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watermeadow Sun 03-Nov-19 20:24:46

One of my daughters taught herself to crochet from You Tube a couple of years ago. She now makes items of astounding complexity and beauty including blankets, clothes and a uterus, with Fallopian tubes and ovaries (she’s a midwife)
Last night I asked her to make me a woolly hat. Early this morning she brought it round, finished, done in a very fancy pattern.
I’ve tried to crochet and just can’t.

crystaltipps Sun 03-Nov-19 20:29:33

My granny taught me to crochet ( granny squares) and it’s a skill I have passed on, and hope to continue to do so. You only basically have to learn one stitch and all the others are a variation, get your daughter to teach you!

etheltbags1 Sun 03-Nov-19 21:08:56

I learned to crotchet from my mother and have been doing it for 40 odd years. I make blankets, cushions etc. I find clothes a bit complicated

Callistemon Sun 03-Nov-19 22:09:09

watermeadow I always said I couldn't crochet but have taught myself a basic stitch from watching YouTube and am on the way to completing another blanket.
(not without a couple of disasters!)

MiniMoon Sun 03-Nov-19 22:38:01

I learnt to crochet because I don't like knitting.

Recently I taught myself how to do Tunisian crochet and I'm really enjoying making hats, gloves and mittens.

At the moment I'm making 32 Elf ears for a friend who is making 16 Elf hats as a Christmas project. So far I've completed 6.

AllotmentLil Sun 03-Nov-19 22:52:10

I love the thought of all those elf ears MiniMoon!

Chardy Mon 04-Nov-19 19:03:55


MiniMoon Mon 04-Nov-19 19:28:34

You could also try the crochet crowd (Mikey is fun), or crochet kim, both on YouTube.
I've learnt a lot from both of them.

Callistemon Mon 04-Nov-19 19:36:26

Chardy I like Bella Coco because she is young and made me feel that crocheting is not just for old grannies!

I used her link to make a scalloped edge to 'granny blankets' which adds a nice finish.

Chardy Mon 04-Nov-19 20:10:37

Look for local groups! There are lots of people out there who will help you to learn.

Rosiebee Sat 28-Dec-19 10:21:46

I love the motion of crochet and have made quite complicated shawl/throw patterns. Apart from hats though I have never made anything to wear. I prefer the look and texture of knitting but can't get into a rhythm with it. I always feel clumsy knitting. But give me a book and yarn and I'm in my element.

Rosiebee Sat 28-Dec-19 10:22:38

That should have been hook.

MiniMoon Sat 28-Dec-19 12:07:50

Rosiebee, have you tried Tunisian crochet? You use a long hook and keep all your stitches on it. Each row is made of a forward and return pass. It sounds complicated but once you've got the hang of it, it's really easy. Tunisian knit stitch is great for hats, mittens and gloves. It looks like knitting, and its really warm as its double thickness.
Here's a hat I made recently. The photo seems to have turned itself sideways, but you can see the stitches.

MiniMoon Sat 28-Dec-19 12:09:29

Oh, there's a surprise. It's the right way round after all.

Rosiebee Tue 07-Jan-20 09:10:05

Would it be possible to use Tunisian crochet to make something like a cardigan?

NanaandGrampy Tue 07-Jan-20 09:50:47

Ive just fallen in love with crotchet again thanks to a little book of monsters I found at the library !

I took a three lesson refresher and to teach me how to read a pattern properly and now ( at least for the winter months ) I'm hooked :-)

MiniMoon Tue 07-Jan-20 10:50:08

You can make all sorts of things using tunisian hooks. I have made a blanket, phone cases, mittens, hats and scarves. I have seen a pattern for a tunisian cardigan Rosiebee. You would need your tunisian hooks and extension cables to hold all the stitches. They are available all over the place, Hobbycraft keep them.
I like the look of this one

Chardy Mon 13-Jan-20 20:22:34

I got a cheap Tunisian crochet book from The Works, and a set of hooks and case from Amazon

Auntieflo Wed 22-Jan-20 09:31:49

I've just made a crochet Stickman, for our GGS.
Not sure about his eyes though! He looks a bit startled.

Callistemon Wed 22-Jan-20 10:20:55

He's lovely, probably looking startled because he's being swept down the river!

089fraZZeledApricot Wed 22-Jan-20 11:35:12

My friend and neighbour taught me the basics of crocheting.
Although I'd love to do more especially simple blankets I don't seem to have enough time as I knit for numerous grandchildren.

KerrieReilly Fri 14-Feb-20 10:52:22

These kinds of things require practice you know, don’t rush it. You can either get your lovely daughter to teach you how to crochet, or you can just watch video tutorials as well if you don’t want to bother her or anything. When my daughter first bought me a yarn for arm knitting from this online store, I’m not that good with knitting as well. I’ve learned to master it from watching video tutorials online, though patience and perseverance are key for this. They are really helpful. Hope you started practising now.

Callistemon Fri 14-Feb-20 13:37:36

I did reach myself basic crochet from YouTube videos, there are some very good ones out there.

Callistemon Fri 14-Feb-20 13:38:29

I see I already posted that - but if it's worth saying, it's worth saying twice

Sar6 Fri 17-Apr-20 11:34:39

Love this topic thank you