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Witzend Thu 16-Apr-20 12:22:53 a great excuse for putting off housework, but maybe that’s just me. (Slob emoji wanted!).

I’ve finished my 2 Jean Greenhowe C********s stockings. The decorative bits were a bit of a fiddle, so not sure I’ll make any more, but you never know.

Someone (I think Whitewavemk2?) mentioned making a C-word wreath, so many thanks for that idea WWM2. I’ve found a wreath pattern (I nearly said recipe!) on the LoveCrafts website, but I don’t care for those decorative bits, so I’m thinking of making it a Jolly Snowman one, with some of JG’s mini snowmen added.

Wreath itself is proving quite easy, just 4 repeated rows. If my prototype turns out well I might make a few - looking well ahead to Gdcs’ school C-word fairs in late November, assuming that a) they might like such donations, and b) that they’ll be back at school by then!

craftyone Tue 12-May-20 07:12:45

Any Alan Dart fans here? he designs the most gorgeous novelty patterns, I knitted a whole nativity set once and there is a group on ravelry. I have a huge folder of his patterns, used to get them in a knitting magazine

my own fav is a sheep sitting on my shelf with legs danngling over the edge with actual knitting in her hands and glass beads in her behind area to keep her there

Beechnut Tue 12-May-20 08:03:27

What lovely things you’ve all been doing ?

Witzend Tue 12-May-20 08:24:39

Yes, Craftyone, he’s brilliant. I’ve made his pirate and last year I made his massive Advent calendar (a Sirdar pattern, I don’t think it’s on his website) for Gdcs. A mammoth job - it’s huge, needs to hang on the back of a door, but turned out v well, Gdcs loved it.
I found and started it rather late, though, was knitting frantically to have it ready for 1st December.
I had thought the numbers would be a fiddle too much for me, but weren’t too difficult at all.

Here it is, but if anyone else fancies making one, I’d advise starting it now!

LadyGracie Tue 12-May-20 08:36:16

With pick up some knitting whenever I sit down, plain if I’m reading or watching tv or something more elaborate when it’s quiet or I’m listening to the radio.

I’ve usually got 2 or 3 things on the go. I knit interesting adult patterns, knitting top down or in one piece, circular needles, or just some different yarn.

I usually sell some as I do so much.

Mandyc68 Tue 12-May-20 08:41:08

I have a new granddaughter and another granddaughter due in September, both live 5 and 6 hours always so I have started knitting squares to make pram blankets and have even knitted a few little baby hats, I am now quite addicted grin

MamaCaz Tue 12-May-20 08:50:41

Since I heard about pocket hugs, I have considered making a tiny long-armed bear or something similar to send to my dgc. Knitting them (or crocheting) in fine thread would work for that.
Ok, it would be simpler to just make them out of craft felt, just cutting and glueing, but they wouldn't be washable ....

craftyone Sat 23-May-20 07:45:56

I am plodding away at a 2 row striped loose layering top only taking 4 skeins of wool, it is thin and has taken months not weeks. Almost finished and I have ordered a joji locatelli pattern called v neck boxy, from ravelry

I will be knitting it in john arbon yarn called yarnadelic sport in black gold of the sun. It is a falklands corriedale yarn and I wanted to help support a small indie company in my area of the uk

Witzend Sat 23-May-20 09:26:51

I really like the look of that boxy top, Craftyone, just my sort of thing, but would need to practise some knitting in the round first (for sleeves and neckband). I’ve only tried it once and couldn’t get on with it at all. Daft, I know. I do have one ‘round’ set of needles somewhere....

Doodledog Sun 24-May-20 00:43:30

I've made that one, craftyone, and the original Boxy, and the thicker Worsted one.

As you can see, that loose style is a favourite of mine smile. Another one I have made in three different versions is Red Box, also on Ravelry, which is similar, but has a cowl neck.

Witzend, knitting in the round is very easy, but the Boxy patterns have instructions for knitting flat as well as in the round, so you can do them with seams, if that is your preference.

Witzend Mon 25-May-20 10:29:40

There is no hope for me! ?

Yesterday I was idly wondering whether (in addition to all the other C-word things on my list) I might also make a 3rd Nativity set as a potential school raffle prize in November. (Loads of multi-coloured yarn to use up, that’s my excuse anyway.)

Then I wondered why the N. set includes an ass, but no ox, soon found a pattern on eBay - and ditto for a camel! Both designed to go with the N pattern I use.
Ordered both!
And shall now have to order camel-coloured yarn, about the only colour missing from my stash.

Full credit to dh, he didn’t even raise an eyebrow when I told him what the 2 small Amex amounts suddenly appearing on my iPad/his app were for.

Lucy127 Mon 08-Jun-20 11:59:59

Am very interested in knitting some dolls clothes for GD. I’m a beginner and struggle with patterns and the terms they use. I need super simple instructions. I also have arthritis quite badly in thumbs and couple of fingers. I saw Witzend mention simple patterns help for doll clothes. So here we go HELP!

Callistemon Mon 08-Jun-20 14:12:03

I am going to post my Nativity set to you Witzend, via Gransnet, so that you can block it all and sew it up for me smile
Otherwise they will still be a flat pack at C*******s!!

At least I just had a bit of a tidy up and found some buttons I bought so that I can finish off a cardigan I've sewn up at last for DGD, who may not want it anyway.

Witzend Mon 08-Jun-20 17:41:53

OK, @Callistemon, my charges are very reasonable!
I’ve made the nativity ox, but he’s not turned out very brilliantly, looks an odd shape and his legs are rather drunken looking IYKWIM.
That pattern has made me appreciate Jean Greenhowe’s even more - instructions were not nearly so detailed.
Not sure I’m going to bother with the camel (same designer).

Callistemon Mon 08-Jun-20 18:06:01


A drunken ox would bring a whole new look to the Nativity.

Gillgc Sat 13-Jun-20 13:39:53

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I need a little help. I am going to knit my own needle case and I have come across an abbreviation that I have never seen before. Can anyone tell me what Lek2tog means. I'm in Northern Ireland and this could possibly be an American abb. Help would be much appreciated ❤️

Callistemon Sat 13-Jun-20 14:41:34

I found this online Gillgc
LK2tog: Lift corresponding stitch from “case body”, place on left needle. Knit together with 1 “pocket” stitch.
LEK2tog: Lift stitch from “case body” inner panel edge (next to seed stitch border), place on left needle. Knit together with 1 “pocket” stitch.

I think I did this years ago with pockets on the outside of a little hooded top for DGD.

Callistemon Sat 13-Jun-20 14:43:44

I used a Patons pattern for the hooded top and can't remember coming across that abbreviation; it must have been termed something else.