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watermeadow Sun 03-Nov-19 20:24:46

One of my daughters taught herself to crochet from You Tube a couple of years ago. She now makes items of astounding complexity and beauty including blankets, clothes and a uterus, with Fallopian tubes and ovaries (she’s a midwife)
Last night I asked her to make me a woolly hat. Early this morning she brought it round, finished, done in a very fancy pattern.
I’ve tried to crochet and just can’t.

MiniMoon Fri 17-Apr-20 11:39:50

As we are all in lock down, I've been using my time making sample stitch blanket squares. All the squares are different crochet stitches. It is going to look good when they are all put together.

Callistemon Fri 17-Apr-20 11:52:41

Well done minimoon

I did try, but reverted back to going round and round, well, in ever-increasing squares
I can do that whilst watching tv