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Knitting novice needs help please :- Part 2

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NotAGran55 Fri 03-Apr-20 12:22:21

Thanks again for the help on my earlier thread .... my stuff has arrived and I think I have messed up ?

I was going to start by making a cushion cover in Super Chunky yarn with size 10 needles .

The cover measures 41cm x 41cm and my needles are 30cm smile
This isn’t going to work is it ?

Help !

Eglantine21 Fri 03-Apr-20 12:30:31

You’re going to need bigger needles 😬😀

NotAGran55 Fri 03-Apr-20 12:44:38

Thank you smile Back to the drawing board then... argh .

Off to find something narrow to knit 🧶.....

Franbern Fri 03-Apr-20 12:49:56

For Super chunky at least a needle No. 5 - size 10 would only be used for the ribbing on a double knit item. Knitting needles come up in various lengths, you might need long ones, although another method is to use circular needles which means that you can make a very article.

NotAGran55 Fri 03-Apr-20 12:55:08

I’m useless at this... just looked and my needles are 10mm . I bought them per the Hayfield pattern . Are they wrong for Super Chunky ?

NonnaW Fri 03-Apr-20 13:07:35

Surely 10mm needles are huge? I’ve done a jumper on 6mm needles and they were quite big. I’ve just completed a baby blanket measuring 55mm width, on 30mm needles, you just have the stitches bunched up on the needle.

Sarahmob Fri 03-Apr-20 13:17:38

If they’re the size needle (10mm) quoted on the pattern then they’ll be fine. Yes your work will be a bit bunched on the needle but you should fit them on ok.

curvygran Fri 03-Apr-20 13:23:11

10mm needles are size 000 in UK size, or 15 in US size.

UK size 10 needles are 3.25 mm, or US size 3.

US size 10 is a UK size 4 and is 6.0mm.

Very confusing!
'Laughing Hens ' has a good needle size conversion chart on their website.

curvygran Fri 03-Apr-20 13:28:17

NotAGran it sounds to me as though your pattern has given US needle size 10, which is the same as UK4 which would be about right for Super Chunky I would think.

NotAGran55 Fri 03-Apr-20 14:01:56

NonnaW they are mini telegraph poles smile

Sarahmob Thankyou , I think I will give it a go ... just need to learn how to cast on first !
I can always abandon it and start with something else if it’s not working out.

Curveygran I had no idea it was so complicated. As I child all I remember was one number size . My pattern says 10mm UK000. USA15 .

curvygran Fri 03-Apr-20 14:42:47

That’s absolutely right . You’ll find UK 000 quite big !

Schnauzer1 Fri 03-Apr-20 14:45:40

Go for it @notagran55. 10mm needles are ok for super chunky and as said before just bunch it up. As you are a novice it would help to do a tension square first, that will let you practice on fewer stitches and check whether your knitting is going to come out the right size. Your pattern should suggest that. Post a pic when you finish. Tomorrow ??? 🤣

curvygran Fri 03-Apr-20 21:10:20

There are really great knitting tutorials on YouTube .

curvygran Sat 04-Apr-20 17:40:41

NotAGran, how are you getting on ? I look forward to seeing the finished article!

NotAGran55 Sun 05-Apr-20 13:56:11

Hi Curveygran .

Well, I followed the pattern casting on 33 stitches and I knew immediately that it wasn’t going to be the 41cm that it was supposed to be ! I think the tension is quite loose .
It’s working out as 36cm so I have ordered 2 new cushion pads that will fit.
I’m really enjoying it , particularly as it grows fast smile

NotAGran55 Sun 05-Apr-20 13:57:36

Pic didn’t attach

curvygran Sun 05-Apr-20 14:07:54

Looking good ! Thanks for the photo, a blanket next maybe?

NotAGran55 Sun 05-Apr-20 14:33:06

Thank you 😊. Next is going to be bonnets for premature babies . Something useful , charitable and hopefully quick ! I don’t have a huge amount of patience...

Schnauzer1 Mon 06-Apr-20 12:44:11

Looks good. Lovely even knitting.

NotAGran55 Tue 07-Apr-20 13:29:31

Thank you Schnauzer1 smile

I now have a technical hitch - I don’t have anything to sew my creations with !

I never thought about that at the beginning when I bought my yarn and needles , an eBay order for 2 wool sewing needles has gone astray and JL don’t sell them on -line !? . ( I was going to add some to a larger supplies order .

Fingers crossed 🤞 my second eBay order arrives sometime..

Sussexborn Tue 07-Apr-20 13:39:51

Covers for intravenous needles are also needed for babies in incubator. Has to be specific non fluffy wool though.

Witzend Tue 07-Apr-20 13:44:53

If you google ‘darning needles’ OP, there are several suppliers coming up.

CraftyGranny Tue 07-Apr-20 13:47:57

I like to order from Wool Warehouse, they have everything for knitting, crochet, sewing, cross-stitch etc. They have lots of different brands too. Give them a try....

mary51 Tue 07-Apr-20 13:56:42

I saw the large eye wool needles im Wilko half an hour after finding them in JL last month. So your local Wilko may have them!

curvygran Tue 07-Apr-20 18:25:31

I agree with craftyGranny, wool warehouse excellent , also laughing hens .