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Poppy2 Fri 13-Sep-19 16:00:23

I am busy making crochet hexagons to make a throw. I get easily influenced by my daughters who seem to think it’s a waste of time , am I being to sensitive .

Thorntrees Mon 16-Sep-19 11:09:45

I usually tie them in and then weave the ends in as I go along if that makes sense.
As others have said, I just keep going until the blanket is the size I want and then finish off with a double crochet border to give a firmer edge.
I find joining squares fiddly but do so on a small item like a baby blanket as the squares can then be of various designs which looks really attractive.

Callistemon Mon 16-Sep-19 11:14:45

Thank you Thorntree

In fact I had tied some and slip stitched some and it didn't take long to weave in the ends, but it was like sewing up knitting - not something I enjoy.

I finished with a scalloped edge and was quite pleased with that. I found the instructions on YouTube and the instructor was a very young woman (so crocheting is not exclusive to grannies!).

Nessiogs Wed 23-Oct-19 08:26:59

Thank for her effort making a good thing

Harris27 Wed 23-Oct-19 08:30:29

I love my knitting and wouldn’t be without it. It’s helped me through some hard times and keeps my mind active better than Prozac.

Gemini1789 Wed 23-Oct-19 08:45:15

I knit and crochet and have several things on the go. I can knit without looking but I have to tell the OH not to talk to me while I’m crocheting bc I’m counting in my head. Like the other poster I can’t just watch tv without doing one or the other.

Sara65 Wed 23-Oct-19 08:56:14

Same Gemini, I can’t just watch TV.
I’m currently crocheting a blanket for my baby granddaughter using up all the odds and ends, no particular colour scheme, just something to throw over her when she has a little sleep.
Just finished a huge throw for our super king size bed, lovely and warm.

Persistentdonor Wed 23-Oct-19 09:40:48

Callistemon hmm you can crochet garments together rather than sewing them if you would find that less of a chore.

Callistemon Wed 23-Oct-19 10:16:08

Thanks, Persistentdonor, I never thought of that!

I am, however, a very novice crocheter. I usually use mattress stitch to sew up knitted garments and once I get going, it doesn't seem so bad smile
But I will try the crochet method.

So far I've only attempted 'granny blankets', nothing as advanced as the lovely ones shown on this thread.

Sara65 Wed 23-Oct-19 10:24:08

Crocheting the squares together is much quicker and much neater