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ananimous Wed 04-Dec-19 18:57:42

Could I please have suggestions of what would be a good 1st sewing pattern project for a learner?
I'm getting a new sewing machine for xmas (so, also, recommend away if you love your machine) but have never sewn anything before, and would like an easyish beginner's project.
I may also take classes later on, we'll see.
Thankyou in advance - it's a bit of a hectic night here, so I may pop back much later on if I can. smile

Ilovecheese Wed 04-Dec-19 19:00:15

A straight skirt, without pockets.
A cushion.
A tote bag.

ananimous Wed 04-Dec-19 19:02:04

Thankyou thankyou smile

ananimous Wed 04-Dec-19 19:02:55 Got it!

Ilovecheese Wed 04-Dec-19 19:04:16

Take a look at the Sew Direct website

Ilovecheese Wed 04-Dec-19 19:04:59

Ah, I see you have found one.

GrannyLaine Wed 04-Dec-19 19:08:17

When I learned to sew at school we made a red gingham apron as a first project. Said apron was then worn for Home Economics classes. Probably not that helpful for you ananimous! In terms of a sewing machine, my absolute favourite brand is Bernina. They are Swiss made, expensive and last forever. They can be bought secondhand and hold their value well.

ananimous Wed 04-Dec-19 19:08:30

Sew Direct, ok - thankyou Ilovecheese

ananimous Wed 04-Dec-19 19:09:33

Thankyou, GrainnyLaine, much appreciated

Curlywhirly Wed 04-Dec-19 19:12:06

I began sewing when I was 10, started with a very plain shift dress and over the years have made all manner of clothes and soft furnishings. Skirts are relatively easy, the only fiddly bit is inserting the zip, but if you youtube or pinterest it, there should be lots of videos showing how to do it. I do think though, if you have never sewn anything before, you would be better taking a few classes first, or get a friend to show you the basics. It really isn't difficult once you get going, most of it is common sense. Good luck and happy sewing.

ananimous Wed 04-Dec-19 19:23:07

Thankyou yes looking at the pattern, I think I may take classes grin

valerieanne216 Wed 04-Dec-19 19:37:50

My wonderful BERNINA sewing machine is now 36 years old
it has been repaired once only, I have saved a fortune over the
years sewing curtains, clothing etc, it is really worth paying the
extra for this amazing machine.

threexnanny Wed 04-Dec-19 19:45:17

If you have any small girls you could sew a simple elastic waist skirt as the easiest of all. Just a tube for the required length and then make a turned -down band at the top for the elastic to go through. Or a cushion cover without a zip.

Several good sewing magazines on the market which explain things. Classes are fun and u- tube for specific instruction.

MerylStreep Wed 04-Dec-19 19:47:59

For your first project I would attempt something that will give you instant gratification, otherwise you might be disappointed and give up.
I would suggest anything without a zip and fitting in sleeves.
Look at some very simple long shift summer dresses.

NotAGran55 Wed 04-Dec-19 20:00:24

I recently returned to sewing after many many years . I went to John Lewis in Oxford and was helped to chose a machine by a wonderful sales assistant . I tried several that were on display, and settled on this one .
She showed me all the functions and left me to ‘play’ until I was ready to buy it .

M0nica Wed 04-Dec-19 20:59:08

The Sewing magazines available in every Newsagent are really helpful. There are also a range of 'Learning to Sew' books around.

For a pattern, my money would be on a simple shift dress.

J52 Wed 04-Dec-19 21:01:07

I’d second a Janome, I’ve got two, both from JL.
I bought a basic one and then one with a greater variety of stitches.
Neither are digital, I thought they were more likely to go wrong.

GracesGranMK3 Wed 04-Dec-19 21:03:28

Pyjamas are a great start; lots of beginner dress making classes use them.

Opal Wed 04-Dec-19 21:05:54

I recommend Janome from JL too, I've got a sewing machine and an overlocker, both are excellent. And I'd start with a cushion cover, or peg bag, just practice seams and hemming to start with. Happy sewing.

Madgran77 Wed 04-Dec-19 21:31:09

Butterick does "Easy pieces" or "Easy Stitch" patterns that are really good for "beginners! Some great simple tops, skirts etc. with clear guidance and no complicated bits. Last summer I made a really easy top and lived in it all summer . It's very satisfying wearing something you have made yourself, isn't it!

ananimous Wed 04-Dec-19 21:42:06

Thankyou everybody! A lot to think about there

crystaltipps Thu 05-Dec-19 05:00:48

I think a beginners class is the way to go. I’ve done classes for years and have studied couture bridal and evening wear and I’m still learning! There’s a lot to learn at first- how to lay a pattern out and so on. You could make a simple draw string bag or some bunting as a way of learning your way round the machine. It’s just practice really and it’s so rewarding! Happy sewing!

GracesGranMK3 Thu 05-Dec-19 05:09:54

It's finding them that's the problem crystaltipps smile

ananimous Thu 05-Dec-19 09:01:12

Thankyou for taking the time to reply everyone. I've booked a course and am so excited imagining my new personal clothing range, Lol! wink The bunting sounds do-able anyway grin

Missfoodlove Thu 05-Dec-19 09:39:21

If you buy any machine from hobby craft you receive 4 free 1 hour lessons.
It fantastic, I was inserting zips by lesson 3 and well away!