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First lockdown mask making

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Nansypansy Wed 27-Jan-21 09:40:44

I don’t know if I’ve put this in the right category. Having been watching the miserable news this morning made me reflect on the fact that in the first lockdown I turned my hand to making masks .... washable, reusable masks with a filter. I sold lots and gave lots away via word of mouth because I wasn’t allowed to advertise them on any social media platform. I still do not understand why when maybe such a small sideline might have helped some people had they known about me (and many others making them). Now we see far too many disposable discarded blue masks anywhere and everywhere. There was even someone being interviewed on the telly recently saying how much better hand made masks were. It makes me cross about such shortsightedness. Rant over ....

shysal Wed 27-Jan-21 10:55:29

I too made lots of fabric masks, but it seems that they are not considered adequate any more. If the UK eventually insists on medical grade FFP2 ones I expect we will be last in line, when stocks are sold out. I have ordered a few from Ebay to keep just in case!
See this thread:

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 27-Jan-21 11:45:36

I also made some with filters, but they are now saying surgical masks should be worn.
I wonder when they will tell us all to wear glasses to cover our eyes? It seems obvious to me that if something is capable of entering your nostril then it can go into your eye, we have some clear glass glasses that I try to get our children and GCs to wear when they travel on public transport and in the shops.
Maybe it’s just me though?

PippaZ Wed 27-Jan-21 12:00:50

I think they are only recommending medical grade masks in certain circumstances. As you need to change your mask fairly frequently when you are out and about it's still worth making (and washing) them. I have just completed a set for a relative. The little bag keeps the clean ones together and means you don't waste time ferreting in your handbag smile

Oh - they are made with a front back and filter pocket although the three layers in themselves are said to be enough.

lemsip Wed 27-Jan-21 12:08:49

loads of fabric masks for sale on ebay as soon as first lockdown started last year. all different types. I wasted my money with some but others are still in use and good.

JackyB Wed 27-Jan-21 12:33:49

FFP2 masks are compulsory here in Germany now. All those handmade fabric masks are no longer accepted. Before this was enforced, these masks were given away free to over 60s - 3 per person, but it was chaotic and people were going around all the chemist shops, scrounging what they could get, so they had all gone on the first day.