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Witzend Thu 16-Apr-20 12:22:53 a great excuse for putting off housework, but maybe that’s just me. (Slob emoji wanted!).

I’ve finished my 2 Jean Greenhowe C********s stockings. The decorative bits were a bit of a fiddle, so not sure I’ll make any more, but you never know.

Someone (I think Whitewavemk2?) mentioned making a C-word wreath, so many thanks for that idea WWM2. I’ve found a wreath pattern (I nearly said recipe!) on the LoveCrafts website, but I don’t care for those decorative bits, so I’m thinking of making it a Jolly Snowman one, with some of JG’s mini snowmen added.

Wreath itself is proving quite easy, just 4 repeated rows. If my prototype turns out well I might make a few - looking well ahead to Gdcs’ school C-word fairs in late November, assuming that a) they might like such donations, and b) that they’ll be back at school by then!

Newatthis Tue 21-Apr-20 13:17:12

I'm a beginner although I can knit basic stitiches and have two balls of double knitting and an assortment of needles (which were very kindly given to me). I'd like to make something for my new grandchild who is due in June and for her 3 year old sister. Any suggestions or can anyone pm me with a pattern which is very easy. Many thanks.

Witzend Tue 21-Apr-20 18:55:40

Would your granddaughter perhaps like some doll’s clothes? If so I could point you at some very simple patterns.

I’ve also made dolls’ blankets for my Gdd when she was about the same age. From memory about 50 stitches using two strands of double knitting together on fat needles, maybe 5 or 6 mm.
I would knit 4 rows of garter stitch first (every row knit), followed by stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row), but keeping the first and last 4 stitches of each row just garter stitch, and the very last 4 rows garter stitch too, to make a nice border.

If you would like to knit toys, I can recommend Jean Greenhowe’s pattern books - if you google you will find plenty. Virtually all her patterns are designed so that anyone with basic skills can tackle them. You just need to be able to cast on and off, knit, purl, and do simple increasing and decreasing. And unlike so many patterns, her instructions are crystal clear and meticulously detailed.

Harris27 Tue 21-Apr-20 18:57:47

Thank you witzend I’m going to have a look for them now.

Treebee Tue 21-Apr-20 20:43:15

I’m knitting jumpers for my third grandchild who is due in July.
I ordered yarn and patterns online from Sirdar and they came very quickly. The pattern is a very clear one, perhaps the clearest I’ve ever worked with so I would think they would be suitable for a beginner as long as you didn’t go for one with a tricky stitch or design.

Doodledog Tue 21-Apr-20 20:47:42

Jean Greenhowe does a pattern for a Christmas nativity which is very clear and easy. I made one years ago when my children were small, and it still comes out every Christmas. I recommend it for anyone with little ones.

Witzend Tue 21-Apr-20 21:45:43

I’ve made two of those Nativity sets, Doodledog, one for Gdcs and another, last year, for their pre-school. People so often think they look difficult but the actual knitting is pretty simple, though admittedly the stuffing and sewing up can be very time consuming. As always with JG’s patterns, at least in my experience, if you follow her detailed instructions exactly, your result turns out just like the illustration.

The set is in her Christmas Special booklet , if anyone wants to know, and there’s an add-on donkey in the Christmas Treasures booklet.

I’m contemplating a third this year! I have stacks of multicoloured yarns to use up.

Nana3 Tue 21-Apr-20 21:49:40

Thanks Doodledog I'll take a look at that nativity pattern.
I've made two rainbows, one with knitted bunting that I've put outside and one with crocheted flowers hung in the hall. I'm knitting a scarf now, it's only a pattern of 4 rows so I can still watch TV.

Thingmajig Wed 22-Apr-20 01:25:35

I've been knitting like someone possessed since lockdown!
I don't do toys etc as all the wee bits drive me mad, so it's been jumpers for the grands plus some for the refugees via the church group.

I bought one of these yarn cakes (Northern Lights by James Brett) with my last online order to qualify for free delivery and although it's just acrylic stuff it's lovely and soft and the rainbow of colours are beautiful ... I found a free pattern online and it made 2 scarves. Roll on winter!!!!!

Tomorrow is the day for sorting out all my stash and organising it into usable bundles for things for our kids (proper wool) and the church group (mostly acrylic stuff).

I should really be making the C-mas cards though ... grin

heath480 Wed 22-Apr-20 02:15:56

I have just finished my first lockdown jumper,a pattern from the WI magazine,ages since I have knitted anything,it has turned out surprisingly OK.I will wear it to walk the dog.

Got the wool to knit one for my daughter,then one for my granddaughter

My sewing up has never been very good,but I learnt a new way of doing it on you tube.

Purplepixie Wed 22-Apr-20 14:16:37

I found a little teddy bear pattern the other day and after a long search in my stash I found some rainbow wool. So I am making my first teddy bear in ages. I did 43 of the baby sleeves but I cannot send them anywhere until this virus has well and truly gone away. I want to make 100 eventually but I just got bored with the knitting. I’ll post my teddy’s photo when I get him finished. He is called Mr Bear but I am going to call him Billy Bear. X

Callistemon Wed 22-Apr-20 14:27:06

I suppose I could sew up those Nativity figures that I keep putting off.

I di see a wonderful pattern for a crochet blanket, I popped upon the side here but probably beyond my capabilities so I will just carry on using up my stash.

heath is that mattress stitch? It is easier than it sounds and gives a much better finish as you can't really see a seam from the right side.

Callistemon Wed 22-Apr-20 14:28:30

I should check before posting!!

I didn't pop up on the side grin
The advert for the yarn pack and pattern popped up on the side on GN.

heath480 Wed 22-Apr-20 15:31:03

Yes mattress stitch.Hopefully will be even better on the next garment.

Callistemon Wed 22-Apr-20 18:09:01

I dislike sewing up but once I do get going on mattress stitch I find it quite satisfying.

Witzend Thu 23-Apr-20 12:03:58

I must finally get to grips with mattress stitch. Though for the sort of things I’ve been making lately it’s not a big deal - the instructions are mostly ‘oversew row ends together’.

It’s a different matter for jumpers etc. I know, but the other granny is much better at making these for Gdcs than I am.

Lynnenana Fri 01-May-20 17:50:28

Why not try the bunny pattern from knitting a square?

littleflo Fri 01-May-20 18:45:59

I have just learned mattress stitch too. It is so much better. I have been going a bit nuts with my knitting.

MiniMoon Fri 01-May-20 19:16:50

This arrived in the post a couple of days ago. It is a gnome doorstop kit for me to crochet. DH saw it on tv and ordered it for me to make. I'll have a go but I really dislike amigurumi. I much prefer making garments or blankets.

Callistemon Fri 01-May-20 22:24:41

I recognise that crochet hook and I prefer that kind too minimoon.
Two new ones arrived in the post today.

You've been very busy, littleflo

Callistemon Fri 01-May-20 22:26:40

I really should get out of my blanket comfort zone and knit some more toys, dolls etc. However, I've not long learned to crochet so it is a novelty.

littleflo Sat 02-May-20 13:45:45

I guess the little ones will be grown up by the time see them. Having said that though, the 25 year old wants the caterpillar.

gillyknits Sat 02-May-20 13:53:40

I’m running out of people to knit or crochet for. I know charities need things . (Done baby hats etc) I need something challenging from time to time or else I get bored. Made these for my neighbour who’s just had a little girl!

Bathsheba Sat 02-May-20 14:47:06

Oh I love those gillyknits, absolutely adorable!

mrsgreenfingers56 Sat 02-May-20 14:53:58

I have knitted a rainbow, no children here now. but the rainbows look so pretty in people's windows I have hung my knitted one in the lounge window. Certainly colourful and uplifting.