

Jeanmid Mon 31-Dec-18 09:42:47

You could knit or crochet for charity if you have odd balls of wool. But a natter with friends is always enjoyable.

Dorsetcupcake61 Mon 31-Dec-18 09:43:47

My New Years Resolution a few years ago was to be more creative and it's probably the only one I've ever stuck to. I mainly do card making and knitting and find it so relaxing. I started with one of those weekly kits to knit a throw made up of squares. It taught me the basics of knitting and rather than make up accompanying cushions I had enough to make a throw for my daughter. It's lovely to know that she and my grandson love snuggling under it. Last year I knitted him an elf hat which he loved. Apparently any time he sees anything knitted he thinks I've made it! I did knit him a Christmas pudding to go with his play kitchen.!
My next project is a hot water bottle cover for my youngest daughter. My big project for the year is scrapbooking the thousands of photos, cards, and letters belonging to my late parents. My dad was quite a collector and I have everything from school reports to army paperwork and marriage telegrams. It will be quite a story and a lovely tribute to both them and us as a family.

obag Mon 31-Dec-18 09:43:57

I knit the same blanket as TRAVELSAFAR but crochet the edging, that may be of some help.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 31-Dec-18 09:46:33

I resolve to finish a couple of patchwork quilts which are currently UFOs - unfinished objects.

Supernan Mon 31-Dec-18 09:47:42

I am going to get to grips with the knitting ? machine.