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Witzend Mon 24-Feb-20 12:24:04

After my mammoth knitathon before Christmas (massive Advent calendar and Nativity set) I’m at a bit of a loss now. Can’t knit for Gdcs - the other granny is much better at jumpers etc. than me, and makes a lot for them.
I’m no good at fancy or complicated patterns, and neither dh nor I need jumpers.

I’ve made a number of dementia twiddle muffs in the past, but a bit fed up with them now.

The other day I made these 50 cm. cushions for a dd, for 2 hard chairs - as she said herself, current cushions were very cheap and now bordering on manky.
I used leftover curtain material I’ve had for ages - but it still only took a day!

I’m even thinking of another Advent calendar, but since I have only one lot of Gdcs, where to bestow it? Or another Nativity set (it’d be the 3rd) - I suppose I could bestow that somewhere.

I love a lot of the Jean Greenhowe knitted toys, but dd’s house is already overflowing with toys/soft toys, I really can’t lumber her with any more.
Shall wander down to John Lewis later and have a good browse at patterns, looking for inspiration for something that won’t be a waste of time and effort.
Any brilliant ideas, O Crafty Ones?

Oopsadaisy3 Mon 24-Feb-20 12:31:23

I’m using up linen upholstery fabric and deckchair canvas by making bags for the supermarket shop, although DDs and GCs took most of them at the weekend with books etc in.
I have some beautiful fabric but not enough to do much with, I also had some woven luggage straps which I cut up for handles. Some odd fairly new pillowcases are being used for the linings.

Nannarose Mon 24-Feb-20 12:32:55

As I like to keep busy, when I don't have a project on, I make for these:

Doodledog Mon 24-Feb-20 12:41:17

What about knitting a blanket?

I have made a few of them when I've felt that I have no cupboard space for another jumper, and can't think of what else to knit.

If you can get hold of some Noro Kureyon (try eBay, as it is discontinued now) a Lizard Ridge is an effective and satisfying knit.

bonji Mon 24-Feb-20 12:46:28

The church I go to has a Knit for Peace Group. This charity is pleased to receive any knitted items although they do issue a monthly newsletter detailing special requests. However most of us just knit what we enjoy doing most. We find if we put an appeal in the local newsletter we get lots of donations of yarns although some of us do buy some if we want to knit something special. If you Google Knit for Peace you can find out more and perhaps start a local group if there is not one already. There are 2 other charities that are also always pleased to receive some ‘craft items’ - Project Linus and (I think it is called) Love Quilts UK. More information is on the Internet. It would seem there is always a charity out there who would like items if making for charity is what you want to do. Of course there is the cost of posting items to be considered but if you get pleasure out of making things to me this is part of the process.

Missfoodlove Mon 24-Feb-20 13:00:26

The maternity unit at our local hospital always needs small and soft hats for prem babies.

Ilovecheese Mon 24-Feb-20 14:22:15

Quilts for the project Linus charity for sick or traumatised children.

Callistemon Mon 24-Feb-20 14:29:16

We're doing some Knitting for Peace projects at our craft group, bonji
I do it in between other projects.

What about learning to quilt, Witzend? I can't but am assured it's a very absorbing hobby.

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 24-Feb-20 14:30:39

Same idea as Ilovecheese. google Linus project for details of sewn and knitted quilts for babes to teenagers. Also check the Octopus for preemies project website. These can be knitted or crocheted.

Bathsheba Mon 24-Feb-20 14:54:16

I've just come across an appeal for cannula covers for babies in hospital. Copied and pasted below:

Hi I'm a paediatric nurse working on a ward for under 1s in Cambridge. The majority of our babies are ex prems and little. We have lots of babies receiving IV antibiotics and use little knitted tubes to cover the cannulas.They are single patient use and we never have a good supply.

I have written some instructions and would be so grateful for your help.
I used 4mm needles and Dk yarn 26 stitches and 36 rows of garter stitch then simply sew the sides up. Any colour will be great thanks.

Please send to:
Catherine Mcconville
4 Roman way
Many thanks.

whywhywhy Mon 24-Feb-20 15:09:30

I knit dog/cat blankets for battersea cats and dogs home. If you look on their website there will be some information. I'm knitting really thick ones, incorporating DK with chunky wool. They knit up quickly on a pair of 8mm needles. PM me if you want any more information.

Witzend Mon 24-Feb-20 16:12:20

Many thanks, everybody.
Some great suggestions - I will dig out my huge stash!

Alas, I don’t think I’d have the patience for quilting, Callistemon. They do look lovely, though.

Callistemon Mon 24-Feb-20 17:20:33

Apparently quilting is totally absorbing, Witzend
I'll take their word for it!!

Kittye Mon 24-Feb-20 17:44:11

How about knitting twiddle muffs or blankets for people with dementia ?
Knitted in bright colours and different stitches and decorated with buttons, beads, ribbons etc. They have a calming effect and give the person something to do with their hands. You can donate them to local hospitals or care homes.

Farmor15 Mon 24-Feb-20 17:46:54

I saw a programme on BBC which featured rag rugging. Programme no longer available but some examples of projects.

I’m working on a cushion now- going to have a rainbow. It’s a good way of using up fabric scraps. Some books/websites suggest using latch hook but I find thick hook from this site works better

MerylStreep Mon 24-Feb-20 17:48:22

I knit neck warmers and hats for sailors. Nothing complicated and can watch tv without looking at the pattern.

Auntieflo Mon 24-Feb-20 18:44:01

Witzend, your cushion covers are beautiful.
I'm feeling a bit like you, and need another project, so I'll keep on searching.

Liz46 Mon 24-Feb-20 18:47:53

I make cannula sleeves for hospital patients with dementia. It's a good way of using up small balls of wool as they are knitted in bright stripes. Any dull wool is used for the lining. You join Handmade for Dementia on Facebook and there is a pattern and safety rules. Nurses in hospitals are pleased to receive them as it makes their job easier and saves the NHS money in having to use another cannula. Anyone interested could google BBC & Handmade for Dementia.

Callistemon Mon 24-Feb-20 19:39:12

Shabby chic Christmas wreaths using Christmas fabrics?

They are more effective than they seem.

midgey Tue 25-Feb-20 15:05:26

Ageuk Staffordshire is asking for tiny hats, the sort that go on the smoothie bottles. Might be worth a look for your area.

rubysong Tue 25-Feb-20 17:08:52

I've just started knitting daffodils. A bit of a challenge but I have mastered them. They would make a lovely Easter wreath. The ones I have made will decorate the village telephone box(no longer used) for Easter.

Lavazza1st Mon 02-Mar-20 17:42:30

I like making "cheater" quilts by using Spoonflower fill a yard. It lets you choose really nice fabrics and collect them in a collection that you can later order as a yard or metre of fabric in one piece that's made up of 6" squares arranged any way you choose. I call it lazy quilting as no cutting or piecing is needed.grin

Have you thought of giving your surplus creations as raffle prizes for good causes or auctioning them off for good causes?

Witzend Fri 06-Mar-20 11:02:15

I never thought I’d want to knit such things, but little Gdcs recently acquired a ‘shop’ (dd found it, 2nd hand bargain) with a wooden counter, shelves and everything, inc. baskets and lots of plastic fruit/veg/eggs, you name it. They love playing with it.

So, I have a dog’s blanket on the go, but I’m also going to knit some cakes!
Found a pattern last night - fairy cakes, Swiss roll, chocolate gateau - that’ll probably do.
At least they won’t be plastic. (OK, acrylic yarn from my multicoloured stash, but I do have pure wool stuffing for them.).

Namsnanny Fri 06-Mar-20 13:28:33

That sounds a lovely thi g to do witzend! I've often looked at patterns for fruit veg and other food stuffs, and wondered what I would use the finished article for (bit nice but dim smile).
Now I know.
I might do something similar and donate them to the local playgroup .....providing there are no health and safety rules lurking that.i know nothing about!

Witzend Fri 06-Mar-20 19:01:01

I’ve wondered, too, Namsnanny. But ago a dd said, ‘Mum, could you please knit a lemon for X (her friend) because her mum can’t knit!’

Turned out that X was knitting a basket of fruit and veg for her GCSE Home Economics or whatever they called it then - and the deadline was drawing near. She knitted a cauliflower and goodness knows what, so the lemon was very minor!